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iCalendar for PC

Name: iCalendar

Description: iCalendar for PC is an adjustable calendar that can match up with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and CalDav servers. The program includes schedule, occasions, plan for the day and climate on your work area. It also provides 7-day climate data, it enables you to design your calendar without issues. It assists three kinds of updates, popup, email, and SMS. With the update, you'll always remember your companions' birthday. It enables you to alter your schedule disconnected and adjust with remote when the system is accessible. So you can alter your Google calendar if disconnected, and share your schedule with your family, companions, and associate effectively.

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Drag and drop facility for an occasion to refresh its planning.
  • iCalendar is the Task Manager that enables you to oversee assignments in a fun, instinctive, and effective way.
  • Integration with android gadgets which is easy to understand.

iCalendar is very effective and very simple to understand and customize. It enables you to alter the text style, shading, and foundation. It functions admirably with various backdrops. iCloud empowers you to share schedules among your Apple items or with your loved ones. To stay up with the latest with iCloud, you may need to access, see and deal with your iCloud calendar. While you have to realize that turning on the iCloud calendar isn’t the main way that makes getting to the iPhone calendar on PC conceivable. 

Features of iCalendar

  1. It offers a Material Design and a smooth operating system. 
  2. It is compatible with Google Calendar and more. 
  3. You can utilize the Custom color-code for your events and track them efficiently. 
  4. Users can quickly include new occasions with regular language 
  5. The app assists to view the event locations via map view options. 
  6. Within the app, there is a landscape mode that offers Week view, month view or year view.
  7. iCalendar for OS 13 is extraordinarily simple to utilize, quick, and it’s amazing enough for the vast majority

How to download iCalendar for PC?

As of now, iCalendar for PC can’t be downloaded from the PC. Be that as it may, you can utilize an emulator to run Android applications for PC. A tool BlueStacks App Player. It is an amazing asset that furnishes clients with a virtual gadget like a genuine smartphone.

  • Download and install BlueStacks App Player. Visit the Official website of Bluestacks. We recommend downloading this emulator via its official website only. 
  • Install it on your PC. It will ask you to agree to the Licence Agreement of the App. Simply Agree to it. Then, click Next and Tap on to the “Install” button. 
  • After Installation procedure completes, Log in to Play Store through the Emulator using your Google ID and Password.
  • Then, you have to look for the search bar on the top and search for “iCalendar” App. The List will appear in front of you. Choose the one which you want to install and install it on your PC.
  • Finally, you will see the “All Apps” options on the screen. Tap on it and look for the installed app, where you will get your iCalendar App which you just installed. Click on it, Launch it and now you can utilize it as per your requirements. 
Developer: underscore.inc
Price: Free
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  • iCalSync Screenshot

How to install the iCalendar App using Nox Emulator?

You can download and install the iCalendar app to your PC by following the above guide which helps you to install the app on your PC as well. Or, you can download and install it via Nox Player. Follow the below simple instructions if you want to download through Now player:

  • Initially, you should ensure that Nox App Player must be installed on your PC, if not you can simply download it from its official website.
  • Now after the installation you will have to run the Nox Player on your PC Windows system and login to your current Google Play Store Account. 
  • Then, on Google Play Store simply look for the iCalendar App. Download it through the search bar.
  • Finally, you have the option to install or download the iCalendar to your PC windows system.
  • It is that simple, you can now easily utilize the app through your PC as well without facing any kinds of issues.

What are the alternatives to the iCalendar for PC?

There are many options available online if you are looking for some good alternatives to the iCalendar App such as Microsoft Office Outlook, Lightning Calendar, Rainlendar, VueMinder Calendar, Calendar Lock PEA, Cozi, UKs Kalender, BORG Calendar, Desktop Calendar, GMinder, Holiline Reminder, etc. There are many more like these but we have selected some of the best active alternatives for you. But, we recommend everyone that before installing any of them, you must first look into the tool and its features. After going through each of them, you can simply select one or two as per your needs.

Where iCalendar is used today?

iCalendar is utilized in a lot of significant bookings or schedule programming just as email customers that give schedule usefulness such as are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and the Calendar applications on iOS and Android. Moreover, sites and administrations that have calendar functionality will ordinarily likewise incorporate the capacity to fare to an iCalendar document. These incorporate Microsoft Office 365, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar.

How iCalendar Benefit the Hospitality industry?

iCalendar is normally utilized as a mechanism for putting away reservation data. Specialists that construct a booking platform for the lodging additionally assist iCalendar import from other travel authorities such as Airbnb and Booking.com. This coordination will give a problem-free encounter to lodging proprietors as they can check all their data effortlessly.


Life is a lot simpler when you have the entirety of your calendaring data in one simple spot. As of now, there are a few restrictions with the present usage of the iCalendar variation. The iCalendar group is intended to transmit schedule based information, for example, occasions, and purposefully doesn’t depict how to manage that information. Accordingly, another programming might be expected to arrange how to manage this information. 

iCalendar’s schedule is likewise not good with some non-Gregorian schedules, for example, the lunar schedules utilized in the Muslim and Chinese calendars. So, that was all about this iCalendar App which we have discussed in this article. If you have any further questions or any suggestions, leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you. 

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