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Best VPN for School (Android)

Best School VPNs Features

Many server locations

A VPN hides user data by encrypting it with a tunnel built into the VPN’s web server. The user then takes the IP address of the webserver and brings it to a VPN, which means that the user can appear in a different location than the physical location. This can have many uses, such as being able to access specific sites in a particular country, bypassing what’s known as geo-blocking.

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Mobile support

Any VPN is developed based on Windows PC. However, we currently spend more time on our smartphones or tablets than on desktop computers or laptops. Considering this, VPN manufacturers currently build VPNs based on mobile devices. Both iOS and Android support are quite common these days. So one of the features of a VPN is that VPNs will support mobile devices.

Integrated kill switch

No VPN service can provide 100% protection and may be vulnerable to IP leaks, which reveal your real IP address while you are online. This can happen more frequently if the VPN service is overloaded. The solution is the VPN kill switch, which can monitor the VPN connection for failure and then stop data transfer. This kills the connection, preventing encrypted data transmission. But not all VPN services provide Kill Switch

Anonymous DNS servers

DNS means domain name system resolution is the process by typing the address by another name into the address bar of your web browser, the IP address that is used to direct traffic to the global web user. The main goal when using VPN is privacy, and therefore we want to deploy VPN in the DNS translation process. In fact your VPN provider should use anonymous DNS on your own to better protect your privacy.

No log policy

Different VPN services are different in logging policies. Generally, if you want a VPN that has a ‘no log’ policy, be careful here, many providers will claim that they offer it, but in reality they can still hold some data.

Router support

Instead of installing VPNs on all individual devices, the best plan is to install the VPN directly on the home network router and secure every device connected to the network through it. All it needs is a compatible router and a VPN service that supports it.

Express VPN

Express vpn picture

Express VPN is regarded as the most reliable VPN in the world. This VPN gives you the highest speed connection and great features that a VPN customer can expect. This VPN is not free but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use this VPN for free for one month, you can also use 3 months free if you accept a 1-year plan. Its free service provides you with all the features and keeps your identity anonymous. It is one of the online security tools that encrypts user data and also encrypts their IP address. If you’re aware of your online security and want to hide your personal details from snooping, Express VPN is the best option for you. It’s user-friendly and usable features make this VPN even more deserving.

This VPN is completely safe and secure for users. Express VPN uses strong encryption which means your data security is at a great level. Express VPN conceal your identity and keep all your details from third parties. So no one can easily hack your details. Express VPN is the number one VPN that gives you maximum protection at the highest level.


Great speed

Servers in about 100 countries

Support all streaming websites

Powerful data encryption

24/7 customer support

Supports Macs, computers, Linux, Chromebooks and all mobile devices

30-day money-back guarantee


Expensive Premium Plans

Limited to 3 devices

Nord VPN

nord-vpn jpg

NordVPN allows you to enjoy secure and private Internet access in just a single tap on your smartphone, computer, tablet or your Android TV. NordVPN keeps your online activity private from ISPs, advertisers, and other snoopers. Protects your Internet traffic with military-grade encryption so no one can access your online data. NordVPN changes users’ IP addresses so that users appear to be browsing from another location. It has servers in 60 countries, which you can visit right away. Access any public Wi-Fi network without the risk of exposing your sensitive data. Nord VPN protects you from accessing dangerous websites that host malware, spyware and other malicious software. With over 5700 servers worldwide, you can enjoy fast and stable connectivity anywhere.


Protection for 6 devices with a single account

24/7 customer support

5700+ servers in 60 countries

Ultra-fast servers for P2P sharing

Double VPN for double encryption

No-log policy


Torrenting only supported on some servers

OpenVPN configuration isn’t user-friendly


vypr VPN

VyprVPN can be used at school for your online privacy. It is extremely fast and safe. Install VYPRVPN on your Android device or iPhone to secure internet connection, hide IPs and protect personal information and online identity at school. Access blocked and banned sites by different countries, governments or schools without any restrictions.

You can use the first 3 day free trial to get ideas for this VPN service. You will also get secure and ad-free services using trial. Like the other best VPNs, it follows the no logging mechanism. As a result, your particulars have no possibility to disclose personal information to third parties. Download your favorite shows and movies through this VPN with a WiFi connection on your device without a data cap.

It has 7o servers and 200,000 Global IPs in more than 70 countries in 6 continents, so you can easily hide your IP. VyprVPN guarantees speed when downloading games or anything. The keel switch provides greater security. It stays with you 24x7x365.


There is no safety leak

Zero logging policy

Three-day trial

Publicly audited

Helpful customer support


There is no money-back guarantee

The trial requires payment details and automatically bills you unless you cancel the three-day free trial

Hotspot Shield 

Hotspot vpn

Hotspot Shield VPN is the fastest VPN recognized by Speedtest. Each school has several sites that are restricted or blocked. Certainly the same in your school, you can use Hotspot Shield VPN on your device to get rid of this annoying situation. This lets you keep your activities private and secure on your device, as well as easily access blocked apps and sites.

You can subscribe to this app for a 7-day free trial to verify its effectiveness. The free trial is not ad-free. If social media is also restricted by the school authorities then you can access the social media you need through this VPN. It hides your online activity from third parties or hackers. It has coverage in more than 5 countries including the US, UK, Japan. You will have to spend $ 12.99 monthly to get the premium version of this VPN.

If you want to get the premium version annually, it will cost you $ 7.99 per month, which will save you 38% of your money.


Fast servers

Torrenting / P2P Approved

Works with Netflix

No log policy is strict

Easy-to-use VPN application

Double Data Encryption

No IP / DNS leak was found


Discount only for longer memberships

Customer service was unable to answer the question perfectly – although the agent was friendly and quick


Cyber gost vpn

Another significant VPN to use in school is Cyberghost. It has more than 3 million users who consider it trustworthy due to a no log policy. They have 6000+ servers in more than 90 countries to hide your identity. Make a list of your favorite servers from these servers and log in whenever you want. This app allows you to easily access any blocked sites anonymously by hiding online activity.

Encrypted VPN protects your traffic through the tunnel and does not allow any third party or hacker to access your sites. They do not submit any of your information due to a no-log policy. Protects your WiFi connection regardless of where you are. They support 24/7 live chat, where you can ask questions in 5 languages.

Free Cyberghost VPN service has been discontinued since 2017. New users have an experimental version. It costs $ 12.99 per month as a monthly, $ 5.99 per month annually, $ 3.69 per month for 2 years, and $ 2.5 per month for 3 years.


Unique security features

Strong protocols and encryption

Multi-platform support

Decent and stable speeds

Good for streaming including Netflix


Didn’t work out of the box

No free version


Ip vanish

If IPVanish is installed on your device, getting school WiFi connected to your device automatically hides your IP address and encrypts your connection to protect your privacy. It protects your personal data very easily. Because they have a no-log policy, they do not collect any information.

IPvanish acts as a tunnel to protect your site from external third parties or hackers of any kind. You can safely use any type of unprotected WiFi connection. It can encrypt up to 10 devices simultaneously. More than 40000 IP addresses are shared in 60 countries. It has 1200 VPN servers around the world. They will provide you with a 24/7 hour chat or phone service.


Good availability

Use with almost any device

IPVanish is tough in security

Forced 256-bit encryption

No logs policy

Choice of protocols

The kill switch works

Enough speed to stream 8k video


Lack of optimized servers

US-based company

Unusual server location information found


Surfshark vpn

SurfShark is the best VPN to use in your school even after being a Premium VPN. It costs less than any other premium VPN and gets almost the same service. Confirm your online safety with a click. This VPN is made by Digital Security Nard. You will be able to use it for 7 days as a trial and will be charged from then on.

It does not slow down your speed, but if the supply is slowed down then it keeps the speed normal. Its 800 + server is in more than 50 countries which will give you buffering free speed. CleanWeb blocks malware and trackers. They have to pay $ 11.95 per month, $ 5.99 per month annually, and $ 1.99 per month for 3 years.


No logging

Secure and anonymous browsing

A wide range of apps

Great customer support

Unlimited connections

Fantastic speed

Netflix Works

SurfShark comes at an incredible price


Limited P2P servers with poor speed

The fastest server is not necessarily accurate


Does the school have a VPN?

Generally, authorities in schools monitor all activities, even online activities. This means school administrators know what you are doing online. A VPN keeps a user’s browsing private, so no one can track and monitor your online activity.

Why should I use VPN?

A VPN allows you to securely access another network. You can use VPN to access region-restricted websites. This is an essential tool for protecting your site, which helps you sleep soundly.

Is VPN safe for banking?

Yes, safe. You can use VPN to protect the privacy of online banking transactions.

Is it illegal to watch Netflix with a VPN?

No, not illegal. Provided that no illegal activity can be performed while accessing Netflix via VPN.


It is only natural that opposition increases against obstacles. When the administration prohibits students from using the Internet, they use VPN as opposed to it. We discussed the most popular VPNs of the moment, which students can use in their schools. Students can use it if they can find a better VPN.

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