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Aptoide For Pc, Android & iPhone Free Download

Aptoide For Pc

Aptoide For Pc

Name: Aptoide

Description: Aptoide is a complete app store like Google play. You can find here many apps that are not available on the Google Play Store for some restrictions! But sorry to say that there is no version of aptoide for pc. But Still, by using an emulator, you can easily use it on pc.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

  • Set up
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Features

Key Features Of Aptoide

  • Safeguard
  • Speed
  • Globalization
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Purchase


Free of the need to log in as a user to be able to download an app from aptitude. It also has other apps that aren’t available in other app stores.


The user interface need to be a little more attractive and catchy.

A world of solutions is a world happy to live in. Have you had worries when it comes to getting a game or an app you really wanted but couldn’t get easily to your PC due to restrictions or registration challenges? Well, Aptoide is here for you. It allows you to download the apps and games with an easy to download guide included.

Aptoide app For Pc

 Features of Aptoide


Aptoide isn’t a threat to your PC’s security as it protects your PC from malware and external attacks.


Aptoide brags for a high downloading speed while downloading the various apps.


The software has reduced the whole world into a small local village by bringing close to users, apps from across the world. It is translated in more than 40 languages and accessible in countries like Iran and China where Google play store has limited access. 

Easy Installation

Installing Aptoide is easy and does not require any tedious verification processes as it contains short and precise steps.

Easy Purchases

Users of Aptoide for PC are able to pay for purchases in localized payment systems that are available in the software. More to this, developers are able to seamlessly integrate their payment platforms, a feature unique to Aptoide.


In its latest design Aptoide allows new developers to create their app stores as it provides the developers with all the requisite tools.

How to install Aptoide For Pc / Mac

It is at this juncture that one would call for a calabash of sour porridge and an armchair to rest easy as you go through the easy steps of downloading and installing the Aptoide app. 

With this installation process, you will need your android phone to be able to download the Apk file first then transfer it to your PC for installation.

First, you’ll need a browser in your phone, open it and search the official website of the Aptoide, or better click the link below

Proceed to start downloading the app to your PC.

Due to a vast number of sources available online and with the fact that most of them aren’t safe for your phone hence the automated settings barring files from unknown sources from operating in your android phone, you’ll have to remove the restrictions for a moment to allow Aptoide install into your phone. To do this, go to the settings tab and click on “security” and once there allow “Unknown” sources.

Once you’re done downloading, copy and paste the file into your PC.

An icon of the app will be available on your computer, click on the icon and start the installation process on your PC.

Once installed you can click on the Aptoide icon and start enjoying free downloads of games and apps that you desire.

Cautions & Recommendations

In its inception, Aptoide app had few to none technical issues to worry about and still has managed to put off such threats to this end. However, some caution to users would be of great benefit at this point.

Aptoide is so far the safest app store in the market and with its feature that allows users to upload apps into the app store, some apps are available for download to users before verification hence becoming a malware threat to the users. Good news though, users are advised not to download apps that lack the green shield with a check mark since apps with these descriptions are verified and safe for download.

Aptoide proves to be so concerned with the user’s welfare so much so that the company has invested in making sure the user’s PC and android gadgets are safe from malware harm. All these is made possible by Aptoide’s in-house security expert, Mr. Diogo Pires.

Aptoide has also at some point been ‘accused’ by some of its critics as not being quick in responding to malware or other apps related issues. Others arguing that they could not report problems if they did not have user accounts with Aptoide.

However, all these remain to be just claims since Aptoide has all these covered and well in control. For users with accounts, it’s recommended they use the ‘report abuse’ button whenever they want to report any suspicious development or occurrence in the store. For those that are yet to have an account with Aptoide, you can contact them via a form in their website and give an email address with which to be contacted back.

The excitement of getting a great new app to your PC shouldn’t supersede the urge to check the safety precautions carefully before downloading an app at Aptoide.


Is Aptoide safe?

Evidently this is the most common question every online user would ask before attempting to access any sight or software and to Aptoide it’s not a strange one too. Well, no more emphasis can be placed on this issue concerning Aptoide’s safety and YES Aptoide is perfectly safe for its users and continues developing ways to curb developing threats. With the anti-malware system constantly scanning and filtering the contents on every Aptoide store, users can rest easy knowing they’ve got their backs covered.

 What are the Advantages of using Aptoide over Google Play Store?

In a number of key areas of consideration, Aptoide beats Google Play Store hands down. These key areas include ease of use at Aptoide where no signing process is required unlike in Google Play Store. Also, the vast number and variety of apps in Aptoide makes it stand out amongst all the other stores in the market. Aptoide allows free download of apps even the paid ones which doesn’t apply in Google Play store. These and many other features of Aptoide gives it a leverage above Google.

What Operating Systems (OS) can Aptoide be installed in?

Aptoide was originally created for Android system but with time over the years, Aptoide can now be installed in windows, Mac and IOS devices.


  • Google Play Store
  • Code Ngo
  • Appolicious
  • Blackberry
  • Appland
  • Apple Store
  • F-Droid
  • APK Mirror
  • Aurora Store.
  • APK Pure

Aptoide has managed to stand out and build up considerable competitive pressure to the current market leader in this niche- the Google Play Store.


What better experience would one need if not the one offered by Aptoide to its users? Aptoide has made it easy and fun to apps and technology lovers. If you haven’t visited Aptoide for an app or game before today then you are missing a great experience of this millennium.

With PC protection from malware, vast number of apps available, free downloads, easy to use even in low network and ability to upload one’s app in the store among others, make Aptitude an admirable, unique and steady app store.

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