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Best Linus Tech Tips VPN Recommendation

Are you looking for the best Linus Tech Tips VPN? In this article, we will discuss Linus Tech Tips recommended best VPN service.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is one of the most eminent and renowned Canadian personalities. He is also recognized as one of the most famous YouTubers. He is the owner of five YouTube channels. Among these five YouTube channels, Linus Tech Tips has gained the most popularity and familiarity. Subscription to this channel has reached over 8.4 million. In total, Linus has achieved 11 million subscriptions combined with his four other channels.

Linus Tech Tips channel possesses ranking among the five most frequently watched technologies related channels on YouTube and has the second rank among the most subscribed technology-related channels. In the videos of his channel, Linus provides reviews regarding different technologies and devices such as Gadgets, laptops, smartphones, and much more.

Apart from this, the viewers of his channel can also find unboxing videos, hardware reviews, and PCs build. For many reasons, Linus Tech Tips strongly suggests the use of VPN service, and a VPN sponsor is also landed by him for his videos.

linus tech tips vpn

What does VPN mean?

VPN is abbreviated as Virtual Private Network. It is a network that is designed with public wires- generally the internet. Its purpose is to connect the users of remote areas and regional offices with an internal network of private companies. 

Rather than your Internet Service Provider (ISP), it works by routing the internet connection on your device through the VPN’s Private Server of your choice. So, In the case of transmission of your data to the internet, rather than your computer, it comes from the VPN.

Linus Tech Tips Recommended Best VPN For 2021

Here are the list of Linus tech tips recommended best 10 VPNs:

  • NordVPN
  • SaferVPN
  • Perfect Privacy
  • TunnelBear
  • Private Internet Access
  • Surfshark
  • PureVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • HideMyAss

Linus Tech Tips VPN Use Cases

1. Accessing geographically blocked content

If you have a desire to access Geo-block content (it is the procedure to limit the particular content for the users of certain geographical locations), using a VPN is critical. Almost all websites, streaming services, and subscription-based services usually see your exact location on the internet and provide you certain content which is not restricted in your areas such as Netflix Library, Amazon, BBC, and much more. While the other streaming services and websites which have no access to your original location or the websites which are restricted in your area give you the specific message which shows that a particular website service is unavailable in your location. 

VPN is the way to cope up with this problem and change your original location. The condition for this is that you have to connect to the server of another country, which effectively and practically changes your location and your IP address. As a result, websites and streaming services see your geographical location as of another country and you can easily see the different content that is blocked for your original location. For example, in comparison with other countries, more TV shows and movies are available on US Netflix. Moreover, certain websites are allowed in specific countries and you can’t access these websites from any other location.

2. Logging into internal services (workplace and library of school or university)

This case is quite contrasting. Most workplaces, schools, and colleges have their internal VPN for usage purposes. You are also provided with a particular internal VPN if you belong to a specific college or workplace. There is no option for paid users, as you are provided with the username and password for the internal VPN, thus, if you are off-campus, in a remote area, or in-home, you can use it to access. These are just substitutes that only alter your IP and location, but can’t encode and secure your internet traffic.

3. VPN helps in getting cheaper flights

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is beneficial in various ways. You can use VPN to get cheaper airline flight tickets. If you genuinely want to conserve thousands of dollars, there is a way, but if you frequently travel with the help of the VPN service. With this trick, you can get the best suitable price for your flight tickets. For getting the cheapest flight online tickets easily, you have to trick the algorithm of the website.

In his statement, Linus has declared that it is an error method and a trial to check the location, which offers you the best possible and cheapest prices. Linus has already used this technique for his flight booking to set an example of cheap flight tickets by VPN. In his example, he got cheaper and best suitable flight tickets when booking from the destination country.

But, what have you to do?

You have to change the IP address of different countries, that offer affordable best airfare deals, or you can browse from low-income countries. After checking flight ticket websites online for some time, you can find different prices easily.

4. VPN encrypts internet traffic while torrenting

Torrenting and peer-to-peer connection (P2P) are not considered legal or rarely encouraged in various countries due to the possible violations of copyright or violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by the third party. VPN providers also do not allow users to make use of their service for torrenting. Nevertheless, some VPN services allow users to torrent securely because these services have P2P servers of their own.

Our Top 3 Suggested VPNs

1. NordVPN ($3.49 per month)

It is recognized as one of the best VPNs where you have access to bypass region blocks and streams favorite TV shows by staying secure and private while using it. A coupon code is available for you at the checkout “TIPSFROMGEEKS” to utilize the best offer.

2. Surfshark ($1.99 per month)

If you want to grab so much for little such as, powerful encryption, innumerable devices, then Surfshark is one of the best fast VPN services. There is also the dedicated coupon code “SHARK GEEK” available for you to get the offer.

3. Perfect Privacy ($8.95 per month)

It is quite expensive than other VPN service providers but provides good and high-quality service.


Linus through his Linustechtips channel has provided many tips for using VPN services that include keeping private your browsing behavior, changing your location, accessing restricted websites, and getting cheaper flights.

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