critical ops for pc

Critical OPS For PC & Mac OS Free Download | Multiplayer FPS

Critical OPS For PC

critical ops for pc

Name: Critical OPS

Description: Critical Ops is a fast paced first-person shooter (FPS) game, it will tell your tactical abilities. It is about the modern-day terrorist war where you can fight as a counter-terrorist or a terrorist. You can play with your friends as a team, or you can play alone and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. You need to use the Android Emulator to download this video game to your PC, as it is an Android-based game.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Games

Application Category: Android, iOS, Amazon

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  • Features
  • Performance
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Key Features:

  • Games Mode
  • Different types of weapons
  • Customize Weapons
  • Clan system
  • Host Private Match


  • Great gameplay
  • FPS shows up and has smooth control.
  • Quick games are easy to get started.
  • Daily missions are available for players to complete.


  • The initial load takes a while.
  • Sometimes a fast play game does not have players so wait.

Critical Ops is streaming, action-packed FPS. The menu system is rare and intuitive and seems designed to get you into the game meat as soon as possible. This straightforward national design looks like the perfect fit for mobile platforms, which is undoubtedly what developers are going for.

It is quite similar to most other popular multiplayer shooters, while Critical Ops is a skill-based game with a lot of emphasis on quick reflexes and tactical planning. There aren’t many maps and unlock options yet, but that’s why the game is still in Alpha. The shooting mechanics are satisfying, and the game’s touch control scheme is usually reliable. The game lets you graduate the controls to your liking, so finding the right configuration is just a test.

Modes Features Of Critical OPS App:

Two opposition parties, The Coalition and The Breach, compete in the game mode to fulfill their objectives. The game has five modes: Diffuse, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Ranked Diffuse and Practice Mode (Team Deathmatch only). The game can be played in two ways – Quick Games and Custom Games.

Quick Games

In Quick Games, players can select the game mode but place it on a random map in a random squad. Quick Games has a warm up period during which a maximum of five people can participate in a team. All modes are part of this game. When the match is over, the room departs. For player level missions, milestones and XP and Critical Pass levels are only applicable for fast games. As soon as the player kills and completes enemies on missions in Quick Games, they gain XP for Critical Pass level and Player level and reach milestones as well.

Custom games

At Custom Games, where players can host their own home with the desired map, game mode, player maximum 16, match / round time, number of rounds to win, and various other settings or settings described above, either publicly or through password-protected (in-person) custom games. Ranked diffusions are not available. Additionally, players can be spectacular instead of playing custom games. Custom rooms do not depart unless all players leave. When the previous match is over, any match begins. Custom Games KDR is based on quick games except for Ranked Diffuse and Practice Mode.


There are two parties, one of which is trying to plant and defend the bomb until the explosion, while the other team is trying to remove it. Both sides are trying to dominate the battlefield!

Team Deathmatch

Two opposing teams fight to the death in a deadline and each bullet is counted!

Gun Game

As two teams fight each other, players try to defeat each other in their own way with all weapons in play.

Ranked Games

Operations compete for points and increase their rank by winning in a competitive matchmade adaptation of Diffuse.

Practice mode

Players can also choose the boats’ skill level, number of enemies and allied boats, the length of the match, and the map itself. Playing in this mode will not affect KDRK or increase XP.

Download & Install Critical OPS App for PC:

Critical Ops is an Android based game, but you can also download and install it on a PC using the Android Emulator. We encourage you to use Bluestacks as an Android emulator. Below are the steps for installing Critical Ops:

  • Turn on Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Once the Blue Stacks are on, click the My Apps button on the emulator.
  • Search for Critical Ops.
  • Then click on Critical Ops.
  • And then click on install.

Now you are ready to play this exciting game on your PC.

Install Critical OPS App for Android:

Below are the steps for installing Critical Ops on Android device:

  1. Open playatore.
  2. Search for Critical Ops.
  3. Then click on Critical Ops.
  4. And then click on install.

Now you are ready to play this exciting game on your Android device:

How to Play and Control Critical OPS APK:

If you want to play Critical Ops, open the Critical Ops, and click the “Play” button in the main menu. There are two modes available for new players called Quick Games and Custom Games. Choose one of the game’s modes or a custom game so you can customize the settings yourself. If you want to play critical ops on your PC, use the mouse and keyboard to control the game. Below is how to use the mouse and keyboard to play:

  • Left-mouse to use the fire weapon
  • Right-mouse to toggle shooter mode
  • WASD for Move
  • C for Crouch
  • E for Scope
  • G for Frag grenade
  • R for Reload
  • F for Defuse bomb or shop
  • Q for Switch weapon
  • 1for Primary weapon
  • 2 for Secondary weapon
  • 3 for Knife
  • 4 for Plant bomb
  • 5 for Flash grenade
  • 6 for Smoke Grenade
  • TAB for Drop weapon 

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How do I invite other players to critical ops?

To find friends: Go to the main menu and click “Social” and then friends. Enter the username of the other player and send the request.

How do you rank up in critical ops?

Ranks are achieved by playing Ranked Games, which is accessible in the main menu, but only the player has to kill 250 enemies. To rank a player, they must earn 3 points from a total of 3 rounds won.

What is the ratio of critical ops?

The KDR (Kill-Death Ratio) is a ratio in your profile that represents the number of deaths and enemy casualties.


Regular updates improve the functionality of Critical Ops and unlock new game modes. Enhance your experience with updated new game features and modes. Critical Ops will always play for free.

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