Kinemaster for PC

Free Kinemaster Android Video Editor For PC & Mac

Kinemaster For PC

Kinemaster for PC

Name: Kinemaster

Description: Kinemaster is a popular video editor application. It features advanced video editing tools, VFX and full-featured video editing to make professional videos with animation effects. It is an Android and iOS based app but can also be used on a PC using the emulator of your choice.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Software

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  • Features
  • Rating
  • Performance

Key Features:

  • Supports all video formats
  • Support all versions
  • Instant previews anytime
  • Speed controls for the video clip
  • Controlling the color, brightness and saturation
  • Multiple layers of video, images, text, handwriting and video clips
  • Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing, and slicing
  • Transformation effects
  • Different themes, animations
  • Visual and audio effects
  • Automatically customize unsupported videos

Kinemaster is a video editor application developed by NextStreaming Corporation. This app was created for Android and iOS, but you can use the emulator to run it. The app is very easy to use and easy for any stranger to understand, making the most of the tool. It has multiple layers support for video, text, and image, and you can individually edit each layer and merge it together with audio tracks and animations. Although used on PC, its features remain unchanged.

Features of Kinemaster APK:

Necessary but straightforward options like upload videos, cut and paste: Users can easily upload, cut and paste videos as needed.

High Quality 3D Transformation Effect: This app allows high-quality 3D effects to be played on common videos.

Options for colors, tones, and themes: Users can change colors, tones, and themes at any time.

Control volume during high speed: Sometimes high volume videos are difficult to control, but the volume can be easily controlled using this app.

Share videos: Editable videos can be easily shared on Facebook, YouTube, Google or Dropbox.

Pro Audio Features: Extract and edit audio tracks from your video. Adjust the volume envelope, control the stereo channels, apply the duck to the audio tracks, or turn on the auto-volume with Kinmaster’s robust audio equipment. Multiple audio formats supported.

Voice recording: Kinemaster helps you record audio while previewing your project, making it easy to add a voiceover track to a video.

Install Kinemaster App on PC for Windows:

You do not need to be an expert to use Kinemaster on your PC, with the help of an emulator you can install it on your PC. So we first need to get an Android emulator that will help us use the app on our desktops.

  • If Bluestacks is not installed on the PC, then Bluestacks must be downloaded and installed.
  • After that, run the BlueStacks.
  • After you submit the required information, go to the play store and search for the Kinemaster app.
  • Download the KineMaster App and wait until it is ready.

Open the app and enjoy the features of Kinemaster that will make your videos unique.

Install Kinemaster App for Android:

Installing KineMaster on your Android device is very easy:

Now your phone is ready to use Kinmaster.

How to Use Kinemaster App:

Before using it, you need to install and open the app.

  1. First, click on the Start button.
  2. Then, click the Allow button.
  3. Now, if you need permission to perform Hardware Performance Analysis, click on the Hardware Performance Analysis button.
  4. Then, click the OK button.

Now you can create or edit or share videos of any kind through KineMaster.

Alternatives of Kinemaster App:

KineMaster is a video editing app for iOS and Android. The program allows you to do all the basic edits to which you’re accustomed but also provides more advanced features that let you take your video skills to the next level. While KineMaster doesn’t have a version available for PC, there are other alternatives available. Here are the 5 Apps you should know.


Filmora is a video editing software service that wants to spend less time understanding the basic functionality of a video editing software. With the ability to support video editing at up to 4K resolution, video editing software is described as very affordable, equipped with both video and audio tools, and offers users many opportunities to apply effects, style, and customization to their videos.

It provides tools that allow users to cut footage, increase the size of the video, or fit everything to a specific game, the videos, and Adjust audio settings such as rotating or reversing videos and removing words from your videos.


Screenflow is an effective and easy-to-use video editing and screencasting solution for Macs. This is an intuitive program that enables users to capture full-screen content while recording computer audio, video camera, and microphone. The app enables users to trim and re-record recordings or edit content by adding annotations, callouts, and speeds.

It is ideal for screenflow instructors, mobile application developers, and marketers looking for high-quality tutorials, software demos, training, application previews, presentations, and more. It offers a set of features including partial screen capture, high-quality recording, iOS recording, powerful video editing tools, professional motion, and animation graphics, streaming media management, closed caption support, publishing options, animated GIF export, and MP4 Encoding.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a powerful video creator and editor powered by Microsoft. The app is ideal for video editors who want to convert video clips into stunning movies. The program allows us to create new conversions and effects or modify existing ones using XML code. Although its set of features does not give professional-grade results, they are simply fun play.

The solution can also serve as an essential track editing tool. This App enables you to add basic effects (such as fade in or out) to audio tracks. It’s easy to post completed projects on Windows Movie Maker on popular video sites and social media networking.


macXvideo is a video editing platform built for Mac devices only. It is designed to effortlessly and efficiently create video editing on Mac computers, without the loss of quality or similar problems, or capable of compressing 4K / 5K / 8K video. Depending on the user’s needs, the quality of the video may be enhanced or eroded with the best ease.

This free video editing app is built with user-friendliness in mind — no need to top video editing skills and skills. Users of a small amount of video editing knowledge will fire all pistons with MacXVideo, editing, summarizing, decoding, and encoding high-quality 4K (and higher) videos without spending a huge amount of money.


Can I Get Kinemaster on Mac?

There is no official launch of Kinmaster for PCs such as the Mac or Windows OS, so there is no direct way to install KM on your Mac.

How do you add a video to Keymaster?

  • Add a video layer. Click to open the media browser (video) and select the desired video to add as a layer.
  • Add an image layer. Tap (image) to open the media browser and choose the desired image to add as a layer.
  • Add a sticker layer.
  • Add a text layer.
  • Add a handwriting layer.
  • Set layer options.

How to add music to Kinemaster?

  1. Open Coinmaster with your clips. To get started, you already have a few video clips.
  2. Tap the audio menu in the media panel to import a music clip. Now import the music file by clicking the audio option from the right media panel.
  3. Adjust the final.

How do I trim a song to Kinemaster?

Click the clip to trim, tap to open the crop and split options, then adjust the length of the clip in the timeline. Move the play head to the clip where you want it to split. And click to split one, or the like into the clip.

How Safe is the BlueStacks?

Bluestacks is an emulator for running Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac device. It’s not a virus or anything else. In my view, it is completely risk free and you can use it freely. However, Bluestacks can enable you to sync data from your Android phone to the devices that are using Bluestacks.


KineMaster is a video-editor that combines a well-designed interface with excellent user experience. This App has a wide range of robust features so you can develop the videos you want exactly how you want them. You can easily create or edit or share videos of any kind.

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