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Name: Keynote

Description: Keynote is an Apple Program to make presentations. With its powerful tool, one can make a stunning presentation. You can use a pencil tool to draw diagrams that bring life to your slides. As keynote is an apple tool only available for iPhone, Mac devices, there is no windows version. You can choose the theme of your own choice. You can save the keynote files on your desktop.

Operating System: Mac, Windows

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Gorgeous Layout
  • Add animation
  • Record and edit audio clip
  • Live presentation
  • Communicate with anyone
  • Microsoft PowerPoint friendly
  • Create spreadsheets


Keynote has many features such as online presentation, which enables the user to present their data across the world as well.


It is not for windows you need to download, Apple iCloud to use on windows.

Features of Keynote:

Clean and intuitive interface:

It has a clean and intuitive interface, so everyone in our team can add the charts in it. 

Gorgeous Layout:

You can choose any theme from templates and gives a professional look to your presentation. Or you can create your slides by adding background images and page by page customization.

Add animation:

You can use transitions and animations in it. You can add drama to your presentation by using 30 different animations.

Record and edit audio clip:

You can add narration, notes, and sound to your slides so the audience can understand.

Live presentation:

You can invite other people from different places to watch your presentation. There is no need for a projector.

Microsoft PowerPoint friendly:

Are you facing problems to team up with someone who is using PowerPoint?

 Keynote makes it easy for you. You can save Keynote documents as a PowerPoint document. You can import, edit PowerPoint files. Now there is no problem to work on the project.

Create spreadsheets:

You can add stunning spreadsheets that contain impressive tables, charts, and images.

Use Template:

You can use a template for your presentation. You have to drop your data into one of the ready- to- use templates.

Complex Calculations:

You can solve mathematical problems by using this tool. Its intuitive tool makes it simple to solve complex mathematical equations.

Hidden features:

You can summarize the table by using the smart categories of Keynote.

Display your data:

Impressive chart, donut charts elaborate your data with label numbers on charts. It helps you to convert your data in visual form.

Collaborate with anyone:

It provides the facility to collaborate with anyone. You have to click on the collaborator list if you want to make a change in their data.

Communicate beautifully:

You can add text in it and can easily do styling to the data.

Up to date:

The updates take place in it, so this makes it more reliable for the user.

Download and install Keynote on macOS PC:

To use Keynote on macOS, download the latest version from the Mac App Store. As the Keynote is an apple’s product you can easily download it from App store

  • Go to the built-in iCloud.
  • Search for Keynote.
  • Click on Download and after this, install the app. 
  • Now open the keynote and make a presentation in it.
Developer: Apple
Price: Free
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How we Use Keynote in macOS?

Keynote is an Apple software and available macOS, iPhone, and iPod.

  • Open presentation saved on your Mac, in iCloud Drive, and in the third-party storage providers.
  • If you are unable to open the Keynote presentation, then download the latest version of Keynote.
  • Select the theme and make changes in it.

Download and install Keynote on Windows PC:

As Keynote is Apple’s software if someone having windows PC needs to use a third-party tool to use Keynote. 

Method to use Keynote on Windows:

  • sign up with an Apple ID.
  •  If you have an ID, use it, and log in to
  • By logging in, you will be able to use the Browser edition of Keynote similar to the online PowerPoint web App.
  • Once you logged in, now you can use the toolkit of Keynote and become to make stunning presentations.
  • You can also upload and edit files online.


Although this app has many features. There are many problems associated with the Keynote. The collaboration feature is hard to use sometimes. Sending a Keynote file to someone having no keynote will create trouble. There is no automatic feature of file conversion. Keynote has limited templates provided by Apple. While importing PowerPoint presentations, in Keynote which creates an issue for the users. Users must use alignment tools to style the text precisely.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the latest version of Keynote?

The latest version of Keynote is 9, released in April 2019.

  • How do I use guides in Keynote?

Use alignment and spacing guidelines to help you to place the object more precisely.

  • Is Keynote better than PowerPoint?

As you drag your elements around your Keynote, some of these features are in PowerPoint, but Keynote is the better choice over PowerPoint.

  • Does Keynote come with Mac?

iMovie, Pages, number, and Keynote for both Mac and iOS devices have been updating and listed in Appstore for free. Whenever you purchase the product of Apple, these all are built in.

  • How do I update Keynote on my Mac?

To check for updates, open the App Store on Mac, then click on updates in the toolbar. If updates are available, click the Update button, download it, and install them.

  • Can I delete Keynote from Mac?

Open the Finder, click on the application in the sidebar to navigate to the folder. Select Keynote, and then drag its icon to the trash.

  • How much does Apple Keynote cost?

Later, Apple changed the price to $19.99 per iWork app on OS X, and $9.99 on the iPhone app.

Popular Alternatives of Keynote Software :

There are many alternatives to Keynote, which are as follows.

  • Google Slide
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Adobe Connect
  • Powtoon
  • Google Slides:

With the Google Slide, everyone can work together on the same presentation. All of the changes save automatically. Many people prefer Google Slides instead of Keynote for making presentations. 

Microsoft PowerPoint:

It is a user-friendly app for presentation purposes. Users can add images, videos, and content in it.


It is cloud-based presentation software. It opens a new world between the white-board and slides. 

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect is All in one solution to digital learning, such as eLearning, Virtual classes in it.


Powtoon is using to make a presentation with animation. Animated presentations are stunning.


It is a tool used for making documents and presentations.

Haiku deck:

It uses Artificial Intelligence to transform your ideas into presentations. 


The software is a design based on need. Keynote is an Apple tool to make presentation. It provides the facility to edit in real-time. This software is very useful for everyone, whether he is using Windows or macOS. It provides facility to convert the PowerPoint files to keynote files and vice versa

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