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Battle Cats on PC

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Name: Battle Cats

Description: The Battle Cats is a free-to-play tower defense game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android mobile devices, which first emerged in Japan under the name Nyanko Daisensou.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

  • Setup
  • Interface
  • Features
  • Performance

Key Features

  • Fun for all ages and not limited to any age but anybody can get addicted
  • As you play one you will be given an unstoppable resources that will enable you enhance your cats fighting skills.
  • You can decide on which cat to use, fire for fire by destroying other cats base and preventing yours from disrupting. Build your own cat goons and destroy others.
  • The legend challenge mode will make you earn more points and give you more experience in playing the game.
  • Your cats will grow up big, stronger and evolve.
  • It has different chapters and challenge modes that will always keep you going.

Build and unleash your soldier cats, go for the war and win the victory. Battle cats are a very nice online game that is not limited to players of any age. The battle cat offers a high exceptional experience for its users hence, making it a very nice game to ease stress and forget ones sorrow.  You will also be able to unleash and improve your soldier cats and fight any war in the universe of the game.

Players will have to build their cats in a very strong way that will enable them to conquer the invader enemies. In the game you will have your own hood that you have to safeguard, the hood is a well-equipped one with cannon that can be energized during the gameplay, after energizing through charging the cats can fight every blockage and attack the enemies.

Battle cats Game Features

  • It has a whole lot of exotic vats to collect
  • Battle cats game is very easy to play by protecting your own hood and taking down that of the enemies by destroying them.
  • It has three different story modes that you will never like to miss
  • It has a very good user interface
  • Very fun to play
  • The battle system control is easy and self-sufficient
  • Finishing each stage will earn you more points and improve your cats by bringing out the terror in them

How to Download and install Battle cats game on your system:

There might be series of web sites that will surely offer you to download and install Battle cats application directly from their website however, only a few of them are trusted and I wouldn’t want you to fall for their trap and since you don’t want to just make sure you follow the principles in this article carefully.

You should also know that there is no specialized version for personal computers. The only way of downloading this software application is by downloading the Android version and launching it on your system. Yes! It is possible. All you will need is an Android emulator. We’ll guide you through on how to achieve that successfully below.

The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats
Developer: PONOS Corporation
Price: Free+
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot
  • The Battle Cats Screenshot

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator “is a hardware or software that gives access to one computer to act like another computer system” It could be said to be the inter connection between the user called the host and the guest. In this aspect, I will define an Emulator to be an application that enables personal computer users such as desktop and laptop to successfully run Android applications such as mobile games on their system.  The emulator has been in use since the 1980’s and still very much in use now.

Examples of Android emulators include:

  • NOX App player
  • Bluestacks emulator
  • Memu Emulator
  • KO player Android emulator
  • Bliss OS
  • Android studio emulator
  • Prime OS
  • Genymotion emulator
  • Archon emulator
  • Remix OS emulator.
  • The above are the most widely used types of emulators. But for the purpose of this write up. I will recommend Bluestacks emulator and Memu because they are the very best set of emulators one can have in his/her system.

How to Download  Battle cats App on your system using Memu Emulator;

The name ‘Memu’ is not a new name for those that have been running Android apps on their system but for the first timers. Memu is the most widely and most common among all other emulators because of its uniqueness. And to run this app successfully on your PC you need to download the latest version of Memu on your system.

You can easily download Memu from your playstore or App store. After downloading, launch the application and you will see an Android UI displayed on your screen.

A quick recap

i.  Download and install Memu emulator

ii.  Launch Memu emulator after installation.

iii. Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for Battle cats App.

iv. On the search result click on Battle cats icon.

v. Download and install.

vi. The download process will be complete in just about a minute or two if you have a good internet connection.

vii. After a successful installation, launch the application.

You do not need to watch any Youtube tutorial on how to install this app on your computer system.

If you can follow this simple procedure you won’t have to waste data on that.

How to play the Battle cats App game

In this battle cats game, the main character that are noteworthy of are the cats itself so the game titles “The Battle cats” Cats are the legends of the game  and will have to secure their territory against invaders and their hood against foreign attacks  by different enemies . It is very difficult to defeat the enemies as you progress further in the game. For every cat has its own features and attributes so also its weakness and breakdown points. To know more about this game we have provided below the features of the game that will catapult you further to playing this game.

As a player, as you play along the cats will gain more power and experience to defend the enemies and protect its life and that f its base from the enemies, the more you play the more you improve and the more your cats develop and scatter the enemies. At some certain stages also, the cats will change their body structures, grow and be better! You need to download the game to know exactly what we are talking of!

The Battle cats’ game comprises of three story modes that are further spited into about seven chapters in total, you get to encounter different and more powerful enemies as you progress through the chapters. At the very start of the game you will first be introduced into the “Empire of cats” where beginners will have to learn about the game and undergo some training before going for the main challenge.

After this, players will be introduced to “Into the future” and then thereby level up to be the or becoming the “cats of the cosmos” Players will be able to move to the next level to them next story mode after completing the previous chapters and will have access to unleashing new cats and upgrading their existing cars. You can be the ultimate cats’ collector! You can defeats the enemies!  You can also get the battle cat’s cheats and hacks. You need to start playing the battle cats now.


Does it consume Battery life faster?

Yes it does, but you wouldn’t mind as you play along.

Can one get addicted to the game?

This I can’t assure you, it depends on you. You need to be well disciplined so as not to get addicted to the game.

How can I have it on my system, is it possible?

Yes, it is very possible and we have addressed how you can install it on your system in this article. Although it was originally created for smartphone users only we have devised a means t which you can download and install this game on your system in this article.


I feel very glad to describe the methods and procedures of how to install Battle cats game on your Windows, MAC computer system, if in case you come across any problem during the cause of installation or after installation let us know through the comment section.  We will guide you through.

 Let us know if this write up post is helpful . Thank you.

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