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Bandicam for mac


Name: Bandicam

Description: Bandicam for mac is the software you need if you want an advance game recording on the market. With this app, you can easily record a specific area on your screen why not entirely and also have the option to compress it. It is exclusive windows software; Mac users unluckily don’t have the opportunity to use this app because there is no mac version of the app. Nevertheless, there are alternatives of this app for mac users.

Offer price: Depends on your plan

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Application Category: Screen recording type

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  • Interface
  • Features
  • Performance
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Key Features


  • Permits you to make drawings in real time
  • Has an option for webcam connection
  • You can program  recording
  • It can synthesize your voice
  • Effects of fullness



  • Let you share videos online
  • Can be used easily due to its interface
  • Record the screen partially or completely
  • Record and compress videos
  • Can record from external source like webcam, smartphone etc


  • The time for recording is quite limited
  • It sometimes shows watermark
  • There is poor synchronization of videos at times.

Main features of the app


It is obvious that the main feature of the app is recording, thus let’s discuss it then.

Screen Record

This is one of the main functions of the app, what makes it a legend. You record your screen easily and have pleasure in watching them after. It permits you to record video tutorials and videos. It is easy to do so, just choose the area you want to record and work is done. Finally, it is you to decide if you are going to record the audio file of the same video or not.

Game record


Bandicam is essential for game players because they can easily record the game they are playing on their computer mean while this doesn’t have any impact on its frame rate also.

Device record

It is a great help for those who wish to record from external sources of their PC such as webcam and phones. Bandicam is the right option for you.

Capable of recording 4K Ultra HD Video

This can easily record high quality of 4k ultra video with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 that has a maximum, frame rate of 120 per seconds. The software is a bit slow because e it uses less of your CPU, GPU and HDD when recording. Its performance is higher in such a way that it records for more than 24 hours continuously.

How to install the app on the PC

Hello! Just follow the steps below to install Bandicam.

  1. First begin by downloading the app and run the “bdcamsetup.exe” file.
  2. Choose and install the language
  3. After this, click on “next” when the Bandicam setup window appears 
  4. Next step is to click on “I agree” after reading the license agreement
  5. Then choose the desired component to install and click on “Next”
  6. Click on install, button but, if you wish to install on another folder, click on ‘’browse’’ and select the desired folder before installing
  7. Once you see the window ‘’completing Bandicam setup’’ click on ‘’Finish’’
  8. Start Bandicam by either clicking on the icon on your desktop or ‘bdcam.exe’ file.

How to install on MAC:

Unfortunately, Bandicam is not offered for Mac yet. But I got you covered with some amazing alternatives. Check them below. 

How to use the App on the Pc


Hello, at the end of your lecture on this article, you will able to know how to record your screen using Bandicam.

  • Obviously begin by downloading the software to your computer
  • Continue by setting up the software
  • After the setup, practice by recording a video
  • Now look for the recorded video in your pc
  • After you have found the video customize and watch.


If you are a game player, and if you love to impress friends about your performances, this app is the best for you. Record all your performances, stage by stage during gaming and do not fail to show to whosoever that you are a pro. Enjoy the app and share with friend on social media and compare the scores of gaming. You won’t regret trying your experience with Bandicam because it’s an unbelievable app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to record sound on my PC

It is quite easy, to record sound device on Bandicam, just select ‘’Speakers’’ as the default Playback on windows.

3. How to record my voice from my microphone

Choose the ‘’two sound mixing’’ option and select record ‘’your microphone’’ as the secondary device.

4. How to remove noisy sounds of microphones

If the audio is too noisy, when listening to the video, the codec of your media player might be the problem.  Download the latest version and try the mp4 container.

Popular alternatives of Bandicam

Here, you will find some alternatives to Bandicam that are worth trying. You will need a recorder that works well with your computer:


Camtasia is payable software that has more choice and quality. It is the best alternative to Bandicam which takes game videos to its highest level. With this app you are guaranteed to have professional videos even if you have newly started in the domain. What makes the magic of this app is that you can add effects like text, icons and images. You can also customize a video without losing in quality. The speed of execution makes it possible for you to make changes in the video with delays by accelerating the time necessary to create a perfect video.

Apowersoft screen recorder pro

It is payable software easy to use for beginner, but the results of game recording are professional. With this software you can record both video and audio at once and convert them to various files such as MP4, AVI, and FLV etc. You can modify the recorded video as you want. With this, you can make live recording and upload to the cloud to save more space on your computer. 


As compared to others, CamStudio is free to download. This alternative to Bandicam permits to create AVI file by recording your screen and audio activity from your computer and then transform it into flash videos. It can be used in many ways, explain a part of the game, make tutorials, some tips and tricks on a video and so on. This software is completely free and when you and can help you highlight your own game.


Bandicam is the ultimate software each and everyone needs to have on his PC. If by now you are still asking yourself if you need to have this app or not, then the answer is going to be yes. This is because; this app is one the greatest app that permits you to record your screen with ease for more than 24 hours continuously. Therefore, record part of a game and post them on social media. For MAC users, there are alternatives such as Camtasia, ScreenRecord Studio etc. With this app can you can still have the same why not all the functionalities of Bandicam on your PC.

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