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Name: MightyText

Description: MightyText is a Great for online texting when busy working or in meetings. Manage your texts, picture messages (MMS) & see Caller ID of incoming phone calls without looking at your phone. Turn off incoming SMS notifications during presentations. Text meeting updates before leaving your desk.

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Operating System: Android, iphone

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Key Features

  • It enables you to deal with your applications, you can see the list of applications that are not being used any longer and basically you can uninstall them through your PC. 
  • The app also allows you to get alerts for all the calls on your mobile device.
  • The application has a Chrome extension as we have mentioned above with the goal that you can utilize it to dispatch Gmail messages as well as Facebook Messages too.

The Mightytext App is an android application which was launched with a name as Texty in 2011. Though, this post is about the iPhone version of Mighty Text, there is unfortunately no iOS version, but don’t lose hope yet. In this post I have talked about some amazing alternatives and useful information that you might want to know for sure. The developers transformed it as Mightytext again in June 2011.

By utilizing this you can make a text on any gadget utilizing the present Android telephone number through your PC. This isn’t the main feature performed by the application. It is an application that explicitly performs in as your associate for looking at your texts and alerts on your PC without getting your mobile gadget. People who want to utilize MightyText will be required to introduce the application on their mobile gadgets and an extension for their web browser. When performed successfully, users can see and send messages from their PC to anybody worldwide through the app.

Fundamentally, two previous Google workers named Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani chose to give Android clients motivation to celebrate with MightyText, an informing application that lets you message anybody, anyplace and from any gadget such as mobiles, tablets, and PCs. As it is the cross-stage application, you will get the accessible extension for all the major web browsers. This App may be your one-stop platform for reacting to the messages you might be getting on your mobile device. 

Features of Mightytext App

So here, we will share the useful features of Mightytext App that makes it one of the best texting app for many clients.

  1. The Mightytext App gives you a chance to synchronize your SMS and MMS over your mobile devices and PCs. 
  2. This Mightytext Application also informs you about the battery percentage of your mobile gadget which is associated with it.
  3. It can likewise synchronize your contacts with this PC through the web browser extension. 
  4. With the phone to talk feature within this app, you will be able to dial a number right from your PC screen. 

The MightyText App does significantly more than this. Actually, it accomplishes more than non-users can think, yet we have discovered these to be simply the primary features that we have mentioned while utilizing the app for a couple of weeks until this point of time. If you are ready to pay some cash and purchase the Pro version of the app then the highlights will develop considerably more, such as getting the capacity to plan instant messages and do mass SMS texting.

We have come across a few organizations getting utilized out of these additional highlights, yet the free stuff should work incredible for all the beginners into this application. Before going for the Pro version, we suggest you to first get used to the free version of this App.

How to install and use Mightytext App on an iOS device?

There is nothing like Mightytext for iPhone, you may still find some of them claiming to install the app on iPhone but that is not possible. Truly, without a doubt, it is a mainstream application for messaging from a PC in syncing up with android mobile and your existing number. In any case, the undertaking of the application is as yet significant for many clients, so we will share the absolute best-selected options for Mightytext that can be valuable for iOS clients. We know there are numerous prominent applications on the web but it is not possible to utilize all of them on the iOS platform. Unfortunately, the Mightytext app is one of them. 

How to install Mightytext App and what is the set-up procedure?

The Mightytext for iphone, as we have discussed above that the app comes with a syncing feature which means you will need to install the Android app on your smartphone, whereas, on the other hand, your computer will need the Chrome extension. Below we are sharing the whole tutorial which will make it really easy to perform the setup without any issues. Simply, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you will have to do is to visit the official MightyText web page that is “https://mightytext.net”.
  • Once you are there, you need to tap on the “Get the App” button which will be displayed on the screen. 
  • After that, you will have to tap on the suitable link to get the Chrome extension for your browser. 
  • After the above steps, you now have to get the Mightytext App for your mobile device. For that, first, visit the Google Play Store and search for the “Mightytext App”. Then, tap on the install button to get it on your mobile.
  • After the installation part, when you will open the app it will ask you for some permission to access your contacts and messages which you have to Grant it. By allowing the App you will be finished with the setup part for your device. 
  • Now, you have to keep in mind that while logging into the app both on your mobile device and on the web, you will have to use the same login IDs which is very important and obvious. 

That’s all with the setup procedure for Mightytext App. Further work is managed by the Mightytext App automatically. Once finished the setup as we guided above correctly, it will start showing you all the notification on your PC.

What are some of the best alternatives for the Mightytext App?

There are plenty of options available for Mightytext App online which you can use such as Pushbullet, AirDroid, AirMore, Xend App, Textfree, Sms Sender, Cherry SMS. These are some of the best alternatives we have selected for you as an alternative to the Mightytext App. If you know about some other Apps similar to Mightytext App then surely let us know in the comment section below so that we can update it with our readers as well. We highly recommend you to go through each app once before installing any one of them. Each and every app we have mentioned with you comes with different features. 


At last, sadly to state that there is no variant of Mightytext for iPhone clients. Indeed, we discover the application very fascinating and a lot simpler to use in contrast with other comparative applications. In the event that you are somebody who gets an essentially tremendous number of SMS and different alerts on your mobile device, MightyText can be the best application for you as you would likewise get the chance to type in the greater screen on your PC. On the off chance that you think that the app is worth purchasing the Pro version, and the application is extremely useful for you then you can go for its Pro variant too which you can purchase for nearly $5 which is its monthly cost.

If you still have any questions related to the app just comment below and we will get in touch with you in a very short time. If you enjoyed the article and you got some good knowledge through it then please share it with your friends on social media. 

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