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ADFS office 365 for PC

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Name: ADFS office 365

Description: Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is a software developed by Microsoft to provide Single Sign-on (SSO) users using windows. It provides access to the users to use the application on Windows using a single credential. Office 365 consists of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint. The 365 is running in the cloud so, you need to ADFS to use Microsoft products using only one credential. ADFS can be used instead of directory sync tools. When the users use Office 365, the ADFS sends the claim to Microsoft. The claim contains the credentials of the users. If the credentials match, then it will proceed further otherwise no further access will be given to the users.

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Office Program

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ADFS to use Microsoft products using only one credential. ADFS can be used instead of directory sync tools. When the users use Office 365, the ADFS sends the claim to Microsoft.

Benefits of ADFS office 365:

Single Sign-on:

As an increase in the applications and devices, which leads to an increase in the credentials of the users. It became a headache for the users to remember their login credentials. To get rid of this problem Microsoft introduce the ADFS office 365, which will allow users to have the same passwords and username. Once they are connected, the users don’t need to reenter the password.

Increase Productivity:

When using ADFS, it will increase the productivity of the organization. Without, SSO the users have to enter the many credentials, which will consume their time. 

Easy Account Management:

By using this, users can manage their accounts easily. The users have only one account that is accessible from anywhere. ADFS allows users to access the application with one credential and the updates take place automatically. 

Setup the ADFS with Office 365:

To get the ADFS with office 365, one must follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1:
Install Active Directory Federation Services:

To install the ADFS on windows operating system you have to follow the steps.

  • Open server manager> Manage> Add roles and features, the wizard is launched.
  • Click on the Next.
  • Select the installation type page, select the Role-based installation.
  • Click the destination server page then click to select the server from the server pool.
  • Select the service role page, then select the Active Directory Federation Service, and then click on next.
  • On the confirmation page, click on the install button.

Step 2:
Request a certificate from third-party:

Office 365 needs a valid certificate from the third-party on your ADFS server. You have to obtain a certificate from a certification authority.

When you customize the certificate request, in the Common name field make sure you add the Federation server name (The federation server name is the internet-facing domain name for the ADFS server). 

You have to send the CSR file to the third-party to get the certificate.

  • Run the Certlm.msc to open the local computer’s certificate store.
  • Expand the Panel, expand certificate, and right-click on the certificate folder then click on the import to import the certificate.

Step 3:
Configure ADFS:

Users can not type the name of the federation server. The subject name will determine the federation server name.

Step 4:
Download office 365:

To download the office 365 tools, click on Active users then click on a single sign-on setup.

Step 5:
Add your domain:

 The business owner can make changes in the domain, not a regular user. Follow the following steps to remove, change the domain. 

  1. Go to the
  2. Go to setting> Domain page.
  3. Select the add domain.
  4. Enter the name of the domain you want to add.
  5. Now verify your domain.
  6. If your domain is registered on GoDaddy, then select sign in> Next and the office will set up your record automatically.
  7. The confirmation email will be sent to you with a verification code.

Step 6:
Connect ADFS to office 365:

To connect the ADFS with office 365, you have run the following commands on the Azure directory in Windows PowerShell.

Step 7:
Sync local directory with office 365:

If the internal and external domain names are different than you have to use the external domain name as UPN suffix. By using Directory sync tool, Sync the user’s account with the office 365.

Step 8:
Configure the PC:

The administrator can change the Group Policy settings to configure the clients’ computers that are connected to the domain.

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