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Insomniax for Mac

Name: Insomniax

Description: Insomniax for Mac executes with exactitude what is asked of it. There is not much to reproach him about his operation if it is not the risks in terms of cooling. This becomes a drawback when you want to listen to music with your Mac closed. InsomniaX is therefore useful to overcome this disadvantage. The software resides in the menu bar and allows you to easily switch from normal mode to "insomniac" mode with one click.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: MacOS

Application Category: Utilites

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Key Features

  • CPU safety
  • Disables lid
  • Prevent-Screensaver
  • Prevent-sleep-mode
  • Sleep mode


  • Can be used easily
  • Keeps your laptop awakes when lid closed


  • Can make you laptop overheat
  • It requires a password to be activated

Main features of the Insomniax

Insomniax for Mac

Download for Mac

Download it

Can be used easily

Insomniax for Mac is a quite easy task that can be easily used by every mac user. It is easy to use because all you have to do is switching the on/off button when necessary. It is easy as putting the light bulbs of a house on or off.

InsomniaX is free

Insomniax for Mac is a completely free application for all Mac users. It is necessary that all Mac users have it in their laptop. InsomniaX has a feature that allows you to deactivate Mac sleep mode. It also prevents your MacBook from entering sleep mode when you close the cover. This parameter can be modified according to the power source. Thus, you have the choice between letting it activate the standby mode itself while the cover is closed or the system is being inactive, deactivating when it behaves thus being connected.

Keep your Mac awake

InsomniaX makes your laptop awake when the lid is closed. When you turn the app ’’on’’, your Mac easily manages your laptop. The app takes control of your laptop by this time and keeps either your music playing or anything else that usually stops when the cover closes. 

Prevent -screensaver

InsomniaX has great advantage for professional DJ’s since they use many laptops. Once you have installed this app on your mac, you can work on one laptop to the other without any fear. The music continues to play even on a screensaver mode. All you have to do is come back on the machine of your choice and continue where you ended.

Easy to download and install

Once you are on play store, tap InsomniaX on the search bar. Once it appears, download and install the app on your mac easily by following the steps below. 

How to download and use insomniaX

After you are sure that your computer meets the necessary requirement start the installation;

How to download

Download the app from play store install on your mac using the following steps

  1. Click on install the InsomniaX app to install insomniaX.
  2. Then launch the application
  3. Use it, once launched successfully, just click on the icon of insomniaX to use it.
  4. Configure a shortcut key: select “ Direct lid standby key ”

How to use

The app is very easy to use for beginner and everybody else

  1. Tap On the icon ‘’InsomniaX’’
  2. Set a shortcut key
  3. Tap ON/OFF to let it work


As I said above, this is an asset for a DJ during his various animations. It is even essential for him to have it in his laptop because it would be of great help when handling his different laptops. It’s not just the DJs who can take advantage of this facility that InsomniaX offers, even you and I, who love music a lot that would be useful for our Mac. Install this app and you can take care of other tasks while reading your playlist. No more running to your laptop to avoid it being on standby rather you will close the lid.

Best Alternatives for insomniaX


Amphetamine is remarkable for staying awake. Available for Mac, it can keep it awake thanks to an on / off switch button. It was created for macOS and can optionally manage the display of your phone. It is a simple utility app and works automatically via easily modifiable triggers. This app is powerful and has advanced functionalities to help several.

How to download and use 

  1. Click on ‘’Amphetamine’’ on play store and download
  2. Launch the app
  3. Use the app


Caffeine is a program for Mac users. It is used to automatically put your screen on standby or to start screen savers. The icon of this app is located in your menu bar on the right side. You can click above to go back to it at any time. To display the menu, keep pressing the command key.

How to download and use

  1. Click on ‘’Caffeine’’ on play store and download
  2. Launch the app
  3. Use the app


NoSleep allows you to safely cover your mac without going into sleep mode. No more connecting the mouse and monitor to let the laptop wake up. Just activate NoSleep so easy to avoid having to go through these hassles. So your music downloads and playback will be continuing with this app.

How to download and use

  1. Click on ‘’NoSleep’’ on play store and download
  2. Launch the app
  3. Use the app

Should I Sleep

No longer be bothered by the display of your mac which darkens when you are reading. Should I Sleep come to revolutionize this problem. It works with all the applications as well as the operations such as your downloads, enjoying your videos and your music online. It also allows you to keep announcements on your postings.

How to download and use

  1. Click on ‘’Should I Sleep’’ on play store and download
  2. Launch the app
  3. Use the app

Frequently Asked questions

F asked Qustion

Is there a way to set up a MacBook so that it doesn’t go to sleep when I close the cover?

These are the most common cases with MacBooks. When you play music on Air Tunes for example, it stops when the cover closes. Well the solution is the installer insomniaX in your Mac and everything is ok from this rating.

Can InsomniaX change the action that occurs when I close my laptop cover?

InsomniaX take care of all the problems related to the green screen of your Mac MacBook. Cover the lid and come and continue your action on pause.

The music suddenly stops when I listen with the cover closed, is it normal?

Well, this app works automatically and functions well, so please try again. Please know that your machine must be well charged because the app does not work being turned off.


The use of Insomniax for Mac is very easy and accessible. Your Mac laptop will normally go to sleep when you close it. This app is suitable for those who like to use their Mac as a multimedia server. Playing music will no longer be a problem for you because the application prevents your machine from stopping even with the cover closed. It is very simple and perfectly fulfills its objective.

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