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There are series of game here on our page but here we have compile a list of top best AOL games in no particular order to give you the best idea of all the fun waiting to be had. Whether you are new here or not our best quality games will introduce you to more of the best quality and most enjoyable games to be played on the internet.


Just words is the most popular game on this list. Especially for the lovers of scrabble who are the champions in their family or those who are very good in scrabble games. If you belong to this category then Just words is the best game for you on this list. You will also have access to play with other champions like you. To test your vocabulary skills and to know how good you are generally in the game.

Ratings: 4.1 / 5 on Google play.


Looking for the most popular poker games? Texas Hold’em No Limit is the best you can find around. If there isn’t Texas Hold’em No limit on any list of best poker games then the list is ill created and totally not complete. This App is a variation of the seven card hand poker, but you and your contender will have to use two cards each in place of the seven full cards. Your job is to get the best card and the best hand in winning the game or look for the smartest way of gaining the victory. Your job here is not different from that of any gambling card game. Imagine you place money on a game and you lost to the opponent. But no losing can be controlled. 

Key Features:

  •    Live chat options.
  •    Personal unique avatars.
  •    Daily free gold’s.
  •    You can connect on Facebook.
  •    It can be saved on external card.

Ratings: 4.1 / 5 on Google play store.


Solitaire is obviously one of the oldest card games around; it has been in use especially on computer system since those times when we would spend a lot of time playing the card game on our computer. But after so many years of technology advancements and update of the solitaire game, we can now play solitaire using the internet to compete with other champions of another place. And here on this platform, the card games that involves a lot of cards based on numbers, colors and suits is one of our best games. It is indeed a very fun game one can spend ones time on.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to play and understand.
  • You might get addicted as you go along playing the game.
  • There are reports that will enable you overcome your high scores.

Ratings: 4.7 / 5 on Google play.


Bubble town needs no introduction; thousands of people who play this bubble game are already addicted to it. Like other bubble shooting games, in Bubble town, you will have to clear out balls of different colors by identifying bubbles with the same color, usually three or more. Smash the same color of the bubble on them to clear them out. Well it is not as easy as we have described it above; it is tricky and involves strategy. You have to identify point and shoot to get a huge amount of point.

Key Features:

  • You might get addicted as you go along playing the game.
  • There are various match 3 levels.
  • Amazing gardens and different structures.
  • Can be played in offline.

Ratings: 4.9 / 5 on Google play store.


Spades is a multiplayer game, usually a four player game where different teams usually two battle to win a very good amount of cards. Attempting to win the most games with your partner is usually tricky without having to see or speak with one another cards. Each players bids at the start of the game to determine the amount of point they will make based on the cards they have at their disposal. Invariably, they will win more tricks based on the card they have. After doing all of this, the defending counsel will file a suit with every other players in the challenge if they have it. These multiplayer cards game trick will go to the player with the highest cards in the same suit. The spade suit is very important in trumping every other suit, making the ace the most wanted cards because it can be used to win any trick.

Key Features:

  • Get free coins as much as you can, including a special welcome bonus coins.
  • Spades can be played on different modes depending on how you want it.
  • Modes include VIP, Whiz, solo and mirror.
  • To get more special prizes you have to win all tournaments and knock out challenges.
  • Create your own tables using any mode of your choice.
  • Join different competitions to test how skillful you are.

Ratings: 4.6 on Google play store.


Here is another professional game on this list, one that requires no introduction: The purpose here are very clear with Backgammon, it is a multiplayer game that involves two persons and your job is to clear away all other checkers in the game board before your challenger does. In other to achieve this, you will need to move them by rolling two dice where it has to state clearly the amount of spaces you need to continue the game. So, if you roll five dice you will have to move five spaces.

Key Features:

  • The AI of Backgammon is very high.
  • Different difficulty levels.
  • Complete match game including Crawford and Doubling cube options.
  • Single player with computer or multiplayer with somebody else.
  • There are hints and guidelines to playing the game.
  • Can be used on Tablet device and all other smartphone users.
  • Manual dice input and random dice generator.

Ratings: 4.4 on Google play store.


Letter garden is a word game for word lovers in clearing boards in match 3 games, letter garden is a good match for both. In this game you will be given a garden of letter tiles. Instead of just matching three look alike type. Your job is to make meaningful words by rearranging the tiles to get a word. After successfully creating a word, the tiles from the game board should be completely cleared out for the flowers to take their place. So your job is to fill the whole garden with flowers so as to move to the next stage.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to play and very difficult to win.
  • There are power ups boosters.
  • Entire garden should be cleared for bonus.
  • Different difficulty levels.
  • Can be used on Tablet device and all other smartphone users.

Ratings: 4.6 on Google play store.


This is another interesting game where you will have to evade the Queen of the spades with any Heart cards. You have to play the two clubs to start the game. This can be done by the holders of the card. After this, other players play matching cards to continue. Whoever play the most cards in a suit will have to take those cards so as to later earn score at the end of the game. So you may even want to be the player with the lowest amount of points to prevent the Queen of Spades and the heart cards because they usually have the highest points.

Key features:

  • 4 player options multiplayer.
  • It provides awesome graphics, nice game play.
  • Very easy to play and very difficult to win.

Ratings: 4.4 on Google play store.


Gin Rummy is an old time classic game; it is one of the top most popular games on this list. Every player is given 10 cards with the aim of forming melds of one or more cards in two ways which could be in a group of the same value or a run of the same suit; You will also need to secure your ‘un-melded cards to a minimum. 

Key Features:

  • Points will also be given to any of your challenger ‘dead wood’ and you will also have to let go of some points for any of your ‘deadwood’ 
  • You will need to get your cards melded to win all rounds without having a deduction in points.

Ratings: 4.4 on Google play store.


This is a game for casino lovers, the top ten list on this platform will be brought to an end with slots lounge. The game does not entail any further introductions but at the slots lounge, you will enjoy different slots just like frozen assets, japelon heat and silver bells all of which you don’t have to unlock.

Key Features:

  • Opportunity to win uncountable points.
  • Welcome bonus will be given freely.
  • You will be rewarded regularly.
  • Peculiar slot games when you complete a level.

Ratings: 4.5 on Google play.


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I feel very glad to bring up the list of best AOL games to you. Check them out by installing them on your device. 

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