fios app for pc

Free Fios App Streaming For PC & Mac User Download

Fios App For PC

fios app for pc

Name: Fios App

Description: FiOS is the short form of Fiber Optic Service. You can use the FiOS app on your android to access DVR and watch TV remotely. This app can be run on the PC through emulators. All Verizon TV, internet, and home phone customers support this Apps. FiOS internet uses fiber optic cable, which carries data directly into a home device. Fiber optic internet service performs a considerable step ahead. Verizon claims that FiOS loads music, pictures, and video up to 25 times faster than ordinary cable.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Fios is a smart service provider.
  • Their internet speed is unparalleled due to the use of fiber optic.
  • They are not available except in certain areas.
  • Even if they do not recognize the zip code entered, it is not possible to get their service.
  • With a lot of work pressure, Fios TV can be a unique source of entertainment.

The Fios TV App is your Mobile TV and available to all Fios TV subscribers. It provides effortless content discovery from the ever-increasing catalog of newly added networks and On Demand titles. Wherever you are, enjoy FiOS TV. Watch all of your selected channels at home, stream recorded content, view lots of channels on-the-go, missed shows, access thousands of On Demand in FiOS TV. It does not support the rooted devices.

The Fios TV app supported iOS devices running iOS 9, Android devices running Android 4.4, Amazon Kindle and higher. Due to the mismatch between the user’s IP address and ID outside the home, some users have been able to log into the app while their FiOS is home, but not far from home. Basically, FiOS TV app works as a remote control for your TV and streaming TV on your smartphone.

Features of FiOS:

Control cable box: You can control the control box from anywhere.

Free Wi Fi: To get WiFi connectivity, different hotels have to charge for each device every day but if you are a Verizon Fuse user, you can use free WiFi on Verizon hotspots.

Free On Demand: On Demand from FiOS TV lets you watch your favorite content any time you want. Frontier provides a vast library of 150,000 On Demand entertainment contents.

Remote control: To control FiOS TV, you can use your phone as a remote control.

TV Everywhere: You can watch Verizon FiOS TV from anywhere through the FiOS TV app, HBOGO, and other content provider applications.

Live TV: With the Fios TV app, anyone can live stream on tablets and smartphones.

Sub-account: You can create a sub-account for other family members to watch FiOS TV.

Download FiOS App on Android Or iPhone:

You can easily download FiOS through the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

Fios TV Mobile
Fios TV Mobile
Price: To be announced
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  • Fios TV Mobile Screenshot
  • Fios TV Mobile Screenshot
  • Fios TV Mobile Screenshot
  • Fios TV Mobile Screenshot

Install Fios TV on PC:

  • FiOS App, android based App, so you need to get the Bluestacks Android Emulator. BlueStacks is one of the best Android Emulators.
  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Then, run the application when BlueStacks is installed on your PC, and then you can find its icon on your desktop.
  • Now switch to the search option in the BlueStacks GUI and enter FiOS TV.
  • Bluestacks will be displaying various similar applications. Just select the right Fios TV app.
  • Click on the install option.
  • From bluestack file explorer, search this downloaded .apk file.
  • Then install the .apk file.
  • Just Agree with all the permissions if they have shown any option for permissions.
  • Then, the installation is completed, go to the BlueStacks homepage where you can find the installed Fios TV icon.
  • Now you can enjoy your favorite Fios TV on your Windows PC.
  • Use of Fios Apps
  • First, download the FiOS TV app.
  • Then, connect to your home FiO router using Wi-Fi.
  • And then, make sure your set-top box is powered on.
  • Lastly, use your username and password to log in to the FiOS TV app.

FiOS App Alternatives:

Below are some alternatives to FiOS that I have ideas for. You can take one if you want.

  1. AT&T
  2. Charter Spectrum
  3. Cox
  4. FreedomPop


AT&T provides a reliable and super-fast internet connection for a variety of needs, perfect for browsing, streaming and gaming. AT&T Internet is an AT&T cable service established in 1983 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. You can select DirectTV only with Internet-Package, DirectTV Package or Home Phone Package with this internet service provider.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum speeds up a good and reliable Internet connection with minimal cost and thorough protection. It is an Internet connection service provided by Charter Communications founded in 1993 and based in Stamford, US. The company offers a wide range of telecommunications products, such as high-speed Internet, cable television and telephone services. Spectrum provides users with a high-speed Internet connection bundled with HD TV channels, security suites, home phone services.


Cox Internet provides high speed and wireless Internet connection. Cox Communications company founded in 1984 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Cox Cable is a wireless Internet service provided by the company, which provides users with millions of hotspots available nationwide. Panoramic WiFi is a feature that lets users access their home network coverage in every corner of the home.

Freedom Pop

FreedomPop gives you a good and stable 4G LTE connection without having to buy expensive data plans for your device. It is a mobile phone and Internet service provider founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The company offers a revolutionary data connection service with a free basic plan that gives users a certain amount of free text, call and data bandwidth.



What is the relation between Fios TV app & My Fios app?

The FiOS TV app allows you to watch Verizon FiOS TV, which will entertain you. The My FiOS app, on the other hand, lets you manage all of your Verizon account information.

How do I watch TV on my FIOS app?

Select a content under On Now to watch from the dashboard of the Fios TV app. You can also select the Menu option to Watch Now, view TV Listings, or access On Demand. If you are the HBO subscriber, download the HBO GO app to your device and use your My Verizon account to sign in.

Is Fiber Internet value it?

Fios fiber internet service100% fiber-optic network which delivering superfast download and upload speeds for web browsing, streaming, online gaming, VoIP calling, and more.

Can I watch FiOS TV far from home?

FiOS TV customers can now watch TV shows and movies on mobile devices far from home.

How do I use the FiOS TV app as a remote control?

A TV app without a remote control is incomplete. There is a remote control icon in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen to use for your phone as a remote control, which gives you a standard remote control for your TV. The first page has volume and channel controls. The second page contains play, pause, fast-forward and rewind of buttons. The third page has the number pad. You can move from page to page by swiping. Remote control functionality requires the use of FiOS routers and an HD set-top boxes.


FiOS is an effective service provider, but its services are available in certain regions. If the system does not accept the zip code entered, there is no way for them to get the service. It doesn’t have many plans for telephone services, but Fios can be used to get internet and TV services.

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