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Name: Guardzilla App

Description: Guardzilla is a free software application from the Food & Drink subcategory, part of the Home & Hobby category. The app is currently available in English.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Security

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Key Features

  • With Guardzilla, monitor your home 24×7 wherever you are from your smartphone through live video streaming.
  • You can even listen into the room and broadcast your voice.
  • Guardzilla can even inform you on your phone (via email, text and/or push notification) when motion is detected and even ward off intruders if you set the ear-splitting 100dB siren.

Security they say “is the condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally or, financially.” Security in a nutshell has overtime been a major concern among populace as it is not just a job meant for the government or security agent only. Securing your home cost a lot of money and burdensome. The costs of this have made a whole lot of people turn away from getting all their needed properties because their home is fully unsecured.

If you are the type in which the high price of getting your home fully protected has prevented you from having a good surveillance system, worry no more because with Guardzilla all your problems will be met with ease. Guardzilla is an application/appliance responsible for providing security by enforcing, regulating, regulations as well as maintaining order. Guardzilla app is budget-friendly and easy to use equipped with a customized system that will cost you nothing more than just $100 as subscription fee.

Guardzilla App has been downloaded thousands of time and its ratings are highly considerable. It will not only help you guard your home, it will also help in offices and organizations since insecurity they say is a threat to livelihood.

Features Of Guardzilla App:

Guardzilla Provides Increased Security:

The use of Guardzilla App has strengthened the security situations of many home by addition and augmentation. With Guardzilla App you people will have a complete surveillance of their belongings and properties.

Easy And Affordable to Use:

Many other previously existing systems failed because of the excessive cost of maintenance and setting up of the system but with Guardzilla everything has been made easy that there is no need to be scared of the cost. For nothing more than a hundred dollars you will be able to set up a fully functional Guradzilla system. For Guardzilla to be cheap is not because or maybe it cannot perform like other systems. No, it even performs much better than other systems.

  1. Guardzilla was designed with a motion detector system that sends responses/ reslts via email, text and series of notifications immediately a spy or moveable object is sighted around the camera.
  2. It offers high-quality pictures
  3. The setup is very simple and not difficult to achieve.
  4. Guardzilla system is composed of the siren of about 100db that helps to scare away criminals.
  5. Guardzilla app offers live streaming
  6. You can customize the system to your preferred choice.
  7. Ear splitting of about 100db siren to scare away intruders.
  8. It is very hyper sensitive to light
  9. You will have access to live notifications through texts and emails
  10. It is much more affordable to other security apps.
  11. Maintenance fee is not required.
  12. You can activate voice broadcast if need be.

How to Download and install Guardzilla App on your system:

There might be series of web sites that will surely offer you to download and install Guardzilla application directly from their website, however, only a few of them are trusted and I wouldn’t want you to fall for their trap and since you don’t want to just make sure you follow the principles in this article carefully. You should also know that there is no specialized version for personal computers. The only way of downloading this software application is by downloading the Android version and launch it on your system. Yes! It is possible. All you will need is an Android emulator. We’ll  guide you through on how to achieve that successfully below.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator “is an hardware or a software that gives access to one computer to act like another computer system” It could be said to be the inter connection between the user called the host and the guest. In this aspect I will define an Emulator to be an application that enables personal computers users such as desktop and laptop to successfully run Android applications such as mobile games on their system.  Emulator has been in use since the 1980’s and still very much in use now.

Examples of Android emulators include:

  • NOX App player
  • Bluestacks emulator
  • Memu Emulator
  • KO player Android emulator
  • Bliss OS
  • Android studio emulator
  • Prime OS
  • Genymotion emulator
  • Archon emulator
  • Remix OS emulator.

The above are the most widely used types of emulators. But for the purpose of this write up. I will recommend Bluestacks emulator and Nox App player because they are the very best set of emulators one can have in his/her system.

How to Download  Guardzilla App on your system using Bluestacks Emulator:

The name ‘Bluestacks’ is not a new name for those that have been running Android apps on their system but for the first timers. Bluestacks is the most widely and most common among all other emulators because of its uniqueness. And to run this app successfully on your PC you need to download the latest version of Bluestacks on your system.

You can easily download Bluestacks from your playstore or App store. After downloading, launch the application and you will see an Android UI displayed on your screen.

Developer: Guardzilla
Price: Free+
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot
  • Guardzilla Screenshot

A Quick Recap:

i. Download and install Bluestacks emulator

ii. Launch Bluestacks emulator after installation.

iii. Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for Guardzilla App.

iv. On the search result click on Guardzilla icon.

v. Download and install.

vi. The download process will be complete in just about a minute or two if you have a good internet connection.

vii. After a successful installation, launch the application.

You do not need to watch any Youtube tutorial on how to install this app on your computer system.

If you can follow this simple procedure you won’t have to waste data on that.


What makes it different from other security Apps?

Guardzilla is unique in its own way; unlike other apps Guardzilla is very easy to use and not costly. No monthly maintenance charge is required.  It will help protect your homes and belongings by chasing away bad people away.

What should I do when the App is not opening?

If you are having issues trying to open the app on your system or phone you will definitely be worried why it is not opening. To answer your question I will say that it is because your phone or system is too choked with important information’s like photos, videos, documents, eBooks, applications, mails etc. which end up causing a serious storage problem on your device and shortage of storage space is one of the reasons why an App will refuse to open on your system. You can correct this by freeing up some space in your file manager.

Can I stream happening live with Guardzilla?

Yes, Guardzilla app offers live streaming


Guardzilla is a very good app that will keep you secured and gives you a sense of assurance that all is in order. The only defect is that users are complaining of lack of customer service response ans we are very sure the developers of Guardzilla are working tirelessly to resolve this and will do everything necessary to improve in this aspect immediately.

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