Face Tune For MAC

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Face Tune For MAC

Face Tune For MAC

Name: Face Tune

Description: Face tune is an app developed for editing and enhancement of photographs and especially the selfie and portrait ones. The application is designed with the best of powerful and advanced photo editing tools.

Offer price: Premium

Operating System: iOS and Android

Application Category: Photo and video

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Key Features:

  • The amazing filter capabilities.
  • The artistic styles.
  • The improved special effects.
  • The advance and activate editing tools like highlight.
  • The creative photo re-shaping capabilities.


  • It provides very intuitive and interesting editing effects.
  • The base package that is provided for a no charge at all.
  • The app provides very impressive and expansive features that are upgradable.
  • It supports quite a broader range special filters that enhance the look of a photo.
  • It’s provides a composite view to make edits of photos before shorting them.


  • It chargeable and thus
  • The subscription system which can put off some users.
  • Has got a few sharing options for social media.
  • The softer live preview feature.

Face tune is a cool app that helps you create and make flawless photos that are flawless. All this is made positive by the amazing features and tools within it. Outlined below ware some of these tools and features, given in their detailed form.

Main Features Of Facetune App:

Great Artistic Tools

The Face tune app is designed with the best of art tools that are fun and easy to use. These tools are integrated with the most colorful effects to create and produce portraits that are full of artistic flair. Moreover, it is easy for users to make quick comparison of their edited image and the original one with a simple tap on each image.

Photo Enhancements

Through photo enhancements it is possible for a user to make a focus at one point of an object while at the same defocusing or trying to eliminate the background through blurring. The nature and intensity of lighting for a photo can be adjusted or improved.

You can also rotate the image or decide to do a flip on it in the mirror image. Unique textures can be applied by using the filter customizing functionalities.

Unique Facial Reshaping Features

This can be said to be the most basic purpose of this Face tune application – to edit face photos using the app you can make changes or minimizing some of the features of the face.

You can make a reshape of jaws and cheekbones in a matter of minutes. You can also make a change of change of color of eyes and to change the shape of the nose. If your skin is affected by acne, you don’t have to worry because the selfie filters can help remove them and leaving your skin glowing.

Makeup Application

Even if you captured your photo without wearing any make up, you can use this make up feature to do so. You can add a shade on your eye lashes or intensity the color of your lips changes of the colors you applied before taking the photos can be easily made.

Social Media Integration Capability

After doing all the edits and applying the necessary filters to your photos, you can now easily share it with the world. The sharing feature to the various social media platforms including emails, is integrated within the app. Therefore, tis make it possible to share the photo you edited with your closest friends and also family.


Considering all the powerful editing and filters capabilities Face tune is indeed a great one. Reduction of the cost of the application would be highly recommended.

How to Download and Install Face tune App on Mac:

  1. Visit their website www.facetuneapp.com
  2. You will see two options; one for the Appstore and the other one for Google Play.
  3. Select the Apps Download on the Appstore option to download and install on a mac.
Facetune2 von Lightricks
Facetune2 von Lightricks
Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
Price: Free+
  • Facetune2 von Lightricks Screenshot
  • Facetune2 von Lightricks Screenshot
  • Facetune2 von Lightricks Screenshot
  • Facetune2 von Lightricks Screenshot
  • Facetune2 von Lightricks Screenshot

Tips on how to use how to use Face tune App:

Below are some tips and ways you may need to use Face tune app to make the best edit of your photos.

  1. As a user, you have to select your editing tools and determine where and how you will use them on your image.
  2. Upload the photo you want to actually tune it’s looks and appearance. Here you reform its shape, smoothness and adjust the frames into which it fits.
  3. To fix the mistakes or errors you might have made as you edit the image, use the eraser tool.
  4. Use the move tool to zoom in and get more focused details on the areas you need keen changes.
  5. If you like, you can add some filters on your photo after you are done with the normal editing.
  6. Use the camera roll to save your photos.

Alternatives for Face tune App:

Below are some other applications that work similar functions as Face tune to make edits and enhancements to photos.


Pixlr is a photo editor app that was developed basically mobile. It utilizes the same power of a collage maker. All the editing of photos is done online. The application can be used in various platforms like Android and iOS.

To download and install Pixlr, follow the simple steps below:

  1. If you are using Mac, you can visit pixlr.com and download on the Mac option.
  2. Another alternative would be downloading it directly from the App Store.


Picsay is a free to use app that helps in cropping and straightening of photos. With picsay, you can make painting, and cut outs and create effects like pencil sketching.

To download and install Picsay on android mobile:

  1. Go to the google playstore.
  2. Search for Picsay and click on its icon.
  3. Click the install button.


Pizap is another amazing application for editing. It encompasses all photo editing including collage make, stickers, frames and borders, fonts and collage layouts.

To download and install for Mac

  1. In the search bar of your browser type “download Pizap”
  2. Select the link www.pizap.com/downloadcomplete.php
  3. Scroll down the webpage and select either options to download for Mac (Appstore)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Face tune app free?

 No, Face tune is a paid app that requires users to pay for subscription in order to get the best of the app’s features.

2. What does Face tune mainly do?

Face tune helps you to make necessary changes or edits to your photos and make them look as nice attractive as you want.

3. Where do I keep my photos after editing?

No worry. If you are through with the editing of the photos and they look good, move to the camera roll and save them.

Final verdict / Conclusion

Now, that you have learned all about the Face tune app, it is now time to download and try it out and see how it works to give you the best edited photos.

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