Avast VPN For PC & Mac OS Free Download

Avast VPN For PC

Avast VPN For PC

Name: Avast VPN

Description: In today's conscious world, it's best to use a VPN for protection while online. VPNs can hide your identity and protect your privacy and give you access to favorite web content, wherever you are. Download Avast VPN on your Android device online to protect your Android device. Avast VPN can work on up to ten devices and has no bandwidth limit. The application provides two protocols, IPSec and OpenVPN, with AES 256-bit encryption. AES 256-bit encryption is military-grade and is considered by many to be a "brute-force proof" This encryption force is used by numerous government agencies and security professionals worldwide.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, PC

Application Category: Software

  • Setup
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Rating

Key Features:

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Simple
  • Trusted
  • Change Your Location
  • Uninterrupted Connection
  • Top-Quality Customer Service


  • 27 server VPN
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted connection
  • Great web browsing speed


  • Minimal Features
  • Official Apps Only
  • Small server network
  • Does not support routers

Avast VPN is an unlimited, superfast, unobtrusive, and secures VPN proxy service for Android, a security and privacy app for Android only! Get easy access to a limited number of online sites and applications, browse anonymously, stay safe, and protect yourself on public WiFi hotspots. Avast protects over 400 million people worldwide, making it a very trusted VPN proxy protection and privacy application in the market. Protect your device, too.

Features Of Avast VPN For PC:

Unblock restricted sites and applications

If you travel and need unlimited web access from different places and want access to a few blocked websites, you can Unblock websites and even applications with Avast VPN Proxy. Use anonymous and secure Avast VPN servers (located in multiple countries) to access more web content on the Internet from your phone, as the geo-IP address shown will be different than the original. If the Wi-Fi connection is restricted to some applications then Unblock it immediately if you need to.

Encrypt your connection over secure public Wi-Fi

Avast private encryption VPN prevents ‘tunnel’ hackers from stealing your data through public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Enable WiFi protection and privacy with our super secure VPN proxy service. Quickly hide your IP address and browse the Internet safely.

Private, anonymous browsing

Browse websites anonymously with Avast and gain personal access and your internet connection will originate from a different location. Use it to hide your IP and anonymize banking logins, chats, emails and payments. Enable privacy with a single click.

Dashboard widget on/off VPN

Your dashboard includes a simple one-click widget so you can turn on / off a secure VPN connection with one click. Best Hotspot Shield for browsing anonymously is best for shield protection and privacy.

Avast VPN For PC

Install for PC:

  • Open your browser.
  • Browse for Avast.com
  • Click on For home
  • Then scroll down and click on LEARN ABOUT VPN
  • Click on DOWNLOAD FOR PC( for 7-day free trial) or BUY NOW(for subscription plan).
  • After clicking on DOWNLOAD FOR PC, It will start downloading automatically.
  • After completing the download, Run the installer.
  • Click on “yes” to Install.
  • Then, agree to their terms and click Next.
  • Then, click on Install.
  • And then click on Finish.

Install for Android:

  1. Click Play Store icon your device to open the store.
  2. Search for Avast
  3. Select Avast SecureLine VPN from the results.
  4. Click the Install button on the app info screen.
  5. Wait for Avast SecureLine VPN to Install.

How to Use Avast VPN App:

To change location:

  • Open Avast SecureLine VPN.
  • Select a location as you want.

To change IP:

  1. Open Avast SecureLine VPN.
  2. Click OFF “inside the red circle”.

Then your IP address will be changed and the virtual IP address will be given.

To add Avast SecureLine VPN to Chrome:

  • open Avast SecureLine VPN.
  • Click on menu.
  • Go settings and click on Network Security.
  • Then click Browser Integration.
  • And then click the Google Chrome Extension. This will take you to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Finally, click on the Add to chrome.

Now Avast SecureLine VPN has added to Chrome.

Alternatives of Avast VPN APK:


ProtonVPN is a highly secure and encrypted VPN. It brought you CERN and a team of scientists at MIT that has more than 2 million users, including the world’s largest encrypted email provider, journalists, activists, and dissidents. It’s encrypted tools empower users in over 150 countries to claim their freedom of expression and privacy online. Use ProtonVPN to protect online data, increase your online privacy, and keep your surfing anonymous. It is incorporated in Switzerland, and it does not keep a log of your online activities.


WireGuard is a very common yet fast and modern VPN that uses sophisticated cryptography. The goal is to avoid severe headaches, to be faster, easier, and more effective than IPSec. WireGuard is designed as a general-purpose VPN to run on the embedded interface and supercomputer alike, suitably different in different situations. Initially released for the Linux kernel, it is going to be cross-platform and widely deployable. It is currently in great development, but it already can be considered as one of the most secure, easy to use, and simplest VPN solutions in the industry.


SurfShark is fast and powerful, with advanced features, and can bypass zone restrictions easily. The 24-month deal only works out to $ 1.99 per month, which is great, but there is no free trial, meaning if you want to try it, you will need to be committed for two years immediately or pay for one month. Other issues you may want to look out for are the lack of online support outside the setup, and some servers have their physical locations separated by their IP locations, which means you can pick them up from there. Depending on who you are accessing, you can end up acting lazily.


What are Avast Supported Subscription Plans?

Avast VPN offers a variety of subscription options considering the convenience of its users. For example – 1-month and 1/2/3-year subscription.

  • Windows – $ 8.99 for 1 month, $ 59.99 for 1 year, $ 109.99 for 2 years,
  • MacOS – 1 month $ 8.99, $ 39.99 for 1 year, $ 59.99 for 2 years,
  • Android and iOS – 1 month $ 2.99, for 1 year $ 19.95,
  • Multi-Device – 1 Month, $ 8.99, $ 79.99 for 1 Year, $ 149.99 for 2 Years, $ 219.99 for 3 Years.

To test Avast VPN, you have a 7-free trial. After that, the company offers its users a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough time to verify that the software works for you. Payment methods accepted include credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Is it dangerous to use VPN?

If you do dishonesty, it is definitely dangerous for you. Many times cheap VPNs are sold to third parties or stolen from your identity. Basically, VPNs are safer, more stable, and faster than proxies – but popular free VPN servers aren’t always as secure as they claim.

Is VPN Safe for online banking?

VPN creates an encrypted link between the VPN’s user and the banking institution’s server. By this, any confidential details or sending information is safe. VPN encryption will prevent any personal information from being leaked even when connected to the Internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots.


It’s swift, supports torrents, and keeps the connection logs. And we found that the connection was free for the most part. But you can get these features without paying that much price, and it’s easy to find a VPN that supports Netflix. Avast is a good choice overall, but it is certainly not the best.

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