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Amazon Music App For PC & Mac – Stream Trending Songs

Amazon Music App For PC

Amazon Music App For pc

Name: Amazon Music

Description: Amazon Music (previously Amazon MP3) is a music streaming platform and online music store launched by Amazon on 25 September 2007. It became the first music store that works without Digital Rights Management (DRM) from four major music labels (EMI. Universal, Warner & Sony BMG) as well as many independent. You can enjoy the 2 million catalogs, hand-written with thousands of playlists and stations. It is an ad-free app. You can get its membership by paying a certain fee.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, macOS, iOS, Windows

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features:

  • Users will get Free two days shipping.
  • It will provide the same day even hourly shipping.
  • It allows Video streaming.
  • It will provide unlimited photo storage.
  • Amazon Prime subscribers will get access to prime videos just like Netflix. Users will find a mixture of Amazon videos, TV Channels, and, movies.


  • It has a large music library.
  • It provides the facility of Scrolling lyrics.
  • Having HD and Ultra HD audio quality.
  • Useful Alexa specific feature.


  • It contains a limited song library.
  • You can’t create a station.
  • No sports, weather, and lifestyle content.

Main features of the Amazon Music App:

After getting the prime subscription the users will enjoy fabulous features. Although the list is too large, here we will discuss the top features of the app.

Free release-date delivery:

Suppose you preorder some products from Amazon as a Prime subscriber. You will receive the product on the exact date when it is released- not two days later.

Free two-hour delivery:

Prime provides the facility of providing the products (groceries and other items) within two-hours – – free if you spent at least $35, $4.99 if you don’t.

Free home delivery:

Prime provides free home delivery when the user purchases items when you spend at least $35. If less, then $35 they will charge $5.99 of shipping on each item. 

Alexa deals:

Do you have an echo device? or other Alexa- compatible devices? Then you can check the deals of Alexa and get the benefit from that.

5% Cashback with an Amazon:

Sign up for company cards: Amazon will offer a 5% cashback offer on every single purchase of Amazon. There is an Amazon store card, which is good only at an Amazon and offers the discount on every item. 

Early access to lightning deals:

Amazon’s lightning deals run for a limited time. If you are a Prime subscriber, then you will get access to the deals before 30 minutes ahead of non- subscriber.

How to Download and Install the Amazon Music App:

Amazon Music app is available in many countries. This app is free to download on PC (Windows and Mac). 

How to Download and Install the Amazon Music App:

  1. First of all Download the file from the official website of Amazon
  2. Locate the installer file from your browser’s download panel.
  3. Click the installer file to install it.
  4. After installing the app, you need to sign-in your account.

If you are getting any error or unable to sign-in to the Amazon Music app. It is because you set the region of PC different from the Amazon music app. In Windows, you can change the region by navigating to the 

Setting > Time and Languages > Region and Language

 Change the region and then enjoy the music.

How to Use the Amazon Music App:

After installing the app on PC (Windows, Mac) you, can use only when you purchased the Music. The following steps will guide you to use the Purchased Music on Amazon Music App.

  1. Select My Music and click on Songs, Select Purchase to see all the music you have.
  2. Click on the download icon next to the song or album, or you can drag and drop the song into the download section.
  3. The music you downloaded is saved by default to the Amazon Music folder on your computer.
  4. For PCs, the songs are saved in My Music folder, For Mac Computers the songs are stored in the Music folder.

Note: Prime Music and unlimited Amazon music unlimited are not available for computers to download. You can download these titles to Amazon Music app for offline playback.


If you love to listen to the songs, then this app is best for you. It provides the playlists that contain many songs, and you can create your playlist as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the easiest way of enjoying the Amazon music app?

Amazon Music is available on every Amazon Echo family device along fire TV, fire Tablets, and Alexa devices. You can also listen on your smartphone and computer as well. There is a playlist for everything.

How do I find the artists and album which I like the most?

Easy, just search or use Alexa on mobile to find your favorite album and artists. Search about favorite artists and albums or simply ask Alexa.

How do playlists work?

Not only you create the playlist, but the Amazon music app provides a facility of playlists for any activity, mood, and on a special occasion.

What are the most popular playlists?

The popular list changes with the season. But the most popular one is “The Best what’s new in Prime ” and the top mostly played: Country are the most popular.

Best Alternatives for Amazon Music app:

The Amazon Music app has some alternatives just like the other apps have.


Spotify is the best of today’s streaming app. Because of its exclusive and famous algorithms. It charges $10/month.

How to download and install on the desktop

  1. Go to the If your download does not start to click to restart the download.
  2. Look for an app in your Download folder then click on it.
  3. After installation steps open the app.
  4. Now enjoy the music.


Deezer is an internet-based streaming app. Availability matters and Deezer in maximum countries as compared to any other app. It takes the $10/month.

How to download and install on the desktop

  1. Visit the site to download the Deezer on PC.
  2. Open your Downloads folder. 
  3. Double click on the .exe file of the app.
  4. Follow the installation steps.
  5. Login into the account, Now enjoy the music.

YouTube Music:

YouTube Music allows users to access easily for what you are searching for. It served the playlists according to your taste and requirements.

How to download and install on the desktop

  1. After downloading the app from an authentic site.
  2. Open your Downloads folder to check the app. 
  3. Follow the installation steps.
  4. Now enjoy the music.


The Amazon Music app is an amazing app that not only provides the Music but also provides the shipping facility as well. The bad thing about the Amazon Music app is that it provides songs after purchasing which is sometimes irritating for users. You can Listen free after getting the Prime membership or get more Amazon music Unlimited.

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