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Live Stream Player

live stream player

Name: Live Stream Player

Description: Live Stream Player is the best media player for watching live broadcasts on the Internet. Live Stream Player supports most of the broadcasting protocols available in addition to most media formats. When viewers reach your webpage and view your live broadcast, you can also chat with viewers in real time.

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Entertainment

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Key Features

  • Send video streams to Chromecast.
  • Set an alarm on a specific stream.  Your device will wake you up on time.
  • UMS support!
  • Live broadcast to the world using your phone’s camera
  • Live broadcast recording in real-time without loss of quality


  • Stream from any mobile device
  • Live chat during broadcast
  • Track bidder data on any platform you stream to


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Streams can enter and exit

Live Stream Player Apk Main features


Supported media codecs:

H264, MP3, AAC, WMV, WMA, FLV, VP6, MP4…

Supported media containers:


Play media streams directly inside your browser.

Search for live broadcasts on the Internet.  You can find almost any TV channel in the world within the app.

Create and share your broadcast with friends.

 Manage preferred streams.    Gives you mobile access to your Live stream account and includes the ability to view events on Live stream, modify some of your primary account settings and events, and go directly to your events directly from your phone.

Hardware assisted decryption on all Android versions.


 Decrypt entire devices on Android 4.1 and later.

How to download and use Live Stream Player apk for Android

Allows watching video, stream streams, and listen to audio and radio from the internet on the phone, tablet and TV.  Here’s the latest premium version that you can download for free. Live Stream Player Pro is a premium version where you can access all the features.  Also, the version is completely free of ads. So, download Live Stream Player Pro now and enjoy streaming videos.


How to use Live Stream Player apk for Android

  • After downloading the free live stream mobile app from the App Store, launch it and log into your Live stream account using Facebook or email.
  • If you don’t already have a live stream account, you can sign up for an account directly from the app.  Select Continue to email, and then register.
  • You will be taken to the Home screen, which includes featured and popular live events.
  • You can refresh the home screen by swiping up, while still swiping down for a moment and then editing it.  New event may be loaded.
  • The stream that appears on the home page is muted by default.  This means that the application will be silent when opened. Click on the sound icon in the lower right corner to get a full sound.
  • Click on any event to go to its page.  If the event is live, the live launcher will load at the top, with any other posts posted below.
  • If you prefer to watch in landscape mode, turn your device to its side.  The player will be switched automatically.
  • Click the speech bubble icon to participate in the event conversation.
  • You can also like the video by clicking on the heart or clicking the Share button to post the link to many social media channels.
  • Click the menu icon in the upper left corner for more navigation options
  • Click Search if there is an event or specific account you are looking for.  Results will appear below the search bar.


Live Stream is a convenient option for anyone who needs or loves to broadcast content with the world via social media.  Live Stream allows you to broadcast directly from your phone through the app to your website or social media profile for anyone in the world to keep up with you and the app live chat, so you can talk to viewers on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

1. Trouble viewing a live video

  If you are having trouble viewing live video, it is recommended to close any open applications on your device and trying a different network connection (Wi-Fi to 4G, etc.)

2. What are  Popular streams

Includes any live, upcoming, and on-demand events with the largest number of viewers, as well as accounts with the most followers.

3. What are  Followings

Includes any direct, upcoming, or archived events from the accounts you follow.

Best Alternatives for Live Stream Player apk for Android


Periscope has a very easy and intuitive user experience that makes the app really easy to use.    It provides options to find other broadcasters or broadcast your own surroundings. There is a list of popular and popular players and it’s an easy way to find popular streams to follow and watch by their name or location, or who broadcast using signs for sports, music, etc.

When you start setting your own video title before broadcast, you can also choose active sharing options.  This means that the broadcast can be shared on Twitter and with the help of some easy settings; you can allow users to comment on your videos and can also activate the location information.

This active location sharing mode allows users to find viewers from nearby locations for more interaction.

With Periscope Live Streaming, you can watch and follow the people watching you, hide the chat, draw the stream, or save the broadcast to your phone to return to later.  You can also choose whether to allow public access or just share the broadcast with your friends.


Another interesting live streaming app  that even allows you to monetize your live broadcast using the subscription business model.  After subscribing to the application, users need to pay a monthly or annual fee, or every session.  For example, if your live broadcast session is on HRM, users can pay per session.

Similar to Periscope, StreamNow offers a comment system that can boost your social participation much more.  This, on the other hand, improves conversion rates because it is important to keep audiences informed of any upcoming live broadcasts.

However, there is another monetization feature called pay-per-view that you can charge your live stream every time a user watches your video.  To get rid of the hassle of filling in long login forms, StreamNow has a social sign-in feature. It can be used by users to secure fast login from their account on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Likewise, hassles in processing payment can make users have difficulty.  To solve this problem, StreamNow built the PayPal payment gateway where payments are processed globally.


 Live Stream is a program where users can broadcast their activities, videos, or anything they want directly to anyone around the world.  With Live Stream, you can broadcast your content to your audience on almost any platform and social channel using the Live Stream API and its platform, and you can embed Live Stream on your website to make sure it is watched as soon as viewers reach your web page.  Live Stream HTML5 is used to embed the launcher on your website, so it’s always flexible, compatible, and always customizable.

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