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Name: Bowmasters

Description: Bowmasters is one of the most competitive, attractive, addictive multiplayer shooter archery game. It also supports online multiplayer. It contains more than 60 characters and almost 490 different weapons for complete mayhem, horror deaths, and ragdoll physics. This game has multi modes where the player can bird down and shoot fruits or can defeat enemies so that players can earn money. Players will be getting the reward for the skill they have. From the beginning, This game is popular in teenagers because of irate avians.

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Key Features

  • More than 60 realistic animated characters
  • More than 490 weapons
  • Support online multiplayer
  • Challenging
  • Addicting Game
  • free of cost
  • User-friendly


This game is good because it gives a choice of more than 60 animated characters and more than 490 weapons and gives challenges and attractive rewards and support online multiplayer. 


The only bad thing about this game is that it required the third-party tool to download Bowmasters on PC.

Features of Bowmasters APK Game:

More than 60 realistic animated characters: 

This game contains more than 60 realistic characters, which make the game more enjoyable, attractive, and addictive. All the characters have different strengths and weaknesses which make them different from each other. To switch from one Avatar to another avatar. You can unlock them, while each new character has come with its special weapon and different functioning.

More than 490 weapons:

Bowmasters game gives the choice of more than 490 weapons for mayhem and horror deaths. Which makes it awesome, it also uses the physics engine know as ragdoll physics when shooting on enemies. Ragdoll produces a realistic effect like, produces blood distraction with each hit, which makes it adorable.

Support online multiplayer:

This game gives the facility of multiplayer, and smartly implement this mode, so this game is more likely than the single-player game. Because it allows players to connect with their mates, which creates more fun and interest in the game.


When the players take up with the winning formula, then they get gold and can unlock different avatars. The biggest challenge of this game is to kill your opponents before they defeat you.

Addicting Game:

Bowmasters is an addictive game. It catches the attention of the players in a very short interval of time. Because of its adorable looks, cartoony avatar characters, animations, ragdoll physics, challenges, and rewards. Due to these engaging characteristics, the player enjoys the game a lot.

Free of cost:

This game is free to download.


This game is user-friendly and adorable because of its color full and cute interface, which is also easy to use.

Download and install Bowmasters on PC:

Followings are the methods to download and install Bowmasters on PC

  1. Install Bowmasters on PC using BlueStacks App Player.
  2. Install Bowmasters on PC using Andy App Player.
Price: Free+
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Install Bowmasters on PC using BlueStacks App Player:

BlueStacks is an emulator. It is used to download Android apps on PC. To install Bowmasters in your PC. follow the following steps.

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC. Using any web browser.
  2. Now install BlueStacks on your PC.
  3. Firstly, Open BlueStacks then open play store in it.
  4. Search for “Bowmasters” in the play store.
  5. Now download Bowmaster.
  6. After downloading, install Bowmasters on your PC.

How we use Bowmaster?

Bowmaster is an archery game. You can play this game by following the following steps.

  • Choose your archer and hit the course.
  • Now click on play and enjoy the game with your friends.
  • Drag a cursor to choose an angle.
  • Choose a lower angle, so more strength is used and click on button to shot the archer.
  • Unlock more than forty different characters to enjoy the new challenges.


As this game is enjoyable and attention-catching, but there are some problems associated with it. This app contains many ads that are too much annoying, distracting, and break the tempo of the player. You have to pay to stop the ads and to unlock characters. But sometime after paying to stop the ads, you will be facing the problem of seeing the ads again, which is consumption of time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is Bowmasters a free app?

Yes, one of the most popular archery-themed game, “Bowmaster” is free to download, but does contain in-app purchases.

2: What is brutality in Bowmasters?

In Bowmasters, brutality is the fatality move. This move is only available for upgraded avatars.

3: What are coins used for in Bowmasters?

Coins are important in Bowmasters. Because through coins, you can unlock new avatar characters.

4: Who made Bowmasters?

Bowmaster, archery-based game is developed by Playgendary. 

5: What is the size of Bowmasters?

The size of the Bowmasters is only 1.05 MB.

6: Do BlueStacks/Andy have a virus?

No, they don’t have any time virus.

Popular Alternatives For Bowmasters APK:

The most popular alternatives for Bowmasters are listed below.

  • Archery King
  • Archery Master 3D
  • The Archers 2
  • Archery Big Match
  • AR Defender 2
  • Archery King:

Archery King is an archery-based sports game. It is an online game. In this, you can challenge your friends, mates, or any other player around the world. It is one of the most popular archery games. 

Archery Master 3D:

Archery Master 3D is an archery-themed shooting game. In this game, the player can shoot with a bow. The player can shoot with different bows with different styles and settings.

The Archers 2:

The Archers 2 is also an archery-based game. In this game, players have to kill their opponents wisely and use the bow skillfully. You got to be quick. Because your opponent will also be trying to land an arrow on your head. Whoever got shot first, will be lost

Archery Big Match:

Archery Big Match is an archery game where players have to draw the string of their virtual bow taut and shoot at targets. Targets are of various types and styles, for example, circular bullseyes, straw men, mannequins, or even moving targets.

AR Defender 2:

It is an entertaining game, action, adventure, shooter, and multi-player game created by Bulkypix. This game is available for mobile-only on the iOS-based platform.


This game is one of the most popular archery based multiplayer shooter game. The main objective of this game is to hit the opponent with an arrow. It is the most attractive, addictive multiplayer shooter archery game. It has more than 60 characters and almost 490 different weapons for complete mayhem, horror deaths, and ragdoll physics.

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