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Cooking Fever For PC & Mac | Time-Management Game

Cooking Fever For PC

Cooking Fever

Name: Cooking Fever

Description: Cooking fever is a mobile game that you play by managing restaurants that make food and drinks. In this game, you serve customers and they pay money in turn. The game was developed by Nord Current. It is designed to challenge both of your time management and strategy skills.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS and Windows

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features;

  • The more than 400 dishes to cook.
  • The infinite levels to complete.
  • Available of hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances.
  • The numerous locations to cook from.
  • The freebies such as cookies or cupcakes.


  • Enhance one’s time management skills.
  • Improves the player’s skill of creativity.
  • Trains your memory skills.
  • It boosts patience.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • It is fun and challenging.
  • Ability to restore lost game progress.


  • Unrealistic gem costs.
  • Difficult to get 3 stars.
  • Lack of clear way to find gems.
  • Hard to boost wallets.

Main Features of Cooking Fever App:

User Friendly Graphical Elements

The game has a beautiful graphical world that provides enough fantasy so as to boost its entertainment value. Among the unique extras that the graphical world includes, in addition to the fairly complex depth to your restaurant design and appearance that depicts the customer moods through facial expression and body language. The game features some background music as well as a customer tempo that communicates the general mood at the counter.

Variety of Foods

The game provides a variety of dishes with more than 130 dishes cooked with 350 ingredients. This boosts a passion to even continue cooking more. If you move to the Michelle’s café you will find offers of a variety of coffees, stroop wafels and brownie desserts. Stroop wafels are shaped like pizzels and consists of two wafers with a thin carmel filling. This restaurant requires a lot of continual clicking and refilling of machines, so make sure your multi-tasking skills are ready.

Restaurant and Locations

There are unique places and different sections in the restaurant like Fast Food Bakery, Seafood that are diverse and always updated. The bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain experience. Each unlocked restaurant has a main status screen which provides you with an overview of your standings in that restaurant. This screen has links to the kitchen and interior upgrade screens. The main screen is also where you can view and claim your restaurant’s daily income.


There are in-game rewards that include gold and experience. As your points increase, you can purchase more items like pans to cook. Thus, your serving count will ultimately increase too.


The game is a simple one but very unpredictable. You cannot predict the scene of a restaurant that is going to strike in front of you, the very next moment.

How to install and play Cooking Fever:

It is good news that there is PC version of cooking fever which can be installed by the following simple steps:

  1. In the search bar of your browser, type “download cooking fever”
  2. Select the link
  3. Click the download button.
  4. Install from the extension.

Below are the steps, hacks and tips on how to play:

  • As a beginning chef, you know how important it is to work hard and keep your customers happy. This is your ultimate goal.
  • Open your doors to a flood of customers and manage your time to serve them all efficiently and quickly.
  • The faster you cater for your customers’ needs, the more money you’ll make.
  • Use the money you earn to unlock new locations, appliances and more.
  • No more squinting to see ingredients or clicking on the wrong customers with your fingers. When you cook bigger, you can easily see customers and use your mouse to select delicious ingredients.


A recommendation would be made to those who love cooking, for instance, young ladies and women to try out this game. Through this game they would learn the important and necessary skills required in the culinary career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What is the highest level on cooking fever?

Experience level. A player will gain experience points as they continue playing. At the top right corner of the screen, you will find the experience level bar which displays how many points are needed to advance to the next level.

2.How often can you win games?

Each time you level up, you will receive up to 7 gems. You receive experience level every time you collect money in form of coins from a customer.

3.Can I play the game offline?

Yes, you can play by using the offline version of cooking fever which has same features just like the online version.

4.Can anyone enjoy playing cooking fever game?

Truly, not all people would love cooking which means no matter how hard you try to follow instructions in the cook book, you will end up making a disaster in the kitchen. You need to have a passion for the art of cooking

5.What is the role of Michelle in cooking fever?

Once you have cleared all the levels in the city, Paradise island and Alpine mountains, you will have access to Michelle’s café, which is the last restaurant in cooking fever. In this level, you will get the ultimate test of your skills because it has harder challenges compared to other restaurants in the game.

Alternatives for Cooking fever app:

Happy Chef

In this game the player can take on the role of a chef and make a ton of dishes in order to complete the number of tasks. It also allows the player to create his own restaurant.

To install and play this game:

  1. From your browser, search “download happy chef”
  2. Select the link
  3. Click the download button
  4. Install from its extension

Burger Shop

It is a game that involves controlling an army of assistants to solve the problem of hungry customers. This game involves taking fast foods to the extremes. You must satisfy an ever-increasing queue of customers with a burger machine that churns out food on a conveyer belt.

To download:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the download button
  3. Install from its setup extension

Delicious Deluxe

This game involves making more tables, bigger restaurants and a menu full of uniquely delectable items.

How to install download and install delicious deluxe:

  1. In the search bar of your browser, type “download delicious deluxe”
  2. Scroll down the page and select the link
  3. Click the orange download button and install from the extension.


Now you got something to entertain yourself in your free time with Cooking Fever game. Keep unlocking the challenges you get in each step. Although the game is simple it doesn’t fail to amaze you.

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