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How to Take a Screenshot on PC? – Beginner’s Guide

How To Take A Screenshot On PC?

There are plenty of methods to take quick screenshots of anything that you desire to save.

Method 1: By clicking Print Screen 

This method enables you to capture the entire screen. You have to tap the print screen key on your keyboard that might be labeled as prtscn or something similar to it.

This screenshot will be placed on your clipboard and will not be saved as a file. Now you can paste anywhere you want or you can save it by opening Microsoft paint. You need to paste it into the editor for saving.

Method 2: Window key + print screen 

If you want to take a screenshot and automatically save it in your pictures/screenshots folder, you need to tap the Window key + Print Screen key. When you have just captured the screen, it will be indicated by the dimming of the screen.

Method 3:  Snipping tool

This older tool has been in use since Window Vista. To capture screen by this tool you have to tap the new button. Here rectangular snip is the default snip type, but you can change it to free-form or any other form. In this tool, the screenshot is not automatically saved, but you have to do it manually before exit.

Method 4: Snip & Sketch

It makes it easy and convenient to take and share Screenshots. Tap the New button to initiate the process from this tool in the Snip & Sketch Window. It also makes you able to choose different shapes in which you want to take a screenshot.

There are also some popular software like lightshot that can help you to take a great screenshot.

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