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Aloha Browser For PC & Mac With Free VPN

Aloha Browser For PC

Aloha browser for pc

Name: Aloha Browser

Description: Aloha browser is a web browser that has an inbuilt VPN service. This VPN feature allows you to browse securely and safely without being scared of attacked from third parties. So, this browser allows you to download videos, music apps and also files.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Private tabs
  • Ultimate security
  • Monitoring download manager
  • Ad-block feature
  • Unlimited VPN


This browser has the most beautifully made sleek UI. The VPN services are amazing and the video player is no exception the best. When using the video player you can slide both horizontally and vertically which changes the brightness or volume.


Sometimes when navigating around the browser, it can get really annoying because the tabs can only exist on one side of the active tabs unlike chrome or any other browser alternative.

Sometimes, all we all want to do is browse freely and securely without having to worry about anybody spying in on us. Unfortunately, not everyone is a tech guru that understands how and VPN works and is willing to set it up to try it out. This is why the aloha browser would be the best option when you want to browse securely and you have absolutely no understanding of how a VPN works.

When using the Aloha browser, you can unblock and access any website on the internet without having to worry about your location. Most times, content on the internet are often blocked from users of certain locations and this is why with aloha browser you can change your location, be where you want to be and access whatever content you are interested in without taking your location into consideration. 

Features of Aloha Browser:

Free, Secure and Unlimited VPN

With the in-built VPN, you can easily access blocked content as long as it is on the web. Sometimes, you might not be allowed to access the content because your country has not been given the ability to do so. This is where the aloha browser comes in; it helps you change your location to an allowed country, therefore, allowing you to access all the content you want without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. The VPN compresses and encrypts traffic and this way, your private information you have entered to probably fill a form online is totally secured and saved from hackers and third parties.

Download manager

Aloha browser download manager as its name states helps you manage your downloaded files. Sometimes, we all have content we have been looking around for a long time ago. When we by chance get it, we might not have the luxury of time to go through it or watch it if it is a video. This is when the download manager plays its role, it helps you save and watch your videos and other files later. It also makes it easy to find because it serves as a shortcut instead of searching through your files on your pc.


we all know how annoying it is when we try to seriously do something on the internet and you have to wait to watch an ad first of you have to always exist an ad page. When using the aloha browser, you can easily block those pop-ups without having to watch them first. Ads are super annoying and we all know but sometimes we have to choose but to get through it.

Private tabs

Chrome and some other browsers call private tabs browsing in incognito mode. When accessing secret pages, you might want to make use of this feature because it prevents your computer from saving any residues like cookies, history, bookmarks, etc. It even prevents your computer from bringing ads that have to do with such content.The most amazing thing about this feature is that it supports pass coding and even securing your tabs with your fingerprint.

Music and VR player

Even when you have no video player software installed on your pc, you can still watch videos through the aloha browser VR player. After downloading your content, you can even watch immediately directly from your browser. You do not need to start looking for how perfect a particular player you have [previously installed is to watch your videos. It has powerful audio and visual players that player numerous formats of content.

Background player

Because you are playing something on your pc does not mean that you cannot do something else simultaneously. After you have minimized the browser, whatever you were playing continues playing and it is not affected until you completely close the browser.

The User Interface

Aloha browser user interface is very similar to the UC browser and UC mini. When you explore the browser, on the left side of the location bar, you would be provided with an alternative to empower its implicit VPN/Proxy administration. Once you click on this alternative, you would be shown a pop-up which would inquire of you want to give aloha browser the consent to run its VPN administration on your pc if you click yes then it would start its work but if you click on it would remain the way it is.

How to install and download Aloha Browser App:

To download the aloha browser on your pc, you would have to go through the use of an android emulator because a pc version of aloha has not been developed yet. However, when you use an emulator, it would seem like you are using your android phone on your pc but this does not limit or stop the work that aloha does. You would need the following things:

  • An android emulator with recommendations being Nox App player, Bluestacks, Xe player or Andy OS)
  • A stable internet connection or WIFI connection depending on which you use (any works as long as you can access the internet)
  • Most importantly, your Windows or MAC OS pc
Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN
Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot
  • Aloha Browser mit gratis VPN Screenshot

Downloading and installing Aloha Browser APK with Bluestacks:

  1. First of all, download Bluestacks from the web by searching through Google. However, make sure you’re downloading a virus-free version
  2. Then download the aloha browser APK from Google as well
  3. Launch Bluestacks and grant it all permissions. Once you have been shown the user interface which looks exactly likes an android phone.
  4. Drag and drop the APK from your desktop and install it on Bluestacks. It would install and open
  5. Simply follow all the instructions by Aloha. Then open the browser and start using.
  6. Downloading and installing with Nox App Player (I would recommend you use this method if you use a MAC OS)
  7. Download the Nox App player from a non-questionable source from the internet. Install and agree to all policies, terms, and conditions. Once you do this, you would be shown the android phone-like user interface.
  8. You have to choose the display language. Once you do this, log in your Google account so you would be allowed to use the Google play store.
  9. After you have logged in, open the Google play store, type and search for aloha browser- private free browser with free VPN. you would be provided with multiple options, download anyone that has the official logo of Aloha.

Caution And Recommendations:

If you need a VPN usually when browsing, it is better for you to explore using the aloha browser because you do not have to separately download a VPN, you can just use the inbuilt VPN.


Can I use the aloha browser without the VPN?

Yes, until you give the browser permission to use its VPN. It would stay as a natural browser.

Does the inbuilt VPN offer full services?

The inbuilt VPN offers all the services a regularly downloaded and install VPN would if you give it the permission to use the VPN

Does it have a more secure private browsing compared to Chrome’s incognito mode?

I can not exactly say whether it is more secured or not as I have never done any survey on both their private browsing mode. All I know right not is that both aloha and chrome’s private browsing mode are secured enough to assure your privacy.

Alternatives of Aloha Browser App:

The following are those browsers that perform almost the same functions and you could explore if you do not like the Aloha browser;


It has been tested and confirmed that aloha is one of the best browsers out there with a private inbuilt VPN. Personally, I would recommend for you to use it is you are somebody that on a daily basis visit restricted contents. The browser allows you to unrestrictedly download videos, music, files and apps.

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