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Lookout for pc

Lookout for pc

Name: Lookout

Description: Lookout is an antivirus and free security application tool that detects and deletes malware from your device. It is an android app that can be worked on your pc and it is an advanced antivirus that scans your devices from time to time and guides your devices against harmful attacks

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Antivirus
  • Activity log
  • Encryption
  • Signature matching


This app has a built-in location tracker. So, if you lose your phone and you have lookout installed, be sure you would be able to track it.


Because of its heavy-duty activity, it easily drains your battery.

Viruses and malware are huge issues that often crash your laptop and computers. This, therefore, would prompt you to have the best operating system security you can ever get. You might often face problems like missing content, hanging of pc or corrupted files while assessing sensitive networks. Lookout for pc offers complete protection against these viruses and malware that may cause temporary or complete damage to your Windows or Mac. It offers anti-virus services, back up services, find my phone feature or wipe your stolen phone.

Features Of Lookout For PC:

Identification of potential threat

Lookout automatically identifies potential threats on your devices in whatever format they come in and notifies you on what to do to those threats. Lookout does this by using a data-driven approach that detects compound patterns and trends of risky behaviors, software vulnerabilities, configurations or novel threats. It automatically scans your device from time to time thereby removing all sorts of threats in the process.

Find your device feature

You know those times when your device would be under your bed and you would not be able to find it? That can end if you have Lookout installed because it allows you to sound a loud ring that allows you to locate your device nearby. Even if your device is at its lowest volume, it would still sound a loud ring.

Security features

Lookout for pc provides security services to over 110 patents for mobile security technology so it has the ability to give its users a very wide range of protection against all forms of threats, be it device-based, app-based or network-based. Because of this, you don’t have to be overly worried because of hidden threats. It will monitor all downloaded applications from the installation stage to the usage stage. This app would not allow hidden viruses on your pc. It also monitors your business transactions and makes sure it is safe and secure at all times.

Remotely wipe and Lock your device

If you lose your device and you are not sure if it has been stolen or not, to not allow people to tamper with it, you can have a lookout installed for topmost security. It makes it possible to lock your device from a distance so that you would not have your personal information leaked to the wrong hands.

Back-up & view backed up files

You can back-up your files such as contacts, pictures, and call history. This backup feature is often limited and only premium users get the most use of it. So, even if you lose your device, you can easily assess your lost files that you have previously backed up through your lookout.

How to install and download Lookout For PC:

The lookout security and antivirus app were designed and developed as a Smartphone app that would normally only work on your personal phone. So, to download or make use of lookout on your pc, you would have to download and use it through an android emulator. In my opinion, I would recommend for you to explore the use of Nox App Player or Bluestacks. The usages of these apps are based solely on your preference as both would work perfectly achieving the same goal of making lookout installable on your pc.

To download and use with Bluestacks:

Bluestacks is one of the best android app players that allow your computer to behave like a new Smartphone thereby giving you access to installing android apps on your pc. To download lookout with bluestacks, follow the following steps:

  • Install bluestacks directly from the web by typing download bluestacks in the Google search box on your pc
  • If you have problems with the loading of bluestacks, simply install the Microsoft.net framework software on your pc and that would take care of the issue
  • Launch the bluestacks software on your pc
  • After launching the bluestacks app, click my apps option and search for lookout security and antivirus app. Read through the search results and select the one that appears like the genuine app and download it
  • At this point, you would have to log into your Google account to be able to access the downloaded apps on bluestacks.
  • Just like when you’re using your phone, install the app and the installation process for lookout would start and the timeliness of the app would be dependent on your internet connection.

To download with Nox App Player

Nox App Player is another android emulator I would recommend for you to download when you need to download and install android based apps. To download lookout using the Nox App Player go through and take the following steps:

  1. Install bluestacks directly from the web by typing download Nox App Player in the Google search box on your pc
  2. Launch the Nox app player android on your emulator on your pc
  3. After launching the Nox App Player, click on Google Play store and log on your Google account details in order to be able to access the play store
  4. Search for Lookout security and antivirus app in the Google play store search box and you would be provided with various options. Choose the one that seems the most genuine, you can know that by checking out the ratings and reviews from previous users.
  5. The lookout security and antivirus app would provide you with guides once you open the app you have downloaded.

To download on Mac

You have to go through the android emulator process as there is no iOS version yet just as there is no developed lookout app for Windows yet. Simply download any of the android emulators from the web and follow through with the earlier steps explained.


Would lookout remove all threats on my pc?

Lookout is a simple solution to viruses and malware. Anybody can tell that viruses and malware are as dangerous as they can get because of their ability to crash your pc in a matter of hours or even minutes. Once you get affected by these viruses and malware, your personal information, messages, transactions, and even business is no longer safe. So Yes! Lookout helps you remove these dangerous threats and even the premium version works more for you.

Does lookout work with VPN?

Lookout has its own inbuilt VPN that would be active once you start using it. Even if your device was previously connected to another VPN, Lookout for would disconnect and connect its VPN automatically.

What makes premium lookout different from a free lookout?

Premium lookout offers so much more compared to the free version. For example, the premium lookout would make sure that your devices are regularly scanned and automatically delete any suspicious online or offline threats and sometimes it can even protect you against financial fraud

Alternatives Of Lookout For PC

Malware bytes

This easily protects you from malware and improves your protection without changing your Clean up technology, renowned protection, and AV.

ESET endpoint security

Just like Lookout, this app also allows you to be proactive and defense against viruses.

Symantec Endpoint protection

This helps you detect malware in whatever forms they come in

Webroot endpoint protection

This offers you a revolutionary approach to malware protection check it out and explore!


Although short on features, compared to many other commercial anti-virus apps you might have heard of, I believe lookout is worth a try amongst many others. There is a 14 day trial of the premium version, this allows you to determine if it is worth the money or not and it is also effective when it comes to web protection.

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