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Name: ibis paint

Description: ibis Paint X is a popular and versatile drawing app downloaded more than 45 million times in total as a series, over 2500 materials, over 700 fonts, which provides 312 brushes, 58 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing processes, stroke stabilization feature, various ruler features such as Radial Line rulers or Symmetry rulers, and clipping mask features.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Multimedia

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Key Features

– A Highly functional and professional features surpassing that of desktop drawing apps.

– Smooth and comfortable drawing experience realized by OpenGL technology.

– Recording your drawing process as a video.

– SNS feature where you can learn drawing techniques from other users’ drawing process videos.

ibis paint


Ibis paint for PC is a very common and popular drawing application used by millions of people around the world. Presently, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times in total as a series. Ibis paint is equipped with more than 2000 materials, over 1500 fonts which provide about 400 brushes, 60 filters, 50 screen tones, 30 blending modes, series of ruler features like mask clipping features, symmetry rulers and radial rulers. It also has a stroke stabilization feature and record drawings. 

Ibis Paint Features:

  1. You will be able to record your drawing as a video
  2. There are SNS features that will enable you to learn more about different drawing techniques from other users through their own drawing videos.
  3. Its drawing process is smooth, comfortable and easy to handle.
  4. It has a highly professional, functional and amazing feature that makes it incredibly better than that of desktop drawing apps.

Brush Features-

  • Its drawings are smooth with more than 100 fps
  • It has about 350 different types of brushes which include brushes like air brushes, flat brushes, fan brushes, oil brushes, felt tip pens, dip pens, crayons, charcoal brushes, stamps, pencils, digital pens and many more.
  • It also has different brush characteristics such as start to end thickness, start to end opacity and initial to final brush angles. It has quick slides that will enable users to quickly readjust brush lightness and thickness.

IBIS paint Layer Features-

  1. It is blessed with more than enough layers and you can use as many as you like without no one monitoring you.
  2. It has different layers characteristics that can be set singly such as multiplying, subtracting, adding, layer opacity and alpha bending.
ibis Paint X
ibis Paint X
Developer: ibis inc.
Price: Free+
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot
  • ibis Paint X Screenshot

Differences between IBIS paint x and IBIS paint:

It won’t be nice if I did not make reference to this, though they seem to be the same but they are different. IBIS paint X displays advertisement while IBIS paint doesn’t. but if you purchase them in the in app upgrade, the advertisement will no longer show and there will be no significant difference between the two.

In the App purchase, you will be provided with two different options of purchasing ibis paint: Remove Ads Add-on   and prime membership” which is a monthly payment. If or when you become a prime member, advertisements will disappear and purchasing the “Remove Ads Add-on” will be cheaper.

Even if you already purchase the “Remove ads add on” and you cancel the membership prime advertisements will not be restored and will remain removed.

Prime Membership:

A prime member will have access to using more features of the app which a normal users won’t  have access to. As at the time of first purchase it is free for the first one month. A prime member will have access to the following services and features:

  •  Prime Fonts
  • Tone filters curve
  • Cloud filter
  • Prime Materials.
  • Gradation Map filter
  • You can also reorder artworks from your gallery or photo store.
  • Apart from the Online Gallery, there are no any other advertisements.

After becoming a prime member and after enjoying the first one month free trial, if you refuse denounce your prime membership your prime membership will be renewed automatically a day before the last day of the trial.

How to Download And Install CM Security VPN on your computer system:

ibispaint for pc & mac

Unfortunately, we do not have a direct link to which you can download this App on your system and you can never get it elsewhere too. Some sites may offer you that but it won’t work. You can only download it directly on Android or IOS devices. Nevertheless, with the help of an Emulator you can have this App on your system. So, in this article I will also explain to you what an emulator is, the types and how you can make use of it.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator “is an hardware or a software that gives access to one computer to act like another computer system” It could be said to be the inter connection between the user called the host and the guest. In this aspect I will define an Emulator to be an application that enables personal computers users such as desktop and laptop to successfully run Android applications such as mobile games on their system.  Emulator has been in use since the 1980’s and still very much in use now.

Examples Of Android Emulators Include:

  1. Andy OS
  2. NOX App player
  3. Bluestacks emulator
  4. Memu Emulator
  5. KO player Android emulator
  6. Bliss OS
  7. Android studio emulator
  8. Prime OS
  9. Genymotion emulator
  10. Archon emulator
  11. Remix OS emulator.

The above is the most widely used types of emulators. But for the purpose of this write-up. I will recommend NOX App player emulator and Bluestacks emulator because they are the very best set of emulators one can have on his/her system.

Step By Step Process On How To Download And Install Ibis Paint On Your Computer System:

I will show to you below two different methods to which you can successfully download IBIS Paint app on your system using NOX app player.

NOX app player works just like Bluestacks. They perform the same functions. NOX have no Ads while Bluestacks have some advertisements but it is the most widely use emulator just because of its unique features. NOX app player does a great job too.

  • To start with, Download and install NOX app on your system
  • After a successful installation, Launch it.
  • On NOX app after launching, log in to your Google account and click my apps.
  • Search for IBIS Paint using the displayed search icon.
  • Click on IBIS paint icon and install.

After a successful installation of ibis paint app on your system, understanding how it works will never be a problem to you all you just need to do is just some simple connection and then you will have access to using the App the way you want. Do not be scared about your information’s, privacy and any other thing it may be. They are much secured once you are connected to IBIS Paint. I’m very sure you will love it and you will tell friends and loved ones about it.

NOTE: You can also install IBIS Paint on your system using any other emulator. If you are using any other emulator that is not NOX App player just follow this same procedure.

How To Use Ibis Paint:

You can watch different YouTube tutorials on how to use Ibis paint  by subscribing on ibis paint YouTube channel by following this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo2EevPr79_Ux66GACESAkQ


F asked Qustion

How Can I Restore Works?

You can restore work by connecting your smartphone to your computer system with a USB cable and start ITunes on your system, click on your device and on App. Click on ibis paint on the applications list, tap on the add button and place the vector files you back up then save on your PC.

How Can I Terminate The App?

Click on the home button for the home screen to open, double click on home button again and open living app list then, click on ibis paint icon and tap on X at the top left side of the icon. Click on home button to close the app list. Then reboot your system and if the situation still persist back up the app and re install the app.

Hope It Does Not Consume Battery Life Faster?

It doesn’t consume battery faster, even if it does, you wouldn’t mind.

Hope the problem has been solved? If No comment your problem below.

I feel very glad to describe the methods and procedures of how to install Ibis Paint App for Windows, if in case you come across any problem during the cause of installation or after installation let us know through the comment section.  We will guide you through.

 Let us know if this write up post is helpful through the comment section. Thank you.

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