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Name: Band

Description: Band app is an application that was developed for the purposes of communication by a group. This group can be a team of professionals, business organizations, companies and even non-profit organizations. The iOS, Android and PC versions of it was developed by a cooperation called Naver that based in South Korea.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, Windows

Application Category: Tools

Author: Band

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Key Features of Band

  • The ability to mange multiple groups of communication.
  • The numerous highlights through chats.
  • The up to date calendar for event scheduling.
  • The gathering board for collection of all messages.
  • The photo albums that you can keep your photos.



  • Its powerful networking ability.
  • The convenience of sharing information and ideas.


  • No limitation for user content upload.
  • Keeps personal life of users private.
  • Free in app content
  • Easier coordination among participants of a group
  • Gives full control to the group admin


  • It seems difficult for beginners
  • No available version for the Windows phone.
  • It might be slow in some devices.
  • Lack of a video and voice calling feature.

Band is basically about communication between members of a group. It enables them to create spaces and share different pieces of information with one another as each give their feedback on an issue. For all of this to be accomplished, there are distinctive aspects or features that are within the app as outlined below:

Band App For pc

Features of Band App

The Community Board

The application provides a platform for interaction by members of your group. Here you get all information packed in one place. Everyone in your group can share ideas, thoughts and opinions as others react to it through their feedback.


Participants of a group post their ideas, discussions and files in form of polls. These polls carry the message that relays the intended information.

Shared Calendars

Calendars make it easy to keep all the information of your group in one place. You do this by syncing each participant’s calendar into one in order for each one to view the other person’s schedule. You can keep details of your events like discussions, interaction sessions, group chats and all meet ups in a group calendar. An update of all the changes on the synced calendars is made on the app.

To Do Lists

A team or a group can use the to do list features to assign tasks among its participants. The tasks can be given alongside their dates and time frames of accomplishment. The number of participants required for a task can be set on this list.

The Markdown Tool

With the mark down, it is possible for more advanced users to edit a text within a particular post. You can do rich text formatting, and add quotes or tables. Noe that you can only incorporate five markdown attachments in each post.

Photo Collage

A collection of all videos and photos attached to a post can be found in the photo collage. The videos can play automatically inside the thumbnails.

Having looked at the great features of Band app, now it is important to understand the way you can install it on your device.

Band for Pc

How to Install Band App on PC / Mac, iPhone & Android

Below are steps on how to download Band app on a PC:

  1. You can download it from their Official site For Pc, Click here –
  2. Scroll down the web page and you will find download options.
  3. For PC version, click to download Band Desktop App
  4. Click on either of them to download from the Google Play store or App store to get it for Android or iPhone.
  5. If you choose to download from the Google play store, click on the install button.
  6. If you choose to download from the App Store, select to install for Mac.
  7. Now you can continue using Band app for all your groups.

How to use Band app on PC

  1. First you need to log into your band account using your phone number, email, Facebook account or with Google. It will appear just as it would on a mobile phone. You will see the tabs on All posts, Albums, Events and members.
  2. To begin a chat, use the chat room option from there, you can share different items like stickers, gifs, photo and videos.
  3. You can create both short and long form posts alongside with different files.
  4. In the settings button, you can manage your notifications in the toggle mode.
  5. You can check new posts and chats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Is Band app free?

You can use Band app for free. There are no hidden charges like membership or subscription fee. You only need to sign up using your email or Facebook account.

2.How exactly does the Band app work?

Band app works in helping you communicate with members of your group. Each one of you can share information in the form of text, photos and videos by uploading them in the chatroom. Calendars and schedule of group’s events can be shared among other things.

3. Can I create specialized groups?

Absolutely. The way band app is designed, it is very possible to customize it the way you like. This means you can create a group for any kind of activity like baseball teams, family groups or gaming groups.

4.Can a group have multiple leaders?

Yes. If you are an admin, you can assign the other person to be a leader of your group to be a co-admin.

5.Can one leave a group?

Yes. If you want to leave a group, you need to select the “joined option” and click the “leave group” button.

Alternatives for Band app


GroupMe is a mobile app that was developed for communication of people in a group. With the app you can send text message to the people you are not connected with in the group. 

To download and install GroupMe follow the following simple steps:

  1. Start by creating a Microsoft store account
  2. Log into your store and download from there.


WeChat is an app used in a number of ways like messaging and mobile payment. It can also be used as social media.

To download WeChat follow the simple steps:

  1. Type to search “WeChat” in your browser.
  2. Select the link 
  3. Click the blue download button and finish the installation.


Kik is also another amazing app for messaging and interaction. The app was developed by a Canadian Company called Kik interactive with its versions on iOS and Android operating systems.

Below are the steps to download Kik:

  1. Visit their website
  2. Scroll down the webpage and select either of the two download options for apple or Android depending on the device you are using.
  3. Enter your phone number as prompted and install.


Wrapping it up, Band app is a great app to share all communication among your group members. It connects and brings people of a team, cooperation or organization together towards achieving their goals and objectives through coordinated communication process.

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