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LDS TOOLS FOR PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) & Mac

You can download free LDS tools on your computer using the instructions that will be provided to you on this page. How to install LDS tools on your computer will be shown to you. LDS tools were created and developed by “The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints”.  It has a lot of features. So, without beating around the bush let us show you all that is included in the LDS tools.



Making an online donation is another means of making contributions to the church in your own little way a situation that is different from having to go to church and hand over your donations to your bishop. With this online donations will also give you the opportunity to know your donation history and also being able to print out your donation history in prints.

So, you can start using the LDS tools to pay your tithes, offerings and the rest online by visiting or by first visiting and go to my account section and the ward menu located at the right corner of the official website page. 

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account’
  • Click on the donations link under ‘my ward section’
  • Sign in your LDS account username and password to gain entrance into the site.
  • Select donation type and make donations with your card.

How To Donate To The Missionary Funds of Other Branches of the Church.

Donating to the Missionary Funds of Other Wards or Branches:

Donating to the missionary funds is quite simple. Click on ‘select a missionary’ and then click on missionary in other church branches.

You will be required to input the ward or branch number and click on continue. 

i. In case, you have no idea of the ward or branch number click on how to get ward number.
ii. Select the name of the missionary you wish to make donations to on the drop-down list.
iii. You will see a blank highlighted space next to the missionary’s name, then input the amount you intend to donate to the church.


On the directory will give information’s on names and address of the members in your branch. You will be able to upload images of you and members of your family, print image directory, you will also be provided the information’s on how to get to any of your branch members place, View members with leadership callings, and you will also be able to see contact details of missionaries in your ward and many more.


  • To check the directory, visit on your browser or otherwise on your app.
  • Click on ‘my account’ and select ‘directory under my ward’
  • You will be required to log on to your LDS account to access the directory.

NOTE: In your LDS account, all the details of your membership record number must be included. Nonmembers will not be able to gain access into your directory even if they have account with LDS. You will only be denied access if and only if your membership record is not on your LDS account. 


The calendar section of the LDS app will show you upcoming events for your wards. To know all event follow the below instructions.

  • On the LDS.ORG portal or App, click on ‘My Account’ and ‘Ward link’ on the page.
  • Or otherwise click on the icon of a person inside a circle if you are using your smartphone.
  • From there you will have access to all events in your ward or branch.


Based on defaults, the calendar roles is partuclar on church callings that have special responsibilities similar to the calendar. The roles are such that:

  • Every member have to select the type of calendar they want the most based on how they want it.
  • Calendars are created based on your branch and events.
  • There are calendar administrators that help to maintain access points, create stake calendars, assign access points, choose calendar editors and monitor all events.
  • There are also branch calendar administrators whose job is to create calendars based on branch, assign the editors and monitor the creation of branch events.

BUILDING SCHEDULERS: These are people who assign events on to the ‘location calendars’ This event will reveal the locations of all events which will not be visible on all other calendars except the event calendars. Building permissions will also be given when it should. They can review or take out any events that have been previously given a location building regardless of why it was created.

4. MAPS:

The map section on the LDS App or portal will give you the directions to every ward or branch, residence of members in your ward.

When you visit the maps section, you will be given the opportunity to make two options which are 1. Find a meeting house and 2. Policy and principle.


When you click on this, you will be able to:

  • Find all useful information’s on where meetings are to hold.
  • Information’s on the address of meeting house.
  • Contact address such as phone numbers to the meeting place.
  • How to get to the scheduled place of meeting.
  • List and names of branches that are to meet at the meeting point.
  • Names of leaders and their contacts if not restricted.
  • The branch office contacts will also be displayed.



Click on “My Account and ward” 

Go to tools and support then click on “Meeting house locator”

You can direct your search by changing what you are looking for. The available options include:

LANGUAGE: Open the “All languages” sections to search for a congregation whose name is written in other languages. From the all languages menu, you can then select any language from the list.

TYPE OF WARD: From the button immediately after the “type of congregations you are looking out for. You can select they type of ward you need.


LCR is another web site on that helps in keeping records for ward leaders, secretaries, priesthoods and clerks. All activities or functions of all members are on the LCR page. Other factors that will also be inclusive are the financial reports while the LCR’s will eventually become the source for clerks to perform their functions. This will provide the priesthood, leaders, secreties and clerks the opportunity to have access to reports and do all that is expected of them in keeping all records anytime anywhere as far as they have access to the internet.


This is an important sections of LDS and one of their major concerns as always been to help the needy in every means they can according to what they are capable of. These online tools will act as a catalyst to reach out to members conveniently without undergoing any stress. You can also minister to members of your branch through this platform.

How to Download And Install LDS APP ON YOUR PC:

Operating system: Windows and MAC OS.

This app can only be used on PC with the help of Android emulator. Android emulator like Bluestacks or Andy OS are the best that I can recommend for now.

How To Install LDS using Bluestacks or Andy OS emulator:

i.    Download and install any of the above-listed emulator
ii.    Launch emulator after installation.
iii.    Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for LDS App of your choice.
iv.    On the search result click on the icon of the searched LDS App.
v.    Download and install.
vi.    With good internet connections, it will be fully installed in just some few minutes.
vii.    After a successful installation, you are good to go.


 After a complete installation of the LDS application, launch the app and start using it. And make sure you register your LDS account before going further into anything immediately after installation. 

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