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Name: Bluemail

Description: Blue mail is simply a beautifully designed, universal free app that allows you to manage an unlimited number of Email accounts from different providers. Blue mail makes it possible for you to send a group mail while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Windows 10

Application Category: Utility

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  • You have all your emails in one place
  • You can easily send group emails
  • You can easily share emails
  • It is private and very secure


It’s a free app that allows you to log on to your numerous email addresses and operate them all from one master device. Blue mail is notable for its simple and well-designed interface.


I can say this app is perfect because I honestly have nothing bad to say about this app.

If you have numerous mails and it’s hard to keep track of incoming mails, you don’t need to get various smart phones once you have blue mail. It basically works as a master mailer and allows all your mail ids to function on one particular device.


  • Cluster feature : Blue mail allows you to bring together groups and people, that way your inbox would be kept tidy. You can tidy your inbox with the inbuilt avatars.
  • People-Centric : It is made easy for family and friends to reach out to you. Because of the cluster feature, the app allows you to easily see which mail is from whom across your various mails logged in on your device.
  • Group Mail: When using blue mail, you don’t have to individually add members when trying to form a group. It has been made easier.
  • Unified Inbox: Blue mail treats all your inbox as a unified entity. Instead of having to log in your entire mail id individually before checking your mails, you can easily just have all your incoming mails in a unified setting for easy accessibility.
  • Get stuff done a feature: You can easily set reminders by making emails to be handled later. You can set stuff to be done in order of priority.
  • Instant push feature: This feature allows you to push your mails to arrive instantaneously while saving yourself time. This contributes greatly to timeliness in the aspect of getting the information out there as soon as possible
  • In-built calendar: This inbuilt calendar allows you to customize and set reminders to get stuff done. This can set as your own personal virtual assistant.
  • Easy to configure: Signing in to all your mail accounts is totally effortless and blue mail is easy to use
  • Theme change: Depending on your preference, you can automatically switch between day and night easily making taking care of late-night emails easier to take care of.
  • Back up and synchronize feature: You can safely and easily synchronize all your email contacts to your old and new devices. You can also set days and hours you want synchronization.

How to download and install:

To download and install is very simple on your pc. There are two ways available for you to use Blue mail on your pc.

  • You can use android emulators
  • You could also register for Beta Test

Using Android Emulators:

Android emulators are simply software that allows your pc function like your phone. This software makes it possible for android apps to work on your pc. Download any android emulator you are comfortable with but I would recommend for you to download and install Nox App Player or Bluestacks.

  1. After downloading and installing the emulator, sign in your Google id to get started.
  2. Search for Blue mail in Google play store and download the apk file. Install the apk file and wait for the complete installation.
  3. Follow the instructions by the app to get started.

Registering for the Beta Test method:

To register for the Beta Test you would have to subscribe.

  • Subscribe to the Beta
  • After signing up, you would receive a confirmation mail which also contains steps on downloading the pc version.

Personally, I would recommend for you to use the beta versions for pc because using the app through android emulators is often slow and might even bring bugs into the software.

How to set up Blue mail Apk:

After opening the app, enter your Email address along with your password. Un-tick the automatic box then click next. Then, choose the type of account either it is IMAP or POP3 or Exchange. Agree to fully configure both your outgoing and incoming settings then press next. Wait patiently for your account to be set up. Simple!

How to add an Account:

To add an account when using blue mail, click more then, various settings and add an account or add other accounts. You would be shown various mail providers, select your own mail provider and enter your email along with your password. If you are not provided with your provider, tap other mail and enter your email and password

How to add an Exchange Account:

Click various account settings then add an account, click add other account and click exchange. Enter your email address along with your password. Usually, your exchange email address is in a [email protected]/.org/.net format. Type in your password which is usually the same password used on your pc/Mac at work.

Sending an Email:

Click on compose, reply or forward. Then type your message and click on the arrow on the top right to send.

Forwarding my Email:

To forward an email, you can either use the top right arrow to the mail view or use the three-dot symbol in the mail view. It is possible for you to customize forward as a swipe action.

Alternative Of Blue Mail App:

  1. Thunderbird– This is also a free app that has an instant messaging feature.
  2. K-9 Mail– This is an open-source email client with multi-folder sync and email signatures.
  3. Microsoft Office Outlook– This is one of the Microsoft Office suites that allow you to manage your email, calendar, contacts and tasks.
  4. Mail bird– This app is an all in one communication platform for email, apps, task management, video meetings and calendar.
  5. Geary– This is an email application that allows you to read and send an email with a simple and modern interface.


Is Blue mail secure?

Absolutely! Blue mail possesses the highest levels of security standards authorizations and encryptions that keep all your emails secure.

Is Blue Mail free?

Yes! It is very much free to use blue mail. The app offers these features for free.

How do I update my password?

It is quite easy to change the password of your account. Firstly tap on the account you want to change the password to then click on more options, click on the accounts settings option and click on update password. After you have done this, click on ok to exit.

What if I am on vacation and I need to set an out-of-office reply?

This feature allows blue mail to reply to your incoming emails while you’re somewhere you cannot reach your mail. Simply log in to webmail and select settings,  click on the account administration in the menu towards the left and scroll down. Check the box that allows the auto-reply function. Enter the subject of your auto-reply and also type in the message body of your auto-reply then save it at the top of the screen

Final verdict:

I would highly recommend anybody with multiple mail ids to make the most use of this. This app is capable of handling an unlimited number OF Email accounts from any email provider and supports IMAP, POP3, and Exchange, it also supports Gmail, outlook, office 365, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud etc. I encourage you to try it out!

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