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Name: Kik App

Description: KiK Messenger is a free instant messaging mobile application, available on IOS and Android operating system. The application is designed to use a smartphone’s mobile data or Wi-Fi to send and receive messages, web links, pictures, video files and other content from one registered user to another. The application was firstly released on October 19, 2009. This application, unlike other messaging apps stands out in terms of users’ anonymity, as it allows users to connect with their friends using their usernames, phone numbers or by scanning Kik QR codes.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android and IOS

Application Category: Social Networking

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Key Features:

  • The application allows users integrate their profile as they please.
  • It allows users share unlimited amount of text messages and other media contents
  • The application allows users access the web without exiting the application
  • The application has privacy functions that allows users control external access to their contact information
  • The application downloads and auto plays videos that are less than 1mb in size.
  • It has a bot shop, that has several unique features.
  • It allows users own their unique QR (Kik) code.


  • Free instant messaging.
  • Personalized notification for incoming messages.
  • Free private and secured phone calls with no service charge.
  • Block option for unwanted calls.
  • Customized voicemail message.
  • Games and latest news with the Kik Bot.
  • Live typing features with delivery reports.


  • Addictive and obsessive
  • Time consuming
  • Anonymity feature weakens parental control contrivances.

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application that consists of several free unique features that are user friendly.

Main Features Of The Kik App:

Sociable user interface

The application enables users to own profiles and usernames, as well as modify its settings as they please. It enables users change profile pictures and set their contact details. It also enables users to interact without using their phone numbers, share media content and meet awesome people with similar interests.

Variety of special chat features

It organizes users chat list in an organized list form that gives access to easy click on the name of a user to begin chat. It enables users see the delivery status of their text and also see when someone they are chatting with is typing. It also enables users to customize their chats, by changing the color of the chat bubbles.

Protects users’ privacy

Kik messenger stands out from other messaging applications due to its user anonymity feature, which enables users sign up without their phone numbers. The application provides users with the options of either or not syncing their phone contacts with the application to find their friends that are on the application. It gives users the option of either or not uploading their address book. The application has unique notification features that notifies users whenever they receive or send messages.

Awesome search and connect filters

The applications allow users connect with their friends using their usernames, phone numbers or by simply scanning Kik (QR) codes.

How To Install Kik Messenger On Your PC:

Kik Messenger is an awesome messaging application designed for devices that run on Android Operating System and IOS, but can be installed on any Window or Mac PC. The application can be easily installed on any PC via Android emulators, and via Google Chrome extension. There are numerous Android emulators, some of which include BlueStack, Leapdroid, Style Tap, Dolphin, and vMac.

How to install the Kik application on your PC with Android Emulators

  • Download and install any android emulator of your choice on your PC; e.g. BlueStack
  • Run the application, search and access the play store from your android emulator.
  • Download, click Run to open.


  1. Download the application’s installer file on your PC first.
  2. Install any android emulator of your choice on your PC.
  3. Open the android emulator, drag and drop the Application’s installer file on the home screen
  4. The Android Emulator installs the application.
  5. After installation, click Run to open.
Price: Free+
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How to install Kik Messenger on your PC using Google Chrome extension

Google Chrome extension is an in-app software developed by the Chrome browser, very light and easy to use. In order to use the Google Chrome Extension to run Kik Messenger on your PC, you need to search through your Chrome browser for “Chrome Extension for Kik Messenger”, click on the first link from the search results and press enter to download. A page will appear on your screen and click “Add to Chrome” to install on your computer.


Kik Messenger is a free instant messaging mobile application, available on IOS and Android operating system, very similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you are a fan of the social network with the flare to meet new people that share common interests then, Kik Messenger is one application you should sign up for. It does not require your phone number and keeps your anonymity sacred as well as your privacy.

This application has great graphical qualities that can be customized to suit your interest. The application has an in web browser that allows you access the internet without leaving the application. It allows users have unlimited access to messages and a wide network range of people. I strongly recommend this application for anyone that wishes to network with people of similar interest. The application allows provides channels for user to easily provide feedback, review, rate and complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Kik Messenger run on my Pc?

Yes. Kik Messsenger can run on any PC, through the installation of Android Emulators that are compatible with your PC and Google Chrome Extensions.

Do I have to sign up to use Kik Messenger?

Yes. You have to sign up to connect with the community of users on the network. It is very easy to sign up without your phone number.

Can I use Google Chrome Extension for my other PC browsers?

Google Chrome Extension is developed by the Google Chrome browser, as an in-build app extension.

The application does not launch on my PC?

Try restarting the application, installing an android emulator that is compatible with your device, and reinstalling the Kik Messenger.

Kik Messenger keeps asking for updates?

We keep updating the application to fix bugs in order to provide you with hitch free surfing experience, and amazing cool features.

Best alternatives for Kik Messenger App:

There are several messaging applications that are consistently competing to generate more signed up users on their medium, each of these messaging applications have unique features that stimulate the interests of users. Kik Messenger has applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as strong competitive alternatives. These competitor’s functionalities are briefly explained below:

WhatsApp is a free messaging application available for smartphone and PC (WhatsApp web); with web browsers. The application enables you connect with friends and fellow users in your contact list, providing you with the channel to send messages and media files, including documents, voice notes and website links. The application does not require usernames or pins; it works directly with users’ phone numbers.

Facebook Messenger is a messaging application that allows you access and message anyone on your messenger and Facebook. It enables you see who is actively online, make voice calls and video calls, send photos and several other unique features.


Kik Messenger is an awesome messaging application that can be installed on PCs, with its awesome features that enables users protect their privacy and anonymity with a user friendly interface.

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