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Easy Poser for PC

Easy pose

Name: Easy Poser

Description: Easy Poser is a human body pose application for people that wish to learn how to draw, as well as for those who sketch and draw. The application is designed to assist users for learning and drawing human body pose. It has unique design and drawing tools that allows users create characters, with very detailed models and it’s easy to use interface. The application being a mannequin creating application has features that lets users create human body pose without checking angles and drawing joint dolls, as well as shapes and models from scratch. It is designed with over sixty poses that are regularly updated, to assist users make the best animations.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android and iOS

Application Category: Arts and Design

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Key Features

  • Creates awesome manga styles mannequins.
  • Contains two save slots.
  • Contains varieties of preset poses.
  • Share features to other apps and social media.
  • Holds diverse models with several body forms.
  • Over sixty preset poses with regular updates.


  • Free unique features for users.
  • Several features to create complex poses.
  • Encourages no limits to imagination
  • Contains screenshot and sharing features.


  • Creates only slender, manga style models
  • Contains ads

Easy Poser Functionality

Easy Poser is a mannequin creating an application that consists of awesome features that allow users to create different models of human body parts and as well as other unique designs to form the best animations, this application has unique features that are free which gives it the best reviews, ratings, and feedback.


Simplified user interface

This application is very easy to use as it allows users to simply tap on any area of a body before being manipulated, with a simple slider menu that allows users take utmost control on those chosen parts, positioning it within the three-dimensional space. The application also allows users have access to unique tools such as the direction of the light and shadow, the platform for the designed model, as well as the camera angling through east swipes of the screen.

Unique manga styles mannequins

This application enables users create digital mannequins that are perfectly articulated, and manipulated into complex poses. This application allows users create visual positions for their created mannequins into complicated human poses, and also sketch manga without having to go through the stress of measuring angles and joining dots or starting from scratch. 

Infinite squared space 

This application has infinite squared space that assists users with perspective. It allows users to create poses realistically, filling it with different types of positions, postures, and characters. The application also allows users to select from it different collections of characters, as it provides them with features that assist them to create shapes and forms, with every tool necessary to capture the human body pose in their drawing. 



Easy Poser is an awesome mannequin creating application, designed for devices that run on IOS and android operating system, but can be installed on any Windows PC or Mac PC. This application can be installed on any PC via any android emulator. It is important to install the android emulator that is compatible with your PC, in order to run the application successfully. There are numerous android emulators, some of which include BlueStack, vMac, NoxAppPlayer and Leapdroid.

You may need Android emulator Setup Guideline.

How to Install Easy Poser On Your PC with Android Emulators.

  • Install any android emulator that is compatible with your PC, e.g. Noxplayer.
  • Ensure your PC’s IP is accurate to download the compatible version.
  • Launch the android emulator, connect to the internet.
  • Sign into play store.
  • Search and download Easy Poser.
  • Install the application.
  • Click Run to open.


  • Download Easy Poser installer file on your PC.
  • Install any android emulator that is compatible with your device.
  • Launch the android emulator.
  • Drag and drop Easy Poser installer file on the home screen
  • The android emulator installs Easy Poser
  • Once installed, click Run to launch.


Easy poser is a human pose creating application that allows users sketch and draw mannequins, with various design and drawing tools that assists users create awesome designs. The application allows users create characters with its easy to use interface and very detailed models. I strongly recommend this application for anyone who wants to learn to draw, and for anyone who draws or sketches, and wishes to create unique mannequin on the go. This application has awesome graphical tools and qualities that allows the user customize their creations within three-dimensions spaces. The application is constantly adding new and improved free features to improve users experience, as it also provides channels for users to provide feedback, review and ratings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

Can Easy Poser run on my Pc?

Yes. Easy Poser can run on any Mac Pc and Windows PC, by running it through an android emulator that is compatible with your PC.

Do I have to sign up to use Easy Poser?

No. You do not need to sign up to use the unique free features of the application. 

The application does not launch on my PC?

Restart the application, ensure you installed an android emulator that is compatible with your device, and reinstall the Easy Poser.

Easy Poser keeps asking for updates?

We continuous update our application with unique free features to improve users experience, fix bugs and provide users with more design and drawing tools.

Do I need to pay to use Easy Poser?

No. There are several unique free features on the application. Unlock higher features with little token. 

Best alternatives for Easy Poser

There are several human pose design applications that are continuously competing for more users, thereby upgrading their applications with unique features that makes them stand out from other competitors, some alternatives for Easy Poser includes Blender, Sculptris and Vectary.


is an amazing three-dimension modelling application that allows users create and design animations and modelled characters from scratch. The application features a steep learning curve that requires users with experience in animation, new users however will spend time reading through guides and tutorials. This application is free, and very powerful with unlimited design tools.


is a three dimensional virtual sculpting software designed to meet the needs of sculptors, with a major focus on the concept of modelling clay, the application focuses on the designs of characters that are organic. This software is free and safe for your system, be sure to download the compatible version to enjoy its unique features.


is a three dimensional modelling software that assists users to transform their ideas into three dimensional designs, with complete sets of tools that are absolutely free. This software also provides users with rendering and models library. This software allows users create designs from scratch with unlimited design and drawing tools. 


Easy Poser is an awesome application to design human body pose, for users who want to learn how to draw and for users who already draw and sketch. It provides users with awesome drawing and design tools that enables them create mannequins on the go from their mobile devices, with simple to use friendly user interface.

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