Cydia Jailbreak For (I-Phone/Windows/Mac) Devices

Cydia Jailbreak For I-Phone/Pad/Pod


Name: Cydia App

Description: Cydia Jailbreak is the AppStore for jailbreak devices. Cydia is the AppStore that gives third party custom apps to the users. To get Cydia, you need to install the Jailbreak (remove all the restrictions imposed on an iOS, iPhone smartphones) on your iOS.

Offer price: $0.99 to $20

Operating System: iOS, MacOS & Windows

Application Category: Tools

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Cydia is the Un-official Appstore that provides the jailbreaks apps, themes, and custom apps that are not available on AppStore.

Cydia Jailbreak Features:

  • It allows modification to every part of iOS by using tweaks.
  • You can modify the look of the apps with themes and tweaks.
  • To increase the functionality, you can add the tweak in it.
  • It provides massive apps and games.

What is new on the Cydia:

It allows users to change the theme and increase the functionality of the apps in iOS. 

How we get Jailbreak on iPhone:

To get jailbreak on your iOS device, you need to follow the few steps given below.

  • Connect your device to the laptop with authentic wire or a cable.
  • Backup all your data.
  • Now go to the setting and erase all the data from an iOS device.
  • Now start the device as a new iPhone.
  • Now back to the laptop and search for jailbreak.
  • Download the file and after downloading it launch the file.
  • Connect to your iPhone device.
  • Now open the phone and you installed the Jailbreak in it.

How to Download and Install Cydia:

To download and install the Cydia on iOS phones, you need to follow the following steps, which are given below.

How to download:

Cydia is available for many iOS versions. To download the Cydia app on iOS follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the Safari and search for the Cydia download. 
  • Go to the link to download the Cydia according to the versions.
  • Download the Cydia according to your device compatibility.

How to install Cydia:

Cydia allows you to download the sources that are not allowed on Appstore. To install Cydia you need Jailbreak to install the Cydia after the installation of jailbreak, you will be able to install the Cydia.

How to use Cydia:

In order to use the Cydia follow the below steps.

  • Open the Cydia and go to the Favorites to find the favorites app.
  • Go to the sources (websites that contain the app where you can download the app).
  • There is an update tab to get the new updates about apps.

How we install Cydia on Windows and macOS:

To get the amazing app Cydia on Windows and macOS, you can get it by following a few steps which are as follow. You may like similar Software for mac.

How we get on Windows:

To use the app on the window, we will use Ra1nUSB on your windows to use the app.

  • You need 8GB USB for this setup.
  • You need to download the Ra1nUSB and it will available in AMD and intel.
  • First, download the AMD or intel from your PC from the link
  • Now install Etcher from the link, to create the Bootable USB.
  • When the downloading is done, close your computer and then boot up. 
  • Open your Bios and disable a few things such as VT-D, EL Serial port, Secure Boot, Stack Network, FastBoot, Wake on LAN.
  • Plug your Bootable USB and turn on the PC.
  • From Clover Bootloader, choose macOS from Ra1nUSB.
  • After installation, the screen will open similar to the macOS, do not select the macOS installation.
  • Go to the Terminal and write ra1nUSB and press enter.

How we get on macOS:

  • Connect to your iPhone or iPad to MAC using the official cable.
  • Download the checkra1n jailbreak from
  • Find the .dmg and double click on the file and open it.
  • Drag and drop the CheckRa1n in your application folder.
  • Click on the file and open CheckRa1n >content >MacOS.
  • Follow the screen instructions and install the app, make sure the jailbreak identify your iPhone device.
  • After installation, tap to search for Cydia then install Cydia.
  • The jailbreak will install the Cydia.
  • Follow the screen instructions and install the app, make sure the jailbreak identify your iPhone device.
  • After installation, tap to search for Cydia then install Cydia.
  • The jailbreak will install the Cydia.

Best Alternative of Cydia:

1. TweakBox:

TweakBox is the third-party app to allow users to download thousands of apps. The security is the priority of the TweakBox. There is no malware in this. One of the important things, it is free forever.

2. Zestia Step:

Zestia step is the most beautiful and amazing non-jailbreak app for your iOS device. It allows users to install the most updated apps from the third-party (Zestia Step). You will get the most secure, advance and amazing app for iOS.

3. EMUS4u:

It is the third-party tool and the best alternative for Cydia. It is the app that allows you to download the apps that are not available on Appstore. It allows users to download thousands of apps and games to download. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Cydia legal?

Yes, it is legal in the UK. But when you cannot take the jailbreaking device to any store for repair.

2. Is Cydia is safe for iPhone?

Cydia is just an app that allows users to download and use many apps and tweaks on your phone.

3. What apps are on Cydia?

There are many apps on Cydia which are as follow

  • SBsetting- Free
  • MyWi- $19.99
  • iFile- free
  • Lockinfo-$7.99
  • Barrel $2.99 and much more.


Cydia is the third-party tool used to download and install the apps that are not available on Appstore. If you are willing to change the device according to your wish, then you should try this. It is worth downloading. It contains tweak which increases the functionality of your iOS device.

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