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Bit Life For PC
Bit Life For Pc

Name: Bit Life

Description: This is a good technology that was discovered in 2018; Bit life is an interesting video game for PC and IOS, yes it makes life easy with good less stressful scenarios of animation in video games Bit life is an interactive game where you get to make decision on what to play and yes exactly the type of life you want to live, I understand quite that you will like to ask how it relates with how you get to live. But guess what there more interesting facts. Bit life is practicable which means one put more interest on what you would love to be in real life , is this not amazing ? You have to know; once the app is installed and activated, you will be given a new life button on the middle once it’s tap you are taken into the game timeline. You get to choose your gender, country and name among other drop downs. What is more interesting about bit life is that at any point you can change your simple details.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, IOS, BlueStacks

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Play like a pro and get full control of your game with keyboard and mouse.
  • MEmu offers you all the things that you are expecting.
  • Download and play BitLife – Life Simulator on PC.
  • Play as long as you want, no more limitations of battery, mobile data and disturbing calls.
  • The brand new MEmu 7 is the best choice of playing BitLife – Life Simulator on PC.

Furthermore, kids can have more fun playing this game because every perspective of live they would love to experience can be achieved, though adults are not left out on this one, they can also enjoy this game to its fullest with a big TV screen since it’s an activator.

Direction On How To Play Bit Life App On PC:

  • Apower mirror
  • MEmu
  • NOX app player
  • A power Mirror : when it comes to mirroring your phone to any device of your choice in which you are using, A power mirror is one of the best to make use of and it always make features available for use because it’s visuals are perfect when playing game.Now here is one of the most satisfactory part you get to use a lot of good tools for recording on screen, taking of screen shots and take notes while recording ,it also comes with default settings and yes it can be used on windows and Mac computers.

Steps On How To Download And Use:

  1. Download the app on your computer
  2. You should also download on your phone, for android user you should download from play store
  3. For IOS users you should download from App Store
  4. Activate the app on your preferred device
  5. Create a connection between your phone and device using either a WiFi or a cable cord
  6. Do not forget to enable USB dubbing from the ‘setting’ ,under the ‘developer option’

Then connect your phone to pc with the cord.

  • Furthermore, if you want to connect wirelessly connect your phone and pc to WiFi for an effective work after that click on the blue color ‘M ‘ button, the tools automatically scan for device name once it is seen, click and monitoring process starts
  • After use-sage and you want to disconnect go to the app and click on the yellow button.
  • MEmu:
BitLife - Life Simulator
BitLife - Life Simulator
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot

This can be used in playing Bit life on Computers but with the usage of the mouse and keyboard to play, it’s also an emulator.

For android users, if your not used to this tools, blueStack can be used it cast your phone screen as well as audio.although A-power mirror supports IOS devices, MEmu is still considered as an alternative even if it’s not the best, it  still works very efficiently.

Steps On How To Download And Use Memu:

  1. Download the app and activate it
  2. Use a valid google account to login
  3. Search for Bit life on google play
  4. After installing the app, you can now set up your profile on Bit life
  5. Start playing your game and level up

Lastly, there is NOX app player it’s very competitive tools. Its support all app on your phone, and you can also make use of your computer mouse and keyboard to get perfect satisfaction while playing. Though the tools takes much space of your internal memory but it works on same wavelength as MEmu, you can also say this is the most used app of its specie.

Steps On How To Download And Use Nox Player:

  • Download and install app
  • Sign up an account on google play store
  • Click on the search button type BIT LIFE. And download
  • Activate the app and set up a profile
  • Now you can get started and enjoy the game

Insight On Playing Bit Life App:

  1. Put more interest on getting a better work pay : truth be told you have to through school to achieve a better paying job, make sure all time is worth full, because your pay Chequers leads to the type of live you go through. In other words if you’re not cool with studying and making good grades, you can choose any other option like being a dancer because even dancer make good paycheque rolls and yes do not forget to save your retirement pay or else you would be left with an empty bank after retirement.
  2. Enjoy with moment to have maximum fun: like they say being perfect isn’t much fun, so try do something wild and crazy to enjoy all fave of bit life but do not practice this in an everyday life. The game is actually to make choices, you can choose to be a cheater or a drunkard or even a trouble maker e.t.c you decide anyone you would love to be but always keep in mind not to allow this game take advantage of who you are in real.


Whatever choice of what to use either the mirroring app or emulator, we have talked about several ways to help you enjoy and play the Bit-life on any device of your choice either the computer or Android using the tools listed above, but it’s best noted or put into consideration the features of the tools of your devices.

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