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ArcGIS For Mac

Name: ArcGIS

Description: ArcGIS for Mac is still a work in progress as the existing version is developed for windows operating system. This app enables you to create and use maps, analyze mapped information, share and discover geographic information, and manage geographic information in a database. With ArcGIS, infrastructure for making maps and other geographic information is made available throughout a region and even on the website for the whole world.

Offer price: $100

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Diverse editing tools.
  • Advanced analysis.
  • Geo-processing tool.
  • Supports more than 70 file formats.
  • Easy share of data and maps.


  • It generates high-quality maps.
  • It has a preset of tools.
  • It has advanced statistical tools.
  • Effectively handles a large amount of vector data.


  • The standard license price could have been a little lower.
  • Its interface could be a little more attractive.

All hopes are not gone for mac users, though, as you can still run it on your Mac computer through two options available, which we shall look into later in this article.

Features Of ArcGIS App:

It is argued that ArcGIS has a tool for almost everything geographic you could think of, and this makes it so admirable to its users. You can only substantiate these claims by going through its features one after the other and understanding it by yourself. Let’s have a look at the features.

Diverse editing tools.

With ArcGIS, you can edit several kinds of data and, at the same time, edit shared edges and concurrent geometry with the aid of topologies and geometric networks. You will use the same editing tools in ArcMap when compiling and updating your geographic data, whether you are using Desktop basic, standard, or advanced levels of ArcGIS.

Advanced analysis.

For several years ArcGIS has prided itself on providing advanced spatial modeling and analysis tools that have helped in modeling terrains, finding out suitable locations and routes, discovering spatial patterns, and performing hydrologic and statistical analysis.

Geo-processing tool.

As geo-processing strives to provide tools and a framework to perform analysis and managing your geographic data, so does ArcGIS. Therefore ArcGIS incorporates the comprehensive suite of the geo-processing device to perform spatial analysis or manage GIS data in an automated way.

Supports more than 70 file formats.

Another great feature of ArcGIS is that it supports more than seventy different file-formats, including JPEG200, Esri Grid, TIFF, and MrSid, to help you achieve even more success with file reading and storage formats.

Easy share of data and maps.

The map package in ArcGIS allows you to share complete maps easily between colleagues in a workgroup, school, community, or even in different countries with other ArcGIS users via web or ArcGIS enterprise.

ArcGIS App for Windows:

As stated earlier, the existing version of ArcGIS runs only well on windows. However, through some available options, some users have been running ArcGIS on Mac. Let’s have a look at how it runs on Windows first.

How to install ArcGIS App on Windows:

  • Go to the Esri website and create an account if you do not have one. If you already have one, log in to your account to access all versions of ArcGIS.
  • Once logged in, you will be asked to provide the authorization number to access the download screen.
  • Select the version of the ArcGIS desktop you would wish to download.
  • Click the download button to download the ArcGIS for desktop software.
  • Use a package installer to install and authorize the software.

How to use ArcGIS App on Windows:

  1. Creating and Sharing a Map.
  2. Add data from ArcGIS online to your map.
  3. Add the data you have from a text file.
  4. Symbolize and configure your data.
  5. Go to ‘My Content’ and save your map.
  6. You can now share your map by embedding it in a website or creating a free application.
  7. Explore and discover content on ArcGIS online.
  8. Open the gallery to explore featured maps, web mapping applications, and mobile applications that are shared among the ArcGIS online community.
  9. Tap on ‘Map’ to build interactive web maps and share them with others.
  10. Open ‘Groups’ and search for topical content.
  11. Click on ‘My content’ to add and share your items with the ArcGIS online community.
  12. If looking for something specific, type its name on the search bar in the top right of your screen. For example, type ‘the Red Sea’ and press ‘Enter’ to see everything about the red sea.

To know more about how to create and share maps, symbolize and configure your data among other uses, click here for such details.

How to Run ArcGIS on MacOS:

To run this software on Mac computer, the Mac must be set to run Windows. There are several ways to run ArcGIS on windows but only two options of installation to choose from.

ArcGIS Earth
ArcGIS Earth
Developer: Esri
Price: Free
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot
  • ArcGIS Earth Screenshot

First Option.

Creating a dual-setup on your Mac.

This gives you the freedom to boot into either macOS or Windows OS, and this is easily achieved by using the free software Boot Camp. Check on details of how to use a Boot Camp here.

Second Option.

Creating a Virtual machine on your Mac.

With this option, you install Windows OS to run parallel alongside your macOS and to be switching from one to the other without booting into either one separately. The choices available for virtualization options are the licensed software parallels and the VMware. You can check Parallels and VMware for a detailed breakdown.

Alternatives to the ArcGIS App:


It’s a desktop GIS that allows you to create geospatial information such as maps and with a projects’ source code that is available for splitting and modification.


A mapping software fitted with GIS features which can avail maps and other forms of data about the surrounding geographical areas.


This is a cutting edge mapping and information management software brought to existence by eSpatial solutions for business applications. It allows other businesses to find that might be hidden in your collected data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What can someone do with ArcGIS?

With ArcGIS, you can use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and other related data. You can also access the rich information on geography available on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the world, ArcGIS apps, and cloud infrastructure.

What is included in the ArcGIS desktop?

The advanced option offers you the tools and environment for map creation and interactive visualization, advanced data management capabilities, multiuser editing, and advanced analysis, among others.

Can Students enjoy the services of ArcGIS for free?

Students can purchase the 12 months license for a year at $100 while students at qualifying institutions could be eligible for a 12 months license at no cost.


ArcGIS for Mac is a dream that will be a reality soon in the upcoming versions of the software. However, the windows version is doing just fine and gaining the worldwide interest of all geographers. A very extensive and inclusive of all matters concerning earth app that works so well to create, prepare, and preserve every critical information on geography for the whole world. No geographer should lack this.

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