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AirDrop for PC

Name: AirDrop for PC

Description: AirDrop for pc is a file-sharing app that is available for your macOS and iOS but not for Android and Windows. But there are numerous sharing apps that you can easily install and use on your Windows PC. We will discuss some of the alternative apps that you can use on your Windows PC.

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Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Transfer any kind of files
  • Runs on WiFi and Bluetooth


  • Built-in app
  • Faster speed
  • Don’t require network connections


  • Only for macOS and iOS


AirDrop for PC is a great app for transferring files to your Apple devices quickly and easily. You can send other files (audio, image, video and pdf files) just like send messages and emails. This app supports Apple’s crossplatform.

It is a built-in app. The disadvantage of this app is that the file share must be close to each other. This app builds a Peer Wi-Fi network using Bluetooth connection. You can access images, notes, maps and maps without copying and pasting.

Features of AirDrop

  • This is a built-in app. So there is no hassle of installing separately.
  • It’s very easy to use. You can use it very easily.
  • You can send different types of files. Easily send videos, images, captions, maps, etc.
  • You can transfer files over WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

How to Enable Airdrop on Mac

Open “Finder” and select “Go”.

Search for “Airdrop”.

Then, the Airdrop screen will appear.

If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is on, Airdrop will start working automatically. If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is not enabled, you will be asked to turn on.

How to Enable Airdrop on iOS

Open Control Center.

Press on the Wi-Fi button to activate the Wi-Fi connection.

Click AirDrop.

Select ‘Contacts Only’ or ‘Everyone’.

How to Use

To send files via Airdrop:

  • Go to the Finder menu and choose Airdrop.
  • Then, a list of the nearest Airdrop users will be shown on your device’s Airdrop screen.
  • Then, select the files you want to send. Click the Send button and click on the image of the person to whom you want to send.
  • The files will start sending.


The Airdrop app is for Apple devices only, so you need to find alternatives for your Android device. Below we will discuss the 7 alternative apps for you, from which you can accept an app. These apps are available on the Play Store, and you can easily download and install them on your PC using the Android Emulator app.


You can access and manage your Android device from your PC using the Airdroid app. You don’t have to pay for this. It can be used to remotely transfer all types of files (audio, video, image, app, GIF and all other files) to different platforms. Android devices can be remotely controlled without rooting. In addition to the screen sharing of the phone, screen recording can be provided. Remote camera options allow you to monitor the surroundings by phone.

PCs can receive and send messages through desktop clients and web options. Receive or reject calls from the PC using the incoming call review function. You can make calls from the PC using the dial pad function. Backup photos and videos from your phone to your computer, as well as share the clipboard. Upload different files remotely and install and uninstall APK files with this free app. 


As an alternative to Airdrop, you can use the Xender App on your PC. The app can transfer files up to 25 times faster than Bluetooth. With it you can transfer various types of files, such as images, apps, ringtones, folders, zip, audio, excel, etc. Files can be transferred without any cable and PC app and no data, and the app supports CrossPlatform.

Music or video can be played upon receipt. You can convert video files to audio to save space on your device. You can download favorite videos on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram). There are several hundred games available for you to install or download. Send any video to your friends up to 40 MB / second.

And there is no need to convert these videos or other files. You can view or remove any files of your choice and also make backup copies of the files.

Smart Transfer: File Sharing App

Smart Transfer is a powerful File Sharing app that supports CrossPlatform. HotSpot / WiFi network supports free transfer of large files safely and efficiently. This free app provides a quick and easy way to transfer. Easily transfer files to your new device, including photo transfer, file transfer, music transfer, contact transfer, reminder transfer, apps transfer, phone replica WhatsApp backup transfer, text message transfer to your old device.

Transmits data and meets other needs through the use of WiFi or WiFi-hotspots or cellular networks. You can easily transfer large files from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android. You will also find easy connections through QR code. Only connect two phones wirelessly. Select any files or content you want to transfer via QR code for free, Smart Transfer: Phone Clone will do the rest.

Different languages ​​support to present to you as a local app.

Share Apps & File Transfer – Inshare

You can use the Share Apps & File Transfer – Inshare app as an alternative to Airdrop on your Android. This app can meet many of the requirements of Airdrop. Select the various videos, images, music, apps, e-books and other files you want to transfer and transfer to the PC faster. You can share 1GB in just 30 seconds at 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

It supports all files, lets you send one or more files or folders at the same time. No mobile data or network connection is required to transfer files to any location at any time. No need to worry about any kind of file on an old phone when getting a new phone, transfer everything to your old phone (audio, video, ringtones, app and many other files) to this new phone using this great sharing app.

You can share to the group and play and download videos of any format. Also support cross platform file transfer.

ShareMe (Midrop) – Transfer files without internet

As an alternative to AirDrop, one of the other apps for Android is ShareMe, formerly named Midrop. It is free and ad-free that works without the internet and is unique as a P2P file transfer app. Any type of file can be sent and received on any android device. Transfer files at 50 m / s in one click, 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Quickly transfer images, audio, video, apps and other files to your friends from any Android phone anytime. Share without the internet without using any data. Its interface is very simple and user friendly. Its files are categorized into different categories, such as images, music apps, etc. As a result, you can quickly find the desired file and share it with friends or send it to them.

If the transfer is interrupted, there is nothing to worry about, you can resume the transfer program. And you can transfer numerous files. This app is a great option for you.


The X-transfer app is a file transfer and backup app that can be used as an alternative to Airdrop for transferring users’ personal information and multimedia files. This app is used to transfer or share files from device to device. You can transfer files from your old device to the new device or transfer files to your computer for protection.

It supports Cross Platform. And can be used to backup Android, Windows, iOS and MacOS as well. Supports transferring audio, video, contacts, call logs, SMS, images and documents to your device. This app supports backup files like PCs, and backups can be restored. Allows the app to connect to WiFi-Direct connections for better speed.

However, before identifying the WiFi connection, Peer detects the device’s efficiency. Automatic reconnect if there is a connection interruption.

Fast Share – File Transfer, Share Music & Videos

Fast Share App is known as the world’s fastest file transfer app. I think this app is the best alternative for Airdrop for you. Use this app to transfer files from one device to another without any cable or internet. You can quickly share audio, video, images, various files, and ups to your friends. The app’s WiFi File Transfer option lets you upload and download files.

It has an easy-to-use web interface that does not require USB cable. File transfer fills all of your transfer budgets. Transfer large files from your device to your friends with just a click. Whether the videos you receive can be played depends on the file. If you cannot play then download a compatible video player. You can easily share files by connecting devices with QR code. This free app you can try for your android.


In addition to the options above, there are several options that you can try. But I have tried to present to you the best options. I think all of the above is a good alternative to airdrop. All of which will assist you in your transition efficiently.

And if you want airdrop for Android then you have to wait longer. Until then you can use any of the above to easily share or transfer files.

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