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Name: LandGlide

Description: Landglide is a free program that provides the facility to explore the map of the US. It shows the 140 million properties of 2708 of the U.S. Through it, you can find the information about the proprietor, email, and APN just on a click. Just use any keyword such as VPN then they will use GPS to access your position then show the results according to the location.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Business

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Key Features:

With LandGlide you will have access to parcel data.

  • Provides detail of Property owner
  • Property Address
  • Transfer date
  • School District


This app is good because it provides the building details according to your position through GPS.


The bad thing about the app is that it requires a third-party tool to download this game on PC.

Features of LandGlide:

Ease of Use:

This app is easy to use just click on the property the Landglide shows the owner’s detail. It displays the owner detail, address, location and sale price.

Free trial:

It gives seven days trial to users.

Descriptive interface:

It provides each detail of the owner, building description and every detailed information about the property.

Up to date:

The updates take place in it so this increases the features of the App and makes it more reliable to the user.


the App is very responsive when the user hovers over the property it shows every single detail of the property including property owner’s detail, address and building description.

Offline Access:

If you are offline and want to access the data then Landglide provides the facility to see the detail offline.


It provides the facility to save the data about any building and also provides the facility to share or import the data to your friends and family member.

Find your location:

The app uses GPS to find out your exact location and provides the detail of the building according to your area.

Comprehensive App:

It is the most comprehensive app which provides parcel data on one click. You can explore maps and access more than 100 parcel records in over 3000 countries.

Property lines:

It will show the property lines to separate the property of every person so they can easily distinguish between the building.

Access huge data:

To access more information about the buildings. LandGlide provides the facility to explore more parcel data.

Download and install LandGlide on PC:

Install LandGlide on Windows PC using BlueStacks App Player:

  1. To get started to download the BlueStack emulator on PC.
  2. Once the downloading is done
  3. Open the installer and start installing the emulator on the PC.
  4. Read the first two steps carefully and click on next.
  5. On the final stage click on finish and open the app.
  6. Now open BlueStack App player.
  7. Search for the LandGlide on the search bar.
  8. Now download the LandGlide and explore the world.

Install LandGlide on Mac PC:

The LandGlide is fit for Mac PC as well. To download it on Mac PC you have to download the .dmg file for the emulator for MAC. After the installation of the BlueStack emulator. The downloading procedure of LandGlide is the same as on the windows.

LandGlide marketplace

Install LandGlide on PC using Nox App Player:

To install the App, follow the steps which are given below

  1. Install Nox App Player on PC
  2. While installing login to Google account
  3. Search for: LandGlide
  4. Install LandGlide on emulator
  5. Ones download is complete then install it to PC.
  6. Now explore the app.

How we use LandGlide Mobile App?

To use this app there is no rocket science behind it. You have to install it on the PC and follow the instruction given in the App.

You have to search through keywords i.e. location name, property name.

Price: Free+
  • LandGlide Screenshot
  • LandGlide Screenshot
  • LandGlide Screenshot
  • LandGlide Screenshot
  • LandGlide Screenshot


 Besides all the functionality there are some problems with this app. This app is free just for seven days. You can only enjoy the trial of 7 days. After this, you have to pay for the app. You can choose $9/ monthly and $99/ year. 

Although the app is up to date, the update process is very slow as it takes a year to update the previous data.

Moreover, the app is slow when the user search for some location it takes time to show the detail of the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Landglide app free?

National data at your finger. You can use 7 days free trial but after that, you have to pay the amount to use it every month. 

How much does LandGlide cost?

After trial, you can choose to subscribe monthly for $9 and yearly for $99.

Can I add Landglide to another app?

Yes, you can have one subscription to one Landglide on both your phone and tablet but both must have the same operating system.

How do I use offline mode in LandGlide?

You can download maps to access the in Landglide. With the offline map, you can access the LandGlide offline mode.

Can I save the location?

Any location can be saved with the Drop pin feature. You can drop an in by going to the menu, under option, Drop a pin. A pin can be deleted from manage saved locations.

Can I export my saved location?

LandGlide provides the facility to export the saved location by CSV file. Once the file is in the CSV file you can email it to others.

Popular Alternatives for LandGlide APK:

There are many alternatives to the LandGlide app which are as follows.

  • Property Radar
  • Trimble penmap
  • Overland bound Talk
  • Homesnap Real Estate and Rentals:

Property Radar:

It makes easy for real estate and businessmen to meet with their potential customers and deals using records about buildings.

Trimble Penmap:

It is the premium data collection and map solution that brings accurate data collection to the stakeholder.

Overland bound Talk:

It provides detail about the building so the buyer can get exact information.

Homesnap Real Estate and Rentals:

It provides the detail of new houses along with images and locations. It is among the top 20 apps.


Apps are designed base on some issues and based on the need of any individual or company. The LandGlide app is established by the   “Real estate portal the USA” to provides the facility to the property dealers so they can easily communicate with potential customers and enhance their business.

This app is very useful for customers and dealers. They can get information on one click. They will get the overall detail of the building and property owner.

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