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Anime Slayer For PC


Name: Anime Slayer

Description: Anime Slayer is a popular streaming application that allows users conveniently stream videos online via their smartphone, tablet and other devices that runs on Android Operating System. This application is developed to provide users with up-to-date information about upcoming anime series, weekly schedules of latest anime news, as users conveniently watch their favorite anime movies and anime series. Anime Slayer is designed as a mobile application, but can be installed on your PC.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features:

  • The application conveniently allows you find a lot of anime movies and anime series.
  • The application has great graphics display quality.
  • The application analyses pictures from anime movies and anime series.
  • The application is user friendly and very easy to use.
  • Its design area is very attractive, as it gives you smooth user experience.
  • The application has several resolution options.
  • It sorts and filters users’ searches.
  • The application has multiple streams functions.


  • Gives free access to anime movies and anime series.
  • Provides users with wide variety of anime movies and anime series.
  • Provides safe browsing and special privacy features.
  • Easy to navigate search interface.
  • Weekly schedule for anime latest news.
  • Several screen resolution options.
  • Download to device option.
  • Easy feedback and rating system.


  • Content protected by copyrights.
  • Time consuming.
  • Extremely addictive.

Anime Slayer is an online application that consists of several features that enables lovers of anime watch and get information about anime movies and serials from famous and well secured sources.

Main Features Of The Anime Slayer Application:

Friendly user interface

The application provides users with easy and fast user interface and installation, with several resolution options and easy video search and sort for anime series and anime movies. The application also has very beautiful and attractive design area, with great graphical displays.

Variety of special features

The application provides users weekly schedule for latest news on anime. It provides users with information on upcoming anime series and anime movies. It also allows users have access to variety of anime movies and anime series that aren’t ordinarily aired in their country.

Protects users’ privacy

The application protects users browsing history, providing every user with seamless; virus, malware and hack-free experience. The application allows users to be signed in, providing easy access to their anime movies and anime series history.

Awesome search filters

The application allows users conveniently search for anime movies and series, providing users with search filters and custom thumbnails that assists them access videos as well as suggestions of similar videos in their searches.

Video player and editor

Anime Slayer provides users access to safely watch videos, download to device and select multiple play without using third party applications. It also enables users to edit videos/contents that do not violate copyright laws.

How To Install Anime Slayer On Your PC:

Anime Slayer is an amazing mobile application designed for devices that run on Android Operating System, but can be installed on any PC. The application can easily be installed on any PC with the use of Android emulators. There are several Android emulators, the famous ones include BlueStack, Bliss and NoxPlayer.

How to install Anime Slayer on your PC with Android Emulators:

There are two methods involved, to successfully install and run Anime Slayer on your PC with Android Emulators like BlueStack, Bliss or NoxPlayer.

  • Download the Application’s installer file before installing android emulators.
  • Download the application’s installer file through android emulators.

Download the application’s installer file before installing Android Emulators

  1. In order to install and successfully run Anime Slayer on your PC, ensure to download the application’s installer file first.
  2. Download and install either NoxPlayer or BlueStack.
  3. Open the Android emulator, drag and drop the Application’s installer file on the home screen.
  4. The Android Emulator installs the application; after the installation, click Run to open.

Download the application’s installer file through Android Emulators

  • Download any Android Emulator from their site and install on your PC.
  • Access Play-Store through the Android Emulator.
  • Search, download and install Anime Slayer.
  • Click Run to open.


If you love Anime, I strongly recommend this application for you, because of its capability to navigate boundaries and access anime movies and anime series that may not be ordinarily aired in your country. This application has very high graphical qualities and several screen resolution options. It also protects the browsing right of users and has high filter search function.

However, if you are addicted to Anime, I’d advise you set constant reminders to limit your time spent on the application, to avoid serious time and mobile data wastage. I also recommend that you minimize mobile data cost by using the application over Wi-Fi, although the application minimizes your data consumption, as you don’t want to take any risks. The application enables users to easily review, rate and provide feedbacks, be sure to explore these options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Anime Slayer run on my Pc?

Yes. Anime Slayer can run on any PC, through the installation of Android Emulators, Anime Slayer can be installed and run on any Pc.

Do I have to sign up to use Anime Slayer?

No. You do not need to sign up to enjoy the amazing features of Anime Slayer, but signing up will allow you have access to weekly schedules of latest news on Anime series and Anime movies, and several other unique features.

The application does not launch on my PC?

Try restarting your PC. If it still does not work; with Android emulators, ensure you install an Android Emulator that is compatible with your PC, and reinstall Anime Slayer.

Anime Slayer keeps asking for updates?

We are always working to improve our performance, fix bugs and keep adding unique cool features.

Best alternatives for Anime Slayer App:

Like several applications that are consistently competing with themselves, Anime Slayer has applications such as 9anime and Crunchyroll as strong competitive alternatives. These competitor’s functionalities are briefly explained below:

9anime is a very famous anime streaming website, that streams different kinds and high qualities of anime online. 9anime streams English dubbed and subbed anime online at amazingly high quality for free, with content that are widely in 1080p. 9anime allows anyone and everyone to stream and enjoy anime with countless great features, without registering, as they have large records of anime series and anime movies.

Crunchyroll is legally streaming anime, with all its contents licensed and trailed to support the content creators. Crunchyroll offers premium services as well as free services. They are known as the best in legally streaming anime, with large records of great and hot shows on their website. Crunchyroll is known to stream newly aired anime, as early as after one hour that they aired in Japan at very high quality.


Anime Slayer is a great mobile application that can be installed on PCs, with its awesome features and user friendly qualities that gives room for users’ review, rating and feedback.

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