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Name: Cuphead

Description: Cuphead for Mac game is a game that will appeal to lovers of the classic. It’s a classic course and a shooter that is more focused on boss fights. With this game you have the possibility of playing Cuphead. You thus evolve in a universe inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s. To get new weapons you have to cross strange worlds. Learn new attacks and uncover secrets in this nervous shooter up.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: MacOS

Application Category: Games

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  • The graphic is quite easy and respect the tribute to the 1930s
  • You have lots of attempts
  • Easy to play with beginners or experienced players
  • Facilities like weapons and possibilities
  • You can resume a fight after you have been defeated


  • With its original band which is catchy it completes the tribute paid in the 30s.
  • There are smart boss fights that have tested your courage as well as your mastery of tight controls


  • Its visual is not ideal for two-player co-op
  • Unfortunately the game doesn’t have and online functionality

Main features of the Cuphead game

The main features of Cuphead for mac are given below:

There are tough bosses in the game

Developer: Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.
Price: 13,99 €
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot
  • Cuphead Screenshot

You will have a lot of attempts during your fights at least ten. Despite this entire attempt, the desire to start again is great every time. You can certainly experience some hard frustration at these repeated attempts. What is certain is that the feeling of accomplishment that you are going to get is what is worth it.

Very easy to play

Cuphead game is easily understandable by playing them whether new or old. It makes a lot of effort to make the stages more bearable. It is very easy to resume fighting after a defeat. Your progress will quickly catch up after you resume the game.

Cuphead gives you access to additional weapons and abilities

It is possible for you to have access to additional abilities from a game store. You can use your coins to win during the optional levels which are difficult. While playing, you can buy benefits like invisibility during your dash. So you will unlock weapons like homing shots. The homing shots are less damaging but contain a ton of power.

How to install and play Cuphead games

The best way to install cuphead on Mac is by using ‘’parallel’’ because it is legal, safe and easy to install.

How to install Cuphead for mac

First of all download the app on your Mac, and then follow the installation steps.

  1. Click and drag the icon of the game to the application folder.
  2. After the step above, you may have an error notice, don’t panics continue with steps.
  3. To get rid of the error notification, follow these;
  4. Search and click “System Preferences” on your Mac.
  5. Now click on “Security & Privacy“.
  6. Manage changes by clicking on the lock.
  7. Select ” Anywhere ” on the section of ” allow apps downloaded from ”.
  8. Should in case the problem persists, follow these steps.
  9. Make sure you use URNARCHIVER to extract.
  10. Open Terminal.
  11. Edit: cd / Applications.
  12. Finally, edit this: sudo chown -R 755 cuphead app

How to play Cuphead game

  1. First of all download Parallels Desktop.
  2. Launch the installer for parallel Desktop. During Installation click on Purchase Microsoft 10.
  3. Download and install Steam in Windows.
  4. Download and create a steam account and purchase cuphead.
  5. Once all the steps have been followed strictly, launch the game and begin your adventure with cuphead.


Cuphead has an incredible overall package. You will surely enjoy playing this game because no time for boredom when you play. This game puts you in agreement when it comes to graphics and everything about the game should have. You have various options in the game which boost your mentality whenever you fail a step. It builds your mindset and strengthens your winning mindset while you play.

The best alternatives to cuphead

1. Twin Robots

Twin Robots is a 2.5D game that allows the player to take control of two trapped robots, it’s up to you to find where he escapes in the level. What is wonderful is that the player has the possibility of controlling two characters at the same time, thus solving the different puzzle together. Power-ups are used to transfer the power of a robot since they need batteries.

2. Kalimba

Kalimba is video game takes place on the kalimba’s Island where, you can find an evil destroys both totem pole and good shaman to rule on the island. The game is very explicit and easy to play you can control the totem pole when you move one character in a given area, the other copies the action. The game is progressive and you can complete the numbers as go by safely. During the progress, collect all the power-ups and items that will help you defeat the enemies and earn points.

3. Extreme Exorcism

Extreme Exorcism is a quite easy game to play and have a simple instruction that is easy to follow. In fact the game takes place in a ghost town where you can use supernatural skills and weapons in order to complete numbers of round during your progress. You are allowed to use weapons to eliminate enemies.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I always have this type of message “CRC failed in the encrypted file (incorrect password?)” / Corrupted file?

You will not have this problem if you use UNARCHIVER to extract the file from the game. If after that the error continues, try to write the password again. If UNARCHIVER does not solve the problem, try WinZip. Try to delete the game file and try to download from the site. Before downloading, modify your browser to download the file again.

What to do in order to change the language of the game?

It is possible to make a fair choice from the game menu or its game options include these parameters. Or follow the following instructions step by step below;

  1. Right click on the game icon.
  2. Then display the contents of the package.
  3. Look for the file named ” enabled.ini. ” Or else ” steam_api.ini ”
  4. Using the text editor, open the file.
  5. Change the line language which is English for your language.
  6. Finally saved the files.

What if I find an .nfo file (activated, money), what should I do?

A file with the extension .nfo is simply a contraction of ” info ” or ” information ”. This file is very useful as it contains information about the game saying that the description, the queue and much more. It doesn’t bother you when you play cuphead game, let if you see it.


Cuphead is the game by excellence for Mac users. The game is in the form of a carton “from the 30s. Its classic rating makes you want to play for hours. It is presented as a difficult shoot-em-up with this cartoon look. The boss fight is the meat of cuphead. As you play each boss is different from one another and will test all your abilities in the game.

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