Blackmart Alpha for Android, PC (Windows7, 8, 10)

Blackmart Alpha for Android & PC

Name: Blackmart Alpha

Description: Blackmart Alpha is a popular third party Android application store, with millions of paid and free applications. It is an alternative for Google Play, AC Market, and Aptoide as it gives Android users access to download premium and paid applications, and games for free with no restrictions. Blackmart Alpha features a very simple user interface which can be easily navigated by everyone. It gives users access to a vast number of applications, as it does not require any account registration. Users can easily search and download their favorite application from Blackmart Alpha, by simply clicking installing and launching the application and clicking on any app or game.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: App Market

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Key Features

  • Free applications and games
  • Automatic installation
  • Automatic updates of apps and games
  • Simple one-click download
  • Multiple language options
  • Upload application options


Blackmart Alpha is a third party Android application market with millions of free and paid collections of applications and games. This application is a great alternative for android devices users, as they have access to download unlimited number of applications and games without any restriction, as opposed to Google Play Store. It features vast numbers of applications and games, as well as those that are not available on Google Play and other APK stores, without any need for registration. Blackmart Alpha does not require rooting to install on android devices, and it is compatible across various android versions.  



Free applications and games

Blackmart Alpha offers user access to download and install unlimited number of applications and games for free. It allows users download premium and paid applications and games for free with no registration required. This application store has the repository of all types of apps available all over the internet, including the ones that violate the policies of other application stores such as Google Play. Blackmart Alpha allows users install the application without having to root their device.

1. Multiple language options

Blackmart Alpha is a multilingual application that allows users convert their interface into any language of their choice, this feature makes it usable for many people across the world. It also features an easy to use interface that allows users navigate, download and install their favorite applications and games easier, and quicker without restrictions.

2. Auto updates of Apps and Games

Blackmart Alpha has auto-update feature that enables users automatically update their installed applications and games to the latest version available. The application also auto-updates itself, as it continuously offers users updates to their installed applications and games once found available. Blackmart Alpha allows users enable and disable the auto-update option in their application’s setting as they deem fit.

3. One click download

Blackmart Alpha enables users download and install their favorite applications and games easily, with its simple and understandable user interface. It allows user download applications and game without any additional permission or payment, as they simply use its in-built search box to search for desire applications. Once the application is found, users can easily click on the install button. Once download is complete, users will find their downloaded APK file saved in their devices’ downloads folder. 

4. Built-in application manager

Blackmart Alpha features in-built application manager that allows users manage, uninstall and move applications and games between their device’s storage. Blackmart Alpha has billions of applications and games available for download, as it gives users several categories of applications to select from, and manage without the need to install third party application management tools.

5. Users upload applications

Blackmart Alpha is an android application market that gives users access to vast amount of applications and games for free. It also allows users publish and share their own application for free, which will be available for other users to download. 

What’s new on the latest version?

The latest Blackmart Alpha version is 2020.2.1 and allows users enjoy the following new features:

  • Bug fixes and improved performance 
  • New and updated applications and games
  • The improved application upload feature
  • Improved speed of download and installation

How to download and install (for android)

You would not be able to find Blackmart Alpha on Google Play Store, as it is its strongest competitor and does not align with its play store policies. In order for you to download the Blackmart Alpha application:

  • Be sure to go to your device’s privacy settings
  • Allow “unknown source” under your device’s privacy administration
  • Download Blackmart Alpha APK file from its official website or from trusted sites
  • Once downloaded, click on the APK file to begin installation process
  • Click on install and wait as it takes it time
  • Once the installation process is complete, click on the app icon to launch
  • Have access to premium, paid and free application and games.

How to use

Blackmart Alpha is a third party Android application market with millions of free and paid collections of applications and games. It features an easy to use interface, after download:

  • Click to launch the Blackmart Alpha application on your device
  • The home page shows a list of recommended applications
  • You can simply click on any application on this list to download
  • You can also use the search icon to search for your favorite applications
  • The search icon is available on the right corner of the screen
  • The application allows you download any free, paid or premium application on your device, simply search and download.

How to download and install (for PC)


Blackmart Alpha is a third party application designed for devices that run on the android Operating System but can be installed on your PC via android emulators. There are a vast number of android emulators for PCs, be sure to download the one that is compatible for your device. e.g. BlueStack, NoxPlayer, Style Tap, Leapdroid, Dolphin, or vMac.

You can Download Android Emulator from the article.

  • Download and install any android emulator of your choice on your device
  • You won’t find the application on your emulator’s play store
  • Download the installer file on your device via your web browser
  • Download the APK file of Blackmart Alpha from their official website or trusted sites
  • Run the emulator
  • Drag and drop the APK installer file on the emulator’s home screen
  • The Android emulator installs the application
  • After installation, click Run to open

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

What is Blackmart Alpha? 

Blackmart Alpha is a third party Android application market that allows user download millions of premium and paid applications and games for free.

Is Blackmart Alpha safe to use?

Yes, Blackmart Alpha is very safe and secure to use. This application does not require sign up or restrictions. It gives user 100% access to applications and games for free without violating user privacy.

Why does it not show device compatibility?

Blackmart Alpha is a third party application market that does not infringe the privacy rights of users, it does not require sign up to use, which disables it from indicating the applications that are not compatible for some android devices.

Do I need to root my device to use Blackmart Alpha?

No. Unlike other third party application stores, Blackmart Alpha works on both rooted and unrooted android devices, from version 4.0 and above.

Do I need to pay or sign up to use?

No. You do not need to pay or sign up to download your favorite applications and games from Blackmart Alpha, simply download the application on your android device, launch and enjoy premium and paid applications and games on your device for free with no restrictions. 

Why is Blackmart Alpha not working for my device?

Be sure to download the version that is compatible for your android version, if problem persists, restart your device and start the process all over.

How do I download premium apps?

Simply download Blackmart Alpha on your android device, search for your favorite applications and games with the search icon, download and install any application on your device for free.

Are there any Blackmart Alpha alternatives?

Yes. There are similar applications like Blackmart Alpha, such as Aptoide, and AcMarket.


1. Aptoide

Aptoide is an android application store that gives users access to millions of applications and games for free. This application runs on an independent medium that enables users download and install their favorite free, premium, and paid applications and game for free. Aptoide allows users who are developers get their applications published. It also features amazing applications that can’t be found on Google Play Store, as Google Play Store does not feature applications that doesn’t abide with their policies. Aptoide allows users download paid versions of applications and games for free. It also features built-in search engines that allows users find any application, it also has frequent updates to latest versions of applications and games.

2. AppBrain 

AppBrain is an independent android application store that gives android users access to new applications and alerts for upcoming applications and games releases. This platform consists of almost every application you will see on Google Play Store. AppBrain has features that allows users manage and share applications with others, with very easy and simple controls.

3. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is a platform that allows users share applications, as well as download applications and games that cannot be found on Google Play Store. This android application market has almost 800,000 applications that are almost free and can be easily accessed via any android device. 1Mobile Market also features millions of games, wallpapers and pictures in its store.

4. Android Pit 

Android Pit is a third party application market for android smartphone users. This application has tons of applications in its store. It also features awesome applications in various categories such as lifestyle, music, education, personalization, travels and local, entertainment and much more. This application does not only allow users download their favorite applications, but also offers deals and suggestions for its users.

5. GetJar

GetJar is one of the biggest open application store in the world. It features one of the greatest game and application store with almost a million applications that are almost free. GetJar also features thousands of games and video wallpapers, as well as applications that are organized according to their categories, such as social and messaging, productivity, education, entertainment, travels, sports, finance, business, shopping and so much more. GetJar currently lists over nine hundred thousand applications with more than three million downloads daily.

Google Play Store

Google Play store is the largest android application store in the world, available for all android smartphones. This application store enables users explore free and paid games and applications, with strict policies against applications that violate users’ privacy. Google Play Store requires users to have an account/sign in with their google account for free to access its cool features and applications.

Amazon Application Store

Amazon Application Store is a legal third party application store that is exclusive for Kindle tablets applications and Android applications. This store is designed to create direct competition with Google Play Store, and is rapidly increasing. Users that are interested in Kindle tablets applications and Android applications can access this store for its awesome games and applications, as it can serve as a great alternative to Blackmart Alpha


If you are an android smartphone user that would enjoy having access to free, paid and premium applications and games, then Blackmart Alpha is just for you. This application is a third party android applications store, and is the best alternative to the google play store.

It does not require users to sign up to use, users simply install the application on their android device and have access to hundreds of premium, paid and free games and applications for free. Blackmart Alpha has several unique features. It also features hundreds of applications that you cannot find on Google Play Store.

The use of this application would allow you to have access to updated premium games and applications without having to bother about paying. Above all, it is an amazing application that gives users no restrictions as they have access to their favorite applications and games.

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