Amazon Cloud Cam App For Android

Amazon Cloud Cam App for Android

Amazon Cloud Cam App

Amazon Cloud Cam

Name: Amazon Cloud Cam App

Description: Amazon cloud cam for Android is an android app that functions as a security guard or caretaker of the loved ones when users are away from their homes. On sensing something unusual, it alarms the users who can check live monitoring live and can take timely actions. The app is very useful to secure the house and keep an eye on children when they are alone. This all can be accomplished by sitting anywhere in the world and monitoring through this app. The app was released on 18 October 2017.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Tools

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Key Features

  • The app streams live video of the place where the camera is set up
  • The app can be used 24/7
  • Users can name their cameras
  • Two-way audio is an excellent feature
  • The app also enables additional camera settings.
  • The clips and videos can be clearly observed


  • Allows night vision to detect an intruder
  • Two-way audio ensures security and safety through communication.
  • Saves money because security guards and full security systems are more expensive.
  • No tension about the security of home.
  • It can be used to keep an eye on employees in offices.



  • Images are not saved in the SD card.
  • Gives false alarms sometimes.
  • Paid subscription for coverage of additional cameras.
  • Storage is clip-based only.
  • Zooming in and out can blur the image.
  • There is a delay in alert sometimes.
Amazon Cloud Cam
Amazon Cloud Cam
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: To be announced
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Main Features of Amazon Cloud Camera App

Now let’s discuss some main features of Amazon cloud cam app for android in detail.

Keeps an eye on every moment

Amazon cloud cam security camera allows the users to have full control on security at any place and any time. The users can keep an eye on their valuables 24/7 without worrying when they are away from home. When any unusual movement is detected, the users are alerted through real time notifications. Only that notifications come, which are important and alarming.

24/7 security

The users can have security of their house anytime. The camera supports 30 frames and this allows display of all cameras without interference. The resolution of the clips is 1080p which makes the videos clearer and allows the detection of face easy in case of bulgary to provide evidence.

Night vision display

Amazon camera cloud has eight infrared lights which makes the night vision possible. When indoor lightening is dim, the users can see the whole room clearly. The videos can be zoomed to have better view. The app ensures clearer video as much as possible in dark.

Two-way audio system

The two-way audio system ensures security of the family members through communication. Users can ask their children to sleep or to eat when they are away or if their dog is barking too much, the users can pacify it through their voice. The cloud cam’s built in mic enables this feature.

Customized alerts

If certain area of house is vulnerable or any room contains something valuable, the users can customize the alerts of that area making it safer. If some stranger enter the house and does suspicious activities, the users are notified through intelligence alerts.

How to download and use Amazon Cloud Cam App For Android

The app is very useful for security purposes and it is available for android, i0S and FireOS. The app is not complicated at all and is extremely easy to use.

How to Download Amazon Cloud Cam

To avoid strangers and suspicious activities inside the house, the following are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the app store and search for the Amazon cloud cam app.
  2. Click on install and wait for notification of completion.
  3. Open to install the app.

How to use Amazon Cloud Cam?

The app will be used only if cameras are linked through the wifi connection. The following steps should be followed:

  1. Set up the cameras in the areas to be monitored.
  2. Connect the smartphone with wifi and register the device.
  3. If the indicator lights of the camera are turning blue and green this means the device is in setup mode.
  4. Create an Amazon account for registration.
  5. Cloud cam will take 30 seconds to display the live view in the app.
  6. Amazon cloud cam supports 3 cameras. If users want to add more cameras, then click on ‘Add camera’.


The app is very useful and accurate if you are usually away from home for business purposes or other engagements. The two-way audio, night vision mode, 24/7 monitoring makes the app trustworthy and reliable. If the night vision is not clear, then it is due to camera quality. The app has replaced the security guard and complex security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Amazon Cloud Cam require Subscription?

Without subscription, you can enjoy unlimited sharing with your purchase, connect up to 3 cameras, and have notifications. If you want more features, you would need a subscription.

2. Does Amazon Cloud Cam have audio?

Yes, Amazon Cloud Camera app supports 2-way audio. You can speak and also hear through the speaker.

3. Is Amazon Cloud Cam App water proof?

No, usually Amazon Cloud Cam app is not water proof. However, there is a version that is water proof but it is very expensive.

Best alternatives for Amazon cloud camera app

1. i-Security

i-Security is a free surveillance app that allows users to watch live videos of security cameras. It is specially designed for android devices

How to download?

  • Open app store, search i-Security.
  • Click on the install button and wait for the download.
  • Then register the device on the app.

2. Alfred

Alfred is a free android app that converts smartphones into a security system.

How to download?

Search Alfred app on the app store and install it.

After downloading the app, set up the device with the app by registration.

3. Reolink

Reolink is a surveillance app to access the security cameras on androids. This app lets the user have peace of mind so that they can enjoy outdoor entertainment.

How to download?

Open the app store and search for Reolink.

Install the app and then open it to install.

Setup the device connection in android and watch over your whole house through mobile.


The Amazon Cloud Cam app for android is one of the best security apps available for android. Not only it is simple in its use, it is equipped with the latest and advanced features. So wait no longer and install this app in your android today.

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