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Dolphin browser for windows for PC

Dolphin Browser

Name: Dolphin Browser

Description: Dolphin browser is a very fast free browser that grants you full access to easy internet surfing. Possessing great features, this app is a must-have as it allows you to download both the desktop or mobile webpage versions depending on your choice.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, PC

Application Category: Software

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  • Performance

Key Features:

  • Web to pdf feature
  • Fast speed
  • Amazon search feature
  • Last pass
  • Gesture feature


Because of its gesture feature, you can easily set up a unique pattern to access various features on dolphin browser


The menus display displays an interesting and bright fluorescent green and even the sidebar gives quick access to some important functions like the find bar.

Dolphin Browser is a web browser for the Android and iOS operating systems developed by MoboTap. It was one of the first alternative browsers for the Android platform that introduced support for multi-touch gestures.

Features of Dolphin Browser:

Gesture and voice-enabled navigation feature

The way the gesture feature works is that it allows you to design symbols for particular actions you perform when using the browser. You have to design and link the symbol to the action you want it to be represented with for easy access. For example, if you want to use a triangle as a symbol to refresh a webpage, whenever you click on your drawn symbol, the webpage would be refreshed.

Instead of having to go through a longer route that requires clicking on the menu option to refresh, it is pretty easy. To choose a symbol, you would be provided with 8 in-built already designed gestures to have an idea of what it should look like. So, in short, itbasically serves as a short cut for actions to be performed.This feature eases your browsing experience as it immediately opens faster than it usually would.


Sonar on the dolphin browser is an attractive feature basically used for navigation when using the browser. You can use voice commands to get your work done or perform other duties like search, share or navigate around the browser by barely shaking your phone and saying a query.  Dolphin browser is fully equipped with impressive add-ons that give you a wholesome experience on your pc.

Dolphin Webzine

There is also something known as the Dolphin webzine which is basically a web magazine that fills you in on the latest feeds of different publications. The way the webzine is arranged very much informative and at the same time n

Dolphin battery saver feature

Dolphin battery saver feature basically allows you to be able to work for long hours on your pc instead of being limited by our battery. This app helps you to manage your battery better. It helps save energy by dimming your screen brightness or turning on your sleep also achieves this with multiple modes.

AD blocker

You know those times you are browsing and ads keep popping up to disrupt what you are doing? This can be managed when using dolphin browser. it has the pop-up blocker feature and this helps you to select what pop-ups you want or don’t want at all.

Incognito feature

Dolphin browser allows you to browse privately in incognito mode especially when you want to browse sensitive content you would like to keep confidential.  This way, your history or sites cannot be seen when an unauthorized user is using your pc.

Dolphin Add-ons

Dolphin browser has lots of add-ons which can be assessed by swiping left to your bookmarks and browsing history. You would see all the add-ons such as web to pdf, dolphin translate, video download, and others. The following are some of the add-ons you can enjoy while using a dolphin browser; dolphin flash player, dolphin translate, screen cut, dolphin jetpack, bookmarks widget, battery saver, dolphin Alexa rank, box for dolphin and many more.

How to install and download Dolphin Browser App:

Presently, the dolphin browser for windows version only works with windows 10 so I would recommend for you to get an android emulator if you do not operate a windows10 on your pc. I would explain how to work with the two versions.

To download for windows 10

  • Simply type in download dolphin for windows for pc in your Google box and you would be provided with various options. However, be sure to download a virus-free version that would not crash your pc.
  • Also, you could download the 64 bit or 32 bit depending on the tolerance of your pc
  • After you have downloaded, you would have to install it on your pc. Then read and follow the instructions provided to you by Dolphin.

To download through an android emulator

  1. Sometimes, finding the windows pc software could be difficult to find or if you are running an earlier version than Windows 10, you might not be able to download and install the pc software. For this reason, you would have to download an android emulator because it allows your phone to behave like n android Smartphone and download android apps.
  2. This way, you would be able to download and install dolphin browser as an android app and let it work efficiently on your pc.
  3. I would personally recommend for you to download Bluestacks, Nox App Player or Andy android emulator as they are effective and for free. After installing one of the emulators, sign in your Google account to access Google play store.
  4. Search for dolphin browser in the Google play store search box then proceed to download and installation,
  5. After the install treat your pc like it’s your phone and it’s even better when your pc is a touch screen. You can swipe like it’s your Smartphone and even zoom in and out with the pinch function.

Caution and Recommendations:

When downloading the pc version, you have to be very careful as there are lots of virus versions roaming the internet. This way you don’t end up crashing your pc for this reason. However, on the bright side, here are the following things you would enjoy when using Dolphin browser for windows for pc;

  • Amazing speed and efficiency feature
  • Voice recognition, translation and interpretation abilities
  • Synchronization of all devices and saved passwords
  • Amazing interface


Does the dolphin browser support flash?

Of course! You can view your flash content when you download adobe flash player app which is compatible with the Dolphin browser.

How do I browse privately on the dolphin browser?

The easiest way to browse privately on the Dolphin browser is to go to the incognito browser. Here, all your cookies, history and records of the website visited would not be saved on your computer.

Can I translate a webpage from a foreign language just like chrome?

Absolutely! Dolphin has an inbuilt translator which can translate a webpage for you from a foreign language to your local one. Chrome has got nothing over this feature.

Alternatives of Dolphin Browser:

  1. UC browser
  2. Opera
  3. Slimjet web browser
  4. Mozilla Firefox
  5. Google chrome


In conclusion, you should explore this browser is you are a fan of speed and ease. It is easy to use with an amazing interface, easy setup and a great performance. Hardly would you find a browser that would allow you to customize even if it is with inbuilt themes and fonts. The voice recognition and gesture features are what guarantees absolute ease when using this browser. Above all, it is a must-try.

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