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Name: Imaengine

Description: Imaengine converts images fast to remove hassle. The Imaengine for pc is a great application that is designed to convert images into multiple formats. Convert into different formats including SVG, png, jpg, pdf, and much more.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Built-In unique EDITOR, change colors to layers or paths and paint with your finger!
  • Record video with rotoscoping effect.
  • Export images in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG formats.
  • Share your PDF and SVG files to Adobe Creative Cloud or send them to Adobe Illustrator Desktop.

Imaengine application for computer is an awesome Free Photo Editing App. It I an amazing photo editing app that’s fun and easy to use. It is made available for both Android and personal computers users to enable them edit pictures as they like.

On this website we will give you genuine information on how to download Imaengine for computer system and guide you through ways of how you can get the original software.

The premium version is not too cost; you can get it using the methods we will list before the end of this article. Make sure you read this article to the end because that is the only way you can install it without having any problem.

How to Download Imaengine for windows computer system?

Unfortunately, there’s is no way you can download Imaengine directly on the web for windows or other computer operating system. Sadly, it was only designed or created for only Iphone operating system (IOS) users. Keep calm, I will also show to you different methods on how you can run the application on a windows computer system.

How to Install Imaengine Using Alternative Application on PC?

This is a very simple way that does not involve having to first download another app before being able to download imaengine. Most importantly is that imaengine as a premium version that works just amazingly. You also do not need to start searching for the LINUX or mac version because it is an online tool for editing and converting images without passing through significant stress. 

The free version is also very nice but to enjoy more awesome feature you have to pay to get the premium version online. Below is the peculiar editing process of imagine for computer systems.


  • Ensure that your system have a very good internet connection. 3G or 4G internet connection is the recommended one.
  • Search for Imaeengine on your google play.
  • Launch the application after successfully installing it
  • Open your targeted Ads after running the just downloaded application and follow the instructions that appear on your screen carefully.
  • Assuredly, you may succeed in installing and being able to make use of it on your system.

The main version of the software application can be gotten or purchased by having to pay some little amount of money. Depending on what you want to use it for, if it is for customer services we recommend the premium version of imaengine and if its for a learner or an amateur, I think the free version should be better.

How to install Imaengine on your system using Ipad Emulator:

Ipad emulator is one of the most advanced IOS emulators for windows computer. But Unfortunately, it is only made available for those who can purchase it from their websites. With the Ipad emulator you will be able to have access to any app on the ITunes store. Fortunately, it supports every Ios apps to install on your personal computer.

Here are some Basic features of Imaengine Software App for PC:

Take a look at this list and see by yourself the unique features it provides:

  1. With different dynamic tools you will be able to edit images like a professional
  2. It has a lot of fascinating filters and frames that will make your editing look nice.
  3. You can change picture format to any format of your choice.
  4. You can update pictures for future use.
  5. It provides you an access to also upload images.

Save immediately after use or set to AUTO SAVE mode on your task bar. You either do the saving or allow your system do it for you routinely.

‎Vector Q by Imaengine
‎Vector Q by Imaengine
Developer: Luis Rivas
Price: Free+
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot
  • ‎Vector Q by Imaengine Screenshot

How to Download Imaengine on Your personal Windows & Mac System Freely:

There might be series of web sites that will surely offer you to download imaengine photo editor directly from their website however, only a few of them are trusted and I wouldn’t want you to fall for their trap and since you don’t want to just make sure you follow the principles in this article carefully.

You should also know that there is no specialized version for personal computers. The only way of downloading this software application is by downloading the Android version and launches it on your system. Yes! Its possible. All you will need is a Bluestacks Android emulator. Well guide you through on how to achieve that successfully below.

How to download and install Imaengine on PC:

  • To start with, download Bluestacks emulator and install immediately
  • Launch Bluestacks after a successful installation, login to your google account.
  • On the search icon displayed on the screen, search for imaengine
  • After seeing the search result, download and install the application.
  • The App will install in less than 2mins depending on your internet connection.

Unique Services Of Imaengine For Computer Systems:

  1. It requires no long time in transmitting images fast and easily
  2. It transmits images to different format such as doc. Pdf. Jpg and lot more conveniently
  3. Uploading your files into dropbox is a unique style that’s a very easy thing to do
  4. It has about 30 filters and you can decide to use any of your choice.
  5. From the app interphase you can edit your images spontaneously without any delay.
  6. Another thing to take note of is that you can open file in SVG applications with ease.
  7. You can choose presets for future use.

Imaengine was specifically designed for Iphone operating system users only. However we have provided you how to get the computer system version and enjoy all the special services Imaengine photo editor has to offer.

Fastest Means of Running Imaengine Photo Editor For Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac Computers:

If you are the type that has always been busy searching for a photo editing app then, search no further because with Imaengine everything about converting and editing images is easy, safe, reliable and durable. I will still show you some few more features about the software app. Just keep on reading.

Transmitting or converting image can be so very stressful, frustrating and uncomfortable. You will firstly need an image processor for example photoshop to convert images but with Imaengine editing photo is not a hard thing to do or achieve because not only will you just edit images, it will also help you get rid of difficulties. Imaengine is a way out to all problems you have been facing in the past it will for sure help you to edit images into different forms of your choice.



For those who are much more interested in photography or cartoon images you can download and install this photo editing and sharing app. It is the most amazing app for you. Try it out on your computer system and be forever grateful.

I’m very sure this above information’s has really helped. So, I believe by now you should be able to use imaengine for systems that makes use of windows (7, 8, and 10) operating system. If your answer is NO let us know below through the comment section.

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