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Case Clicker For PC

Case Clicker For PC

Name: Case Clicker

Description: Do you like mission games or counter strike games? If you prefer one or both of these options for your PC, then you can download Case Clicker for PC. The game was first launched on Android and mobile devices and later recently for PC and laptop gaming. However, due to the popular demand for the game worldwide, the developer, Mathews Pavlikafinali, has issued the PC portion of the game. It helps players around the world play the case clicker on the PC with their comfortable chairs at home.

Offer price: FREE

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Application Category: Casual

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Key Features:

► Over 300 upgrades are waiting to unlock ► Over 1000 obtainable skins! ► Over 1300 obtainable stickers! ► Almost 80 obtainable collectible pins and gloves


  • Lightweight
  • Exciting mission


  • Annoying interface

This game has to complete an unknown mission. First, you will be given a case of mission. As a player you have to buy the key which will open the case. You will see several cases with this game. Your initial step is to buy the right keys to open it in each case. You need to raise enough money before buying the required keys. You will get this money by completing each mission. The Case Clicker for PC is packed with many upgraded, achievable skins for your weapons, stickers, merchandise and jackpot rewards.

Features Of Case Clicker:

CaseClicker brings its amazing features to players all over the world. As the progress is made more and more interesting. Great features of this game include:

Great graphics

The case clicker has great 3D graphics and drawings. The items you will see in this game are almost identical to the original game. However, you can change some skins and apply for sale to buyers by adding some stickers.

Lots of weapon deals

The case clicker is made up of high-caliber weapons that you see in action games like Counter-Strike. These weapons are of different characteristics and abilities and values.

Capsules with stickers

There are also fun and wonderful capsules and stickers that you can unleash in this game. These capsules may include bonuses, items for sale, collection items, or a souvenir.

Easy to play

Case Clicker is not a technical game. Playing this game does not require advanced knowledge of counter-strikes and weapons. You just need to determine the actual deal you are about to open.

Jackpot and trading system

Some jackpots are offered daily but you can claim a jackpot randomly. The trading system is very popular in this game. You can charge a price for your item and advertise it for sale. If needed you can sell some weapon skins with real market price. If the item you sell is limited edition or rare, many buyers will come to you.

Mission system and souvenir system

The main challenge of the game is to complete the mission. Only after completing the mission assigned to the case can you proceed to the next level. You can earn souvenirs from your completed missions.

Lots of achievements

There are over 150 achievements you can find in Case Clicker. Each achievement is filled with different features, cases, and numeric keys.

Lots of upgrades

There are over 175 upgrades, 600 achievable skins and over 200 stickers.

Play free

Another great feature of CaseClicker is that it’s free. Once it’s installed on your PC, you can play it for free, but there are some items that you should buy online if you want to add it to your collection. If you want to get a limited edition item from sale, you need to buy it using real money.

Install Case Clicker for PC:

Case Clicker was previously played by players on the Android platform. However, due to the popular demand for this game, the developer created another version of the game for PC and laptop platforms. You need to use the Android Emulator to download and install this application. The most popular Android emulator of the moment is the BlueStacks Android Emulator App. Below is how to download and install the game with Bluestacks Android Emulator App.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC.
  2. At the end of the installation, you will see the Bluestacks Emulator interface.
  3. Then download the Case Clicker for PC from this link.
  4. Downloading will take some time. Once done, open your download folder and double click on Case Clicker.
  5. Finally, you will see your Case Clicker in Bluestacks.

Once the game is installed, you launch and start with the easiest part of the game. This usually creates icon on Bluestacks Emulator interface. Click icon and the game interface will appear on your Bluestacks Emulator interface.

Install for Android:

Follow the steps below to download Case Clicker.

  • Install the Case Clicker for Android from this link.
  • Installing will take some time. Finally, you will see your Case Clicker on your device. Click on the Case Clicker’s icon to play Case Clicker on your Android.

How to Play Case Clicker App?

Look at the cases

There are several cases in this game, some of which are heavy and some are slim. At the beginning of the game, you will see the case with its key and its market value. Each case brings a mission that you need to accomplish. On the Case tab, you will also see a list of your collections at your level. Once you unlock the case, there will be weapons inside it that you can trade at higher or lower prices in the market, whichever you prefer. Usually, players trade it at a higher price to raise money to buy the keys for the next case.

To check account balance

In the game’s Click tab you will see your current account balance and the progress you make in finding the case.

To rank in the game

You will be able to achieve your rank in completing the mission and depending on the number of collections you have. You will rank in the top of the globe from silver. Global Elite Players can deal with anyone and anywhere in the world and the price they want.

Jackpot and bonus

The game comes with a jackpot and bonus for regular players. Bonuses come at random on a daily basis so it is advisable to contact for more types. There are souvenir systems in which you can enjoy every achievement.

Alternatives Of Case Clicker APK:

The case is war

Case Battle is a simulator where you can open cases and fight friends online. You can collect skins, play minigames, and more. Play now and find the biggest one with weapons, knives and other skins.

The criminal case

Join Grimsborough Police to solve multiple murder cases in this fascinating secret object, adventure game. Search crime scenes for signals, present suspects for questioning, and analyze evidence to capture the killers. Be prepared to prove your intelligence skills.


How To Finish Missions Involving Skins?

If you have to find rarity skins on a mission, your best bet is to buy rare sticker capsules or complete a weapon deal with rarity levels.

How To Earn Unlimited Cash?

Turn on your phone and turn off the locking option automatically. You can make money until your phone is locked.

What is a Counter-Strike game?

Counter-Strike (CS) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game in which terrorist groups fight to turn an event of terror, and counter-terrorists try to prevent it.


As mentioned earlier in this description, this game is similar to the Counter-Strike game. The game includes shooting and stabbing. This is why it is advisable for young children not to play this game. Or make sure they are handled properly during play.

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