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Setup Software For FLIR Cloud Client for PC and Mac

FLIR Cloud for PC

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Name: FLIR Cloud

Description: FLIR Cloud allows you to view your security camera system from anywhere in the world! This app uses the exclusive FLIR Cloud Service, which allows you to connect to your system instantly.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

• View live video from multiple cameras.

• Playback video saved to the device’s local storage.

• Record video or snapshots directly to your mobile device.

• Remotely control compatible PTZ cameras.

FLIR Cloud software Client authorizes you to automatically couple to a cloud DVR/NVR system over the internet. The software application is available for download online for PC and Mac. Below are some useful information on how to download, install and use FLIR Cloud.


  1. Do ensure that you finish the setup and install your DVR / NVR system, and make certain its functionality.
  2. Check for the system requirements and make sure your MAC/PC meets the minimum requirements.
  3. Download the FLIR Cloud Client software on your system if you meet up the required requirements
  4. Most recent is that the new version of FLIR Cloud Client for computer devices contains some new additional features that you can never afford to miss.

To set up the FLIR Cloud Client App software:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter and switch off your system.
  2. Ethernet cable should be connected to the local area network (LAN) port on the rear panel of the system. The Ethernet cable should be connected to an empty local area network (LAN) port. It is usually numbered from 1-4 on the router.
  3. Power the system back on by reconnecting the power adapter.
  4. open the FLIR Cloud Client software on your system and launch immediately
  5. login to the client software. Set the default as admin and then click Login.

Click on Add Device; In the Add device you’ll be required to:

  • A device name of your choice for your computer system will be required of you to choose
  • The device ID printed on the QR code label of your recorder should be entered manually.
  •  Input the Client Port manually.
  • Input the system User name in the space provided.
  • You will be asked to enter the system password. Do as instructed.
  • After all that click Add. You will be required to change the system password If that is the first time you are connecting,
  • Enter a new 6 character password of your choice and click OK.
  • Click add and Live View as displayed on your system
  • Click and drag Default Group to the display window to open your cameras in live view.

FLIR Cloud CMS for Windows / Mac

FLIR Cloud is software application platforms used in connect all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs.  It gives you a veto power over multiple FLIR systems of numerous sites from any windows computer. It makes certain a reliable connection with a fast and simple 3-step setup process that makes sure difficult networking and port forwarding a thing of the past.

How To Install Flir Cloud Cms On Your Computer System:

You can install by downloading the FLIR Cloud CMS

There’s a device ID printed on the system label, enter it and create a unique password for it. Keep the password personal and never forget because it will still be needed another time.

FLIR Cloud™
FLIR Cloud™
Developer: FLIR Systems INC
Price: Free
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot
  • FLIR Cloud™ Screenshot

Here Are The Unique Features Of Flir Cloud CMS:

  1. It has a central point live viewing and provides access to multiple NVRs, MPX DVRs
  2. It is durable, reliable and easy to use. It has a three setup process that helps in eliminating the need for port forwarding and DDNS registration
  3. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers
  4.  It can view 64 cameras per screen
  5.  It supports more than one monitor
  6. It requires no recurring fees
  7. Programmable alerts and notifications can be enabled
  8. E-mapping is available
  9. Digital zoom is also available
  10. It enables users to take snapshots of live or recorded video

Error Message: FLIR Cloud Client software – Uninstalling error When FLIR Cloud Client software has been successfully installed on your PC, FLIR PC-NVR software can be selected to be installed as well. An error message will appear in FLIR PC-NVR if you attempt to uninstall it, if both are on running at the same time. Do ensure to close FLIR PC-NVR bundled software before you can uninstall FLIR Cloud Client software.


With the following instructions you will be required to access your system using the FLIR Cloud Client software and a PC. The below instructions are based specifically on a Windows 7 operating system.

To Close Flir Pc-nvr Bundled Software:

  1. Click the Task Manager by right clicking on your desktop taskbar
  2. After the above, in the Task Manager Windows displayed on your screen, single click the processes tab.
  3. Click on PC-NVR and then click End Task to end.
  4. You can then uninstall FLIR Cloud Client software once the above steps have been completed.

How To Download Recorded Video On Your Windows Or Mac Computer System Using Flir Cloud Client Software:

Here are the simple methods of how to download recorded video:

  1. First of all launch the FLIR Cloud Client software on your system.
  2. Click the PLAYBACK icon on the Home window

To Open the Playback Tab:

  • Select the Device Name and cameras that you would like to play back from on the right side under the device tab.
  • Select a date range, For the selected date range click on search to view recorded video
  • Click the Play icon
  • To start viewing your recorded video click on play icon.
  • Your preferred time on your timeline should be clicked on to select a starting time, and then click the Time Clip icon.
  • For your playback download, a timeline market will show a start time.
  • Click a specific time on your timeline to select an end time and click the Time Clip icon
  •  To open the Export Setup window
  • Click Browse to select where you want to save your recorded video.
  • Select the Export Format for your recorded video the available once are .asf .avi .mp4 .dav. Anything aside this cannot be used.
  • You have only one limitation which is that Mac operating systems only support downloading recorded videos to dav format.
  • Click OK to open an Information window, and then click OK again to export the icon.
  • You can also view your status on the bottom-right where you open the Export. Once the video is done, you can locate it in the video file in your selected folder.

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