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DVD Cloner For Mac & PC
dvd cloner for mac

Name: DVD Cloner

Description: DVD Cloner has gained prestige in the DVD software category with its versatile engine that allows you to copy, decrypt and burn DVD data. This application is renowned for its ability to remove copy protections and to deliver high quality at very good speed.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Mac, PC

Application Category: Multimedia

  • Setup
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Rating

Key Features

  • Copy DVD-5 to DVD-5
  • Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • Copy Blu-ray to BD-25
  • Copy 4K UHD Blu-ray to BD-50
  • Rip DVD to MKV
  • Rip Blu-ray to MKV

DVD Cloner for Mac is a tool that enables you to copy your DVDs and allows you to avoid all sorts of anti-copy security systems. It allows you to clone DVD to a blank disc like DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R/RW or DVD-R DL with diverse copy modes. It can even let you copy DVD to your mac as a DVD movie folder or iso file.

5 Best Dvd Cloners For Mac:

DVD Cloner For Mac 2019:

One major good thing about the DVD Cloner for mac 2019 is that it allows you to copy Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray movies to BD-R/Res or your Mac and rip DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD movies to MKV format so that you can easily store. Also, this app is not free so you would be allowed to make-do with a trial version for 7 days before you are either charged or cut off from using the service. Unfortunately, if you’re a big user of space and you have less than 10 GB you would not be able to use this app. In the same light, if you have an earlier made Mac before 2010 which means you don’t have Mac 10.10 or a later version, you can’t use this app.

DVD Cloner for mac does more than just helping you make copies of DVD, it allows you to customize, compress and archive your movies. Because it possesses a dual-mode interface that offers you control of customizing and copying the exact DVD you intend to burn in just one click. The end results of using this tool are unbelievable and the speed is amazing! It is usually very difficult to tell the clone from the original.

  1. Setup:8
  2. Interface: 10
  3. Features: 9.5
  4. Performance: 10


  • Unbelievable copy
  • Back up feature
  • Compress feature Easy storage
  • Customization feature
  • Removes copy protections

Macx DVD Ripper Pro:

This is basically a backup software that allows you to convert DVDs to digital formats for you to save on your own hard drive.  This does not just work on Mac only, it cuts across other devices as well. You can convert your DVD to digital formats like H.264, MOV, MPEG, FLV, AVI, QT, and Mp3 on your Mac computer. This comes with over 350 in-built preset profiles that allow you covert discs to any latest android, mobile or Apple device. You will be able to Rip a full DVD in less than 5 minutes without having to worry about quality loss because of its possession of hyper-threading, unique Intel QSV tech and multi-core CPU. The only discouraging thing about this app id that it does not allow you to burn the DVD backup to DVD-5 or DVD-9 directly.

  • Setup:8
  • Interface:  8
  • Features: 9
  • Performance: 10


  1. Convert DVD to digital format
  2. Works on other devices other than mac
  3. Back up feature
  4. Customization feature

Any DVD Cloner For Mac:

This Cloner is an excellent burner for you like a mac user to make copies or back up your favorite DVD movies. It allows you to burn DVD to DVD with just a few clicks. This cloner is particularly fast and produces high-quality videos just like DVD cloner for Mac 2019. Unlike other DVD cloners, this one allows you to customize menus, subtitles, you could copy or shrink and set output video and audio settings as you want. This cloner is an all in one cloner because it can also function as a DVD ripper, decrypter, shrink and cloning software but only for Mac users. One discouraging fact about using this cloner is that the preview window is so small that users are not able to make use of it.

  1. Setup:9
  2. Interface: 10
  3. Features: 9
  4. Performance: 10


  • Unbelievable speed
  • Multi-purpose feature
  • Compress feature Easy storage
  • Customization feature
  • Produces high-quality videos
  • Small preview

Magic Mac DVD Copier:

Although compared to the DVD Cloner for Mac or Macx DVD ripper pro, the timing this takes to make a complete movie copy could be up to an hour. The timing is not so great but it still performs the job effectively not affecting the quality. It allows you to burn a DVD movie into a blank and erasable disc in 1:1 mode. It is effective enough to decrypt CSS or PuppetLock protections and allows you to bypass general protections as well. Like any DVD Cloner for Mac, it allows you to customize your copy and burning and merge DVD into one VOB file. It supports DVD read errors and lets you skip to copy and erase the already written DVD when burning. The only weakness of this cloner is that it can only perform lightweight functions and does not allow you to make too many customizations.

  • Setup:9
  • Interface: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Performance: 7


  1. Lightweight functions
  2. Erasable disc function
  3. Customization feature
  4. Removes copy protections

DVD Fab DVD Copy For Mac:

This is a 3 in one cloner as it combines DVD copier, DVD burner, and DVD cloner into one single program without any one of them affecting the other. It also allows you to bypass protections such as CSS, RC and some other ones. The timing is workable as it takes about 30 minutes to perform its replicating duties. The user experience while using this cloner is amazing as it possesses a function-oriented interface and tens of UI languages. This cloner is a lot faster than the DVD Cloner for Mac.

  1. Setup:9
  2. Interface: 10
  3. Features: 8
  4. Performance: 10


  • Multi-functional feature
  • Workable timing
  • Function-oriented interface
  • Removes copy protections
  • Unbelievable speed

How to Download and install DVD Cloners for Mac:

You can either download either of the cloners in the .pkg, .dmg or .zip format depending on which you are most comfortable with. I would recommend using the .pkg format if you can use it to download and install follow the steps below;

  • Search and download the .pkg format package from a trusted website online and double click it. Install and follow its self-explanatory directions and you might have to input the administrator’s account and password while it’s installing on your Mac. If you do not have it, you might not be allowed to move forward with the installation. So, if you do not have this, I will recommend you to install the other formats.
  • Search, download and install the .dmg format package then following the same process, double click on the file to mount automatically. Then copy the DVD Cloner for Mac’s program file on the hard disk like applications in the pop-up window, you could ass an alias on your desktop for future purposes.
  • Search, download and install the .zip format package and double click just as the prior two so that the file would be unzipped then you can copy and paste to other places for future uses or just directly run the DVD Cloner for Mac.


What is the best way to copy my DVD to mac?

The best way is to first insert your DVD onto your Mac then open the disk utility (could be under applications option). Then click on a new image from the disk utility main window and choose a name and a destination to save the file in from the save as window and start the process.

Who do I talk to when I have a problem with my DVD Cloner for Mac?

Peradventure you have customer support or technical issue, you can easily consult the software’s official website to find a solution because there, you would find related troubleshooting articles and a bunch of frequently asked questions tackling the ever likely problems for you to encounter. There are also a bunch of tutorials and how-to that would teach you and make it easy to resolve your problem quickly. Also, you can contact the customer support through the main or live chat in case of an exception and you need an urgent answer to your question.

How long does it take to clone using a DVD Cloner for mac?

Usually, it takes about 45 minutes to make an exact clone of a DVD movie. To make a compressed copy for a smaller-capacity blank DVD, the cloning process would take about 40 minutes instead. These minutes are just an average of over the time cloning so it might take a little while longer or shorter time depending on the weight of the movie.

Recently, because of the increasing internet connection, online streaming services, USB memory sticks, the need for discs have greatly reduced thanks to YouTube, Netflix or HBO. But still, to have your favorites cloned on your mac, you still any of these cloners. You could check out more cloners but these are the best 5 DVD cloners as regards usability, interface, performance, and features.

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