Digooeye for pc

Digooeye for pc / Mac | Free Download for windows 7, 8. 10

Digooeye for pc

Digooeye for pc

Name: Digooeye

Description: Digooeye for pc is a smart third-generation camera monitoring app with high image and video resolution. It allows you to manage monitored content from the different smart cameras. Having arranged lots of extra servers around the world, digooeye uses advanced cloud link P2P network transmission which gives you a stable transmission link very fast and provides you with the best quality video.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Utility

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DigooEye is the latest Customized app by digoo team. It will help you to use the advanced cloudlink P2P network transmission and a lots of extra servers all over the world.


This app is very easy to use and understand. It provides guidelines that show you step by step from connecting to WIFI to connecting your cameras.


The digooeye cam Is not vandal-proof so it is most suitable for indoor use and just for keeping an eye on your home. If used outside, it can easily be tampered with and may not perform its duty effectively.

Key features of Digooeye App

Access levels

The Digooeye app grants you access to multiple logins. You can create guests’ accounts that guests are limited to viewing; they will not allow to edit or modify anything when using this account. You can also create an admin account that allows you access to effect changes as you like.


The digooeye camera is strikingly small so it is so easy to fit this on your wall without having people really noticing anything there. It also has a round hat shape which makes it each for you to comfortably cut a circle and mount it through a ceiling, wall or door.

High-quality streaming

The video stream offered by the digooeye is 960p and this equals to high-quality video production. This way faces can easily be recognized, nothing may be misunderstood and this serves as enough detail for standard security requirements

Intercom feature

Digooeye comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate through your phone to the camera and you could also listen to anything going on in your area.

How to install digooeye for pc

There are different ways to install digooeye and with these following steps, you can easily download, install and connect digooeye on your pc:

  • Firstly, download the digooeye software for pc on the digooeye official website or search M1Q/X/Z because they use the same software.
  • Then you may already have an account from using the app but you would have to create a different admin account.
  • Run the software on your pc then right-click and select add device, add your device and then exit.

Another way you can download and install digooeye on your pc is by following these steps;

  • To use this alternative route, you would have to download an android app player such as Nox, Bluestacks or KO player. There are tons of them on the internet but those are the ones I would recommend for you to use as they have proven to be most effective. If you are unable to download any of those app players, search for other android emulators that allow you to install android apps on your pc and download the one best suitable for your pc.
  • After you have downloaded the emulator, run it on your pc, sign in to your google account so that you can be granted access to google play store. 
  • Open the google play store on your emulator, search for digooeye app to download the APK file in the search box, download and it will automatically install itself and create a shortcut in the homepage of your android emulator
  • If you are using Bluestacks, the APK might not automatically open itself so you can click on it and select open with…. browse through Bluestacks or you could just drag and drop the APK file onto your Bluestacks home screen
  • Click on the app and run it

How to connect your Digoo IP camera

To connect your digoo IP camera, you would need to use plugins, I would recommend FFMPEG as it is very fast and it even includes audio support or the VLC plugin in iSpy. 

  • Open the app, register to create an account. Once you have created an account, log in then click on the add device option or click on the sum icon (+) at the top right side of your screen. You would be provided with a menu select the one on the very top and another menu appears in the access mode screen, select the top icon smart-link. Remember the device needs WIFI to connect so it will show you all your WIFI connections in blue text. Enter your WIFI password then click on next.
  • You would be provided with the “Device is ready” screen with a text hear a beep for connection at the bottom of a blue banner on your screen.
  • Turn on your camera and wait a while, use a clip or pin to insert into the reset hole at the back of the camera. Long press the reset button until the camera states resetting to the default setting, then waiting for configuration. This usually takes about 1-3 minutes before the camera would start beeping.
  • Click on the hear a beep for connection button at the bottom of the screen then you would see waiting to connect. Remember to keep the camera 300mm away from your device and also make sure the camera is on its side, not the back where the speaker grill is located.
  • Click on next and you will be provided with another menu showing a camera image with an audio signal and would connect with your WIFI. The camera will then start configuration, then you would see another menu showing up with your camera id for example cam3564910.
  • Then you would be required to write configuration down, enter a name for your camera, for example, Sherry’s cam 1 and enter the default password shown in your user manual. For example, if it is 465820198, it would be the same for all your cameras which you can easily change back in your settings.
  • Save and you would see configuration successful and the app would open and you will see an image with a rotating icon that would later change from offline to online. After it reads online, select the image in the device box and the camera live video stream will open on the screen with a rotating icon and loading.

FAQ of DIgooeye App?

Is it free to download DIgooeye for pc?

Yes! It is absolutely free to use as you do not need to make an annual or monthly payment

Can I use digooeye without the cam?

It is impossible to work the digooeye APK without the cam because the feed is recorded by the cam

Can I connect other cameras to digooeye?

It is more advisable for you to connect a digooeye cam instead of an ordinary camera to attain the best results.

Popular alternative apps for digooeye for pc

In case you do not find digooeye useful or appropriate for what you want, you could explore these others below;


This is a free app that allows you to monitor and even make video calls. It is a great way to monitor children and family members. It also uses advanced network transmission technology just like digooeye.


Adopting the advanced p2p technology, when using this app you would use a single id to identify each camera and users only need to watch for the camera id


Adopting the advanced p2p technology as well, you can watch real-time videos of your devices just like the digooeye software.

SW security

This is a matching network camera point to point monitoring software.


This is also a great alternative for digooeye and it allows you to watch real-time vides as well.

Digooeye is totally worth it if you are the kind of person that has security issues especially if you are never home or you are always on a business trip. This would keep your mind at rest as you are sure of the belongings of your house and belongings.

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