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Minitab For Mac

Minitab For Mac

Name: Minitab

Description: Minitab for Mac involves the running of Minitab, which is a powerful statistical software that is used to improve the qualities of monitored products, on a mac computer. In the latest version, the Minitab LLC released, mac users got gifted with the Minitab for Mac, you can now access Minitab from your mac computer and enjoy its services perfectly well. In this article, we are going to see how to download it on Mac and its vast benefits.

Offer price: $1,595

Operating System: macOS

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Statistical tools.
  • Graphs and control charts.
  • Seamless data Manipulation.
  • Free Technical support.
  • Smart data import.
  • Effortless presentations.
  • Exceptional Training.
  • Measurement System Analysis.
  • Experimentation Design.
  • Automatic Graph Updating.


  • User-friendly.
  • Thorough data analysis.
  • Data analysis and interpretation.
  • Quality trainer for further analysis.
  • It has time and forecast series.
  • Industry-leading software.
  • It has tutorials.


  • The graph outputs could be much better.
  • Data importation could be made much more accessible.

Features of Minitab App:

Minitab’s benefits are vast; these include its ability to ease the process of drawing substantial data by people with little to no knowledge of statistics. Its user-friendliness has made it so much admirable above other apps. Let’s have a look at its features in-depth.

Statistical Tools.

Minitab prides itself on powerful statistical tools such as statistical tests, descriptive statistics, correlations, and covariance.

Graphs and control charts.

This feature allows users to draw various statistical graphs and charts. These graphs include the scatter plot, the histograms, boxplots, matrix plots, bubble charts, marginal plots, among others.

Seamless data manipulation.

With this feature, you can explore your data in the worksheet. You can format columns to immediately identify and subset the most frequent values, out-of-spec measurements, outliers, among others.

Free technical support.

The technical team is always on watch 24/7 to answer to your worries and queries. You can access the unlimited phone, or online support delivered to you by skilled statistical specialists, quality improvement specialists, and computer systems specialists.

Smart data import.

This software quickly corrects data whenever there is a mismatch case. It accurately represents missing data, removes extra spaces, and equalizes column lengths whenever you are importing data from Excel and other file types.

Effortless presentations.

During a presentation, you can easily export data to Microsoft Word or to PowerPoint to enable a smooth creation process of presentations and share your results with your colleagues.

Exceptional Training.

With the instructors from the Minitab, you can learn how Minitab Statistical Software can help you to improve your business since these instructors are seasoned statisticians and experienced quality professionals. There are three types of training sessions available which are, the public, onsite, and remote. The course incorporates lots of hands-on exercises using real-world examples.

Measurement System Analysis.

Minitab allows you to carry out this mathematical method that will enable you to determine the variation amount that exists in a measurement process. With this tool, you can know that the variability can directly impact the variance of a process in a process.

Experimentation Design.

It is from this feature of Minitab that you can identify the cause and effect relationship. By this, you can create and experiment with various designs by noting down all its relevant outputs. You can finalize a method and optimize it using this technique.

Automatic Graph Updating.

This feature sees to it that Minitab updates graphs and control charts automatically whenever you add or edit data, relieving you of the worry to keep your graphs and charts in sync for fear of losing them.

Minitab App For Mac:

Let’s have a look at how you can download and install Minitab on your Mac computer below.

How to install Minitab App:

There are two ways on how you could get the Minitab App on your Mac computer. You could use Minitab express for Mac or run windows on Mac.

Use Minitab Express for Mac.

  • Minitab Express is a lite version of Minitab available for download for Mac users and gives you the same services Minitab would have offered you. It is specially designed for introductory statistical courses. However, it comes with features such as Probability Distributions, Summary Statistics, Regression, Resampling, Time Series Analysis, and Control Charts, among other features.
  • Minitab Express is, however, not a complete version of Minitab as it misses some other features that are in the full version of Minitab. It is also only available on a subscription basis as you can get it at $49.99 per year or $29.99 bi-annually.
  • To install it on your Mac, simply go to the Mac App Store and search for the Minitab Express, pay for the subscription and download it directly to your Mac computer and start enjoying the services.

Run Windows on Mac.

  1. This option involves running the Windows version of Minitab on your Mac computer using parallels.
  2. With the parallels, you can switch between Windows only Apps and Mac applications easily.
  3. To achieve this, download the free version of Windows 10 in your Mac computer that does not require activation and run your Minitab App from there.

If you opt for this option, you have to get ready to part with $1,495 for purchasing a single Minitab license. You can, however, get discounts if you make bulk purchases.

How to use Minitab App:

Data Entry.

  • Get acquainted with the Minitab layout. There are the session window and the worksheet window. The worksheet window is where you enter the data.
  • Make sure you enter your data label in the second row of your worksheet.
  • Enter your data into columns after you have labeled them.

Viewing Descriptive Statistics.

  1. First, understand what descriptive statistics entail here.
  2. Click the stat menu.
  3. Select “Display Descriptive statistics.”
  4. Double -on the variable you want to analyze.
  5. Chose the statistics you wanted to see.
  6. Read the output.

You can always check ton how to use it for other functions here to fully understand how to use the Minitab.

Alternatives of the Minitab App:


This is a powerful program for statistical analysis and data management. It has remained the choice for many statistics professors and a large number of researchers for over 40years.


It is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a free replacement of proprietary program SPSS and appears so similar to it with just a few differences.


It is the largest and fastest version of stata.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it be possible to get a copy of Minitab for the Macintosh platform?

Minitab can only run on Macintosh using a Windows emulator, and therefore Minitab does not support this solution.

Does Minitab support Android?

Currently, Minitab only runs on Windows OS.

How expensive is Minitab?

Minitab is considerably costly, but worth every coin you spend on it, it also comes with a free trial, and you can check with the company the current price as it hovers around $1,500.


Minitab is a very resourceful app and a significant investment to its users. Make it your ambition to get your Minitab for Mac today and join thousands of others who are already enjoying the services of this excellent App.

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