ACTIVEON App For PC(Windows 7, 8, 10), Mac & Android

Activeon App

Activeon App

Name: Activeon

Description: ACTIVEON App for PC is a free app that lets you control the ACTIVEON CX & CX GOLD camera remotely. This allows you to monitor the recording. You can manage the ACTIVEON CX & CX GOLD camera by installing this app on your smartphone. You can also install this app on your PC. Below I will show you how to download and use this app on PC.

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • 16 megapixels
  • Weight is only 50g
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Supports HDMI
  • Waterproof

ACTIVEON users can watch live footage through the ACTIVEON camera. But before that this app has to be downloaded and the settings are well known. This is a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS. You can download and use an emulator on your PC using EmulatePro. Details about its download method and usage are provided below.

Features of the ACTIVEON App

Controlled by smartphone

You can control the camera through ACTIVEON’s WiFi application function on your smartphone. This function is available for iOS and Android. The camera button operation is disabled when you attach the camera to your device. The app will be updated with your smartphone to adjust the camera settings.

User menu

You can view photos and videos stored on the camera’s memory card through the User menu. You can also change the settings.

Playback mode

With playback mode, you can change the shooting mode. There are 5 options for shooting mode. You can also playback videos and photos via the control panel.

Activeon for pc

Install ACTIVEON for PC

  • Download The apk – Activeon
  • First, download the Bluestacks Android emulator .
  • Then, follow the instructions and install Bluestacks.
  • Then open prviously Downloaded app! and enjoy.
  • Finally install the app.

If you do not find the app in the Play Store, open the browser of the emulator and download the ActiveON app apk file. 

Install for Android

If you do not find the app in the Play Store, open the browser of your android device and download the ActiveON app apk file.

How to Use the ActiveON App

Connect the ACTIVEON camera to the smartphone via the ACTIVEON app:

  • Turn on the ‘WiFi APP’ function of your camera. The ‘Waiting for Connection’ notification will appear on the screen of your camera.
  • Then turn on Wi-Fi on your device and go to WiFi settings and select ACTIVEON.
  • Then enter the password and run the ACTIVEON app on the device.
  •  Select ‘Connect ACTIVEON’, now you can control your ACTIVEON camera from your device.
ACTIVEON Android App

Parts Names:

  • Power or Shutter Button(The red circle inside the black circle)
  • Mode or Navigation Button(The ash circle inside the black circle)
  • Internal MIC
  • LCD Screen
  • Speaker
  • Li-ion Battery Slot
  • microSD Card Slot
  • Mini USB Port
  • HD OUT
  • Top, Bottom, Front, Back Side LED Indicator 
  • Tripod Hole (Bottom)

Button Operation:

The ACTIVEON camera is powered by a power button and a navigation button.

Power Button: Used for power on / off, record on / off and menu settings.

Navigation Button: This button is used for Mode Change, User menu and Navigation.

Screen Function:

Current mode: Shows running mode. For example, videos or photos.

Shooting mode: Running shooting mode ie auto-stop or looping for video or time-lapse and self-timer or time-lapse or burst for photos.

Recording time information: Shows current recording time or usage recording time information.

Battery: Shows the running power status of the battery.

Resolution: Shows video or photo resolution.

FOV: Shows different modes when shooting video or photo. For example: super wide or wide or medium or Narrow.

Zoom: Shows the camera’s running zoom status. For example None or X2 or X3 or X4. 

Effect setting: Shows the camera’s current effect settings. For example Effect or Quality or Filter or AE meter or Upside down.

To record a video:

Press the navigation button after powering the camera on. When the recording starts, the LED light flashes and shows the recording time. Press the navigation button again to stop recording.

To take pictures:

Press the navigation button to change to Photo mode and follow Video> Photos> Photo fades> Photo timeless. Then, press the Power button to shoot and close the photo. You use the “User Menu” to adjust the photo settings.

Alternatives App Of ActiveON

Leica T

The Leica camera can be controlled by the Leica T app. It’s free for iOS that you can download from the Apple Store. The pictures can be transferred using the wireless link through the Leica  T app.

Speed ​​has been improved for connecting to known networks. It has various modes that you can easily control from your iOS phone. With this app you can create photo albums and share them with others.


Using the Elanview free app, you can control Elanview’s flying camera. This app can also control the camera on the plane. Using this app you can record good quality photos and videos. Attach a flying camera well before using the app. There are several ways to control this and can be used in indoor mode or outdoor mode.

Action Cam

You can control the Sony action camera with the Action Cam app. With this free app, you can easily create impressive high quality 720 HD or 1080 Full HD videos. Make a movie with its video and import images on your smartphone. Time-space capture mode lets you create time-lapse movies. If you want to change the project name, tap the project name on the screen.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to transfer data from ACTIVEON camera to PC?

The camera is connected to the computer while it is still, but the camera switches to file – transfer mode. And if the camera is off then you can transfer the data to your PC by following the instructions below.

  • Power on your camera first.
  • Connect your camera to the computer you expect via USB cable.
  •  USB Ready will be displayed on the camera screen.
  • Then go to ‘My Computer’ on your PC and double-click the removable disk.
  • Then open the ‘DCIM’ folder.
  • Open the folders to get the video or photo file you want.
  • Copy and paste your expected video or photo files to the latest computer.

How do I get the latest firmware updates for activeon products?

Unless you recharge up to two cells of your camera’s battery gauge, a firmware upgrade won’t be available. Below are the steps for upgrading the firmware:

  • First, format the memory card that you want to insert into your camera and copy the firmware file into the root directory.
  • Insert the memory card into the ACTIVEON camera and power on it.
  • Then, the upgrade of the firmware will start automatically and it shows ‘F / W updating’ and will shut down automatically.

Do not press the power button during the upgrade and do not take  out the battery.

How to use the ACTIVEON Camera’s User menu?

Press the Mode button to bring up the User menu options. It has 7 categories. Press the Mode button again to go to the next option. Press the Power button and select Options and go to the sub-menu to confirm.


You need to use ACTIVEON CX or ACTIVEON CX Gold camera to get the benefits of using this application. If you think the features will help you, then buy ACTIVEON CX or ACTIVEON CX Gold camera. And to get good service, internet connection must be strong.

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