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Mindly for pc

Name: Mindly APK

Description: Mindly for PC is an answer to your daily desires to see to it that everything you do runs on smoothly in a well-planned and accounted for manner. All the activities we indulge in every day, such as going to work, watching films, reading books and the likes, fill our minds in such a manner that would attract stress and confusion. But this is where the services for Mindly come in handy. Mindly was initially created to operate on iOS and Android devices. For Windows users, there is still no official release for Windows version but thanks to emulators you can run and operate it on Windows perfectly well.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android, MAC

Application Category: Tools

  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Set-Up
  • Features

Key Features

  • Simple, colorful and easy to use user interface.
  • Attach notes, image or icon to any element you wish to.
  • Take specific pictures.
  • Can sync with Dropbox.
  • Export your plans as mindmap in PDF, OPML or Text format.
  • Endless hierarchy of elements.


  • Thought structuring.
  • Idea collection.
  • Quick summary writing.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Project planning.
  • Meeting preparation.


  • When using the free version of the app, you can only have a maximum of three maps.
  • Numerous elements but without precise order.

An app of this mettle stands out in many unique ways. You can understand the Mindly app so well after understanding what makes it work as it does. Here is a collection of its features that will help you comprehend its functionality.

Features Of Mindly Android App

Simple, colorful and easy to use user interface

Mindly has a beautiful user interface that would easily catch the attention of users of all ages. Its interface is characterized by a modern and smooth design which is mostly greyish. You continue beautifying it anytime you create a map which is presentable and desirable to look at. The process of creating elements is easy, and you can customize them to your preferred colour and beauty.

Attach notes, image or icon to any element you wish to

Once you have created an element at Mindly, you can choose the best ways to set it apart from other elements by giving it a unique look. You can choose to use a title to the element, and that would be enough to separate it from the rest. However, sometimes you might have events with almost the same titles you can consider adding a note, an image or an icon to customize the element to your specific liking.

Take specific pictures

Apart from the ability to use this app to add pictures to an element, you can take specific and direct photos from the app to exactly fit the element you are creating. Pictures give your element a unique display making it easy to spot them when you come searching.

Can sync with Dropbox

If you were worried about running out of storage space, then you have no reason to. The app syncs to with Dropbox; hence you can get yourself additional space to store your endless elements.

Export your plans as mindmap in PDF, OPML or Text format

Once you create your maps, you can export them in PDF, OPML or Text format and use them externally for other purposes. This allows you to easily share out your plans and mind with others in more natural methods outside the app.

Endless hierarchy of elements.

At Mindly, you can create an endless flow of elements using your most preferred styles without fear of running out of space or customization choices. Get your plans of all the things you wish to achieve laid down perfectly at Mindly app.

Mindly (mind mapping)
Mindly (mind mapping)
Developer: dripgrind
Price: Free+
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot
  • Mindly (mind mapping) Screenshot

How to Install Mindly APP on PC

Since the original version of Windows is yet to be unveiled, we shall learn how to run it on PC using Bluestacks Emulators.

  • Open your preferred browser and search for Bluestacks, go to the website and download it. You can as well get it from Bluestacks.com.
  • Once done downloading the Bluestacks Apk file, click ok the install button to finish the full download and installation process and set up the app.
  • Open the Bluestacks Emulator and while on the home screen, go to the search box at the top right corner and search for the Mindly app.
  • Mindly app will appear from the search results, click on it to unveil more options. Go for the ‘Install’ button and click on it to start installing the app on Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Your Mindly app will be ready for use within two minutes. Open it and start enjoying the services.

How to Use Mind Mapping on Mindly app

  • Begin at the center of the screen once you have opened the Mindly app. This helps you to spread your ideas in the form of elements effectively.
  • Add an image for your central idea to give your map a vision of what you are planning.
  • Add colours throughout the map by picking them from the Mindly classics or bright colours section.
  • Connect branches with main ideas to the central image you had added before. Connect the secondary and tertiary ideas to the first and second level branches and so on depending on the depth of your plan and how far you want to go with it.
  • You can be creative with your map by adding curved lines instead of straight ones, using one keyword per line and adding images throughout to maintain the flow of the idea.
Mindly For Mac

Caution and Recommendations when Using the Mindly Apk

Using the Mindly app requires a great deal of concentration and creativity. It is essential to settle down and focus on a map of the idea until it is completed before switching to other activities to help in maintaining the flow of the original plan. Breaking the process and switching to other business sometimes lead to diversions and losing focus on the original plan.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there any URL scheme for Mindly?

Yes. You can access Mindly from your preferred browser by typing “Mindly://”. You can also create new documents by typing “Mindly://new”.

What languages does Mindly support?

Mindly currently supports English, Italian, German, French and Chinese among other languages. However, translations are always welcome, and that means a steady flow of new languages now and then.

How do I share Mindly Files on my website?

First, define the correct MIME type to ensure that when people download your file, the Mindly app is launched from their side. When using a hosted website, simply add an “htaccess” file to the folder containing the files.

Popular Alternatives to the App.

XMind App

It is a brainstorming and mind mapping app that provides a rich set of different visualization styles and allows you to share created mind apps via their website.

FreeMind app

It is a premier free mind-mapping software that is written in Java. It prides itself on the fast operation and navigation thanks to one-click ‘Fold/Unfold’ and ‘Follow link’ operations.


It is an excellent app for organizing Web pages, contacts, emails, documents and files in a context-driven visual map.


There is no better way of organizing your activities than using the Mindly app for PC. A day after installation means a day with reduced stress and confusion. Get the app today and save the time wasted in unsuccessful planning.

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