Cain And Abel For PC

Cain And Abel For PC & MAC Download | Recover Lost Passwords

Cain And Abel For PC

Cain And Abel For PC

Name: Cain And Abel

Description: Cain & Abel is a nifty program that deals with recovering lost passwords using the most powerful and tough decryption algorithms. It is capable to quickly and efficiently retrieve Outlook and network passwords and to display passwords underneath asterisks.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, PC

Application Category: Crack Software

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  • Can record VoIP conversation
  • Calculating hashes
  • Reveling password box
  • ARP spoofing
  • LSA secret dumper
  • Network password sniffing
  • Opening cached password
  • Deciding scramble password
  • WEP cracking
  • Trace route
  • packet capture gets boost on speed by the injection of wireless packet
  • IP and MAC Address analyzer

This is an app that help in the recovery of password, yes I know it’s what your thinking, it can help get back any type of password using this tool with Microsoft words. if you have got problem with resetting your password, Cain and Abel is the right choice in cracking up your password. Now here is the best part this app does more than just cracking up passwords, this software can picture and monitor network traffic for passwords, in various way like through record voice over IP(voip) calls, and recovers wireless Network keys. There are methods that can be used in breaking down any passwords such as,

  • Network packet sniffing
  • Dictionary Attack
  • Bruce Force
  • Cryptanalysis Attack

Cryptanalysis Attack: This is a procedure where by you make an attempt in finding a way around the encrypted password although it takes a lot of time may be hours or even days but with a lot of patient the password could be recovered.

Dictionary Attack: In this process different words from the dictionary are being used to guess or come up with the password.

Brute Force:  As the name goes it means using every possible combination of upper case and lower case, symbols and letter until the perfect password is discovered.

Network Packet Sniffing: another way in which Cain and Abel can be used in for securing one’s password, by running your passwords against Cain and Abel database to check for the high of the strength of your data quality. Now during this process some password that meets your password requirements can also be cracked.

Scoring On Cain And Abel App:

  1. Cain and Abel was produced with the aim that it would be good for networking administration, teacher securities consultancy /professionals, staffs and security software companies and every other person that finds interest in it.
  2. Bad: Be extremely careful that during the use of Cain and Abel one could lose data or any important if this app is being used for any illegal purpose, do ensure to read the licensed agreement before you proceed with usage
  3. New: In the newest version of it, is better and faster and also contains more amazing features. For instance, APR that is “Arp poison Routing”, that helps sniffing on LANs , with some unbeatable attacks. In this version, encrypted protocols, SSH/HTTPS that are some examples can be analyzed by the sniffer. The sniffer also uses special filter to keep important credentials from varieties of authentication applications. The latest version of the sniffer does ship the information and protocols gathered from authenticator apps, devices or extractors; and many more to mention. 

How To Download Cain And Abel APK:

Although Cain and Abel app is capable of doing a lot of works in the area of extracting and protecting passwords, the process of installation of this package contains less than 10mb. While trying to install this app, you would be suggested to install two different apps along with it. Cain allows windows application to decrypt passwords but Abel, which is a windows NT facility that provides safety and security to the transport of your password across all local network.

While installing, there might be all possibilities that your trusted Antivirus will be awaken to protect you by detecting some activity from Cain and Abel which is absolutely fine, in most cases the app could be flagged down by the antivirus as it might flag that program as malware files. Notice that, this app is flagged only on ‘false positive’. Cain and Abel can also find passwords for other account on your personal computer and note if you have no way of getting access in to your personal computer you will not be able to access Cain and Abel, you would be needing windows to install and activate Cain and Abel

Steps To Download Cain And Abel App:

  • To get started with the Cain and Abel, visit their website and download the windows NT/2000/XP version of the program.
  • Install and activate the program on your personal computer, note that during installation you would be asked to install Win cap, which is okay to do
  • Note: before Cain and Abel can be used efficiently you have to download rainbow table this large database are required so that Cain and Abel can hack the password. Download one of these free XP rainbow tables then extract then you can remove the files from the folders to your laptop.
  • Start by opening the Cain program, click on the cracker tab on the left LM&LTLM Hashes and the click the blue plus sign at the left

How To Crack A Password Using Cain And Abel:

  1. This is the most common amazing part of the entire article, knowing one of the best method to use in cracking a password is very important.
  2. Click and open the command prompt (Cmd) right from the start menu
  3. Type the following command ‘ipconfig/all’
  4. Make sure you know the MAC address of the desired Ethernet
  5. Adapt. Copy and save it for future usage.
  6. From the main menu ‘configure’ should be pressed
  7. Network interface card (NIC) saved in the last step
  8. Move to ‘Cracker’ tab then ‘import SAM file ‘should be clicked on now in other for the program to display any captured LM or NTLM hashes.
  9. Then right-click one and there are several available password techniques to crack them

Make your choice on any of the techniques to crack a password, some quick method are written in the first paragraphs, try check them if you have issues with any.

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