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Momentum For PC

momentum for pc

Name: Momentum

Description: Momentum is a totally free Firefox and Google Chrome add-on that changes the outlook of your New Tab page or Home page and replaces the default tab with an amazing dashboard. It comes with inspirational and encouraging quotes, sharing landscape photos, added focus list, to-do list, and easy access to links, local weather information and so much more.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, MAC

Application Category: Add-ons

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  • Features
  • Performance
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Key Features:

  • Daily photos
  • Daily Quotes
  • Daily mantras
  • To-do list
  • Weather information
  • Balance mode
  • Links
  • Customizable settings
  • Balance mode


  • Loads quickly and works fully when offline
  • Inspirational images as well as quotes
  • Reminds users of their daily goals
  • Daily new wallpapers


  • Impossible to export data
  • Limited features on the free version
  • Cannot be customized
  • Cannot add bookmarks

Momentum gives you a simple and innovative way to stay connected to your home when you are miles away. Momentum cameras and services allow you to easily monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere.

Main Features of Momentum App:

Daily photos, quotes, and Mantras

Every day, this add-on offers you beautiful landscape photos as backgrounds and this also comes with uplifting quotes. Usually, this encourages you to do your daily focus which you would list on your to-do list.

Daily Focus

Momentum helps you to start your day on the right foot when you enter the main things you would like to accomplish as a daily task in the focus section at the center of Momentum.

To-do List

This simple to-do list section at the top left corner in a new tab or on the home page would allow you to add, track and complete incomplete tasks that may come up during your day.


Momentum allows you to add your most visited websites or perhaps your favorite WebPages to the top left corner of your page just like on the to-do list. This would provide quick and easy access to your favorite websites without much stress.

Weather information

Momentum comes with weather metrics as the top right corner which displays the local weather information that gives you an edge over others that do not know the condition of the weather. This would allow you to know when to carry an umbrella and when not to.

Search Feature

Just like the normal homepage on your browser, momentum comes with a search box at the top left corner of your screen so that you can conduct your usual daily searches. It would allow you to choose the service you want to like Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing.


The inbuilt clock that functions on Momentum automatically syncs with the time on your PC. This also allows you to be able to switch between the 24 hours, 12 hours or percent clock formats depending on your preference.

How to download and Install Momentum App:

To download and install the momentum add-on to your google chrome or Firefox, follow the following simple steps;

  • To download and install Momentum, visit the momentum’s official website, the Firefox Add-ons page or Chrome Web storage page
  • Click on Add momentum to your browser and pop might appear to ask for your permission to add an extension
  • Once it is all done, momentum would ask you a few questions like your name, your email and would also ask you to choose a password.
  • You would be sent an mail to activate your Momentum account, click on ‘activate’ to create your account fully.
Price: Free
  • Momentum Screenshot
  • Momentum Screenshot
  • Momentum Screenshot
  • Momentum Screenshot
  • Momentum Screenshot
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  • Momentum Screenshot
  • Momentum Screenshot

If you encounter issues installing and using Momentum on chrome

  1. Open your Chrome Web Store page and click on your Chrome account email at the top right corner of your homepage.
  2. Select the sign-out option and sign your account back in at the top right corner of the web store page
  3. Add momentum again from Momentum’s Chrome Web Store Page and it would work out itself on your browser
  4. You could also try to update your Google Chrome and it would automatically check for updates itself if you are not on the latest version. Click on the re-launch button and give it some time to work itself out.
  5. You would notice your dashboard change to a customized Momentum dashboard.

How to Use Momentum App:

Setting the daily focus

Immediately Momentum starts working on your browser, it would ask you ’what is your main focus today?’ This would be displayed in the middle of your webpage, in the most obvious location on your screen. All you have to do is to type it in. This would set your daily focus, organize your day and build momentum towards both your short and long terms goals.

Adding and Completing tasks using Momentum To-do list

The task manager is always very close by, it helps you view, add and complete the tasks that are supposed to be in your day to day schedule. To do this, select the to-do icon at the right bottom corner of your new tab screen and fill in the details of what your to-do list about. Once you have completed one of the tasks, simply select the checkbox on the left of the task.

How to add websites to the links section

The link section would let you access your most frequently accessed web pages and websites withinMomentum. To add links, all you have to do is to click on links at the top left corner of Momentum, this would give you access to the link menu. Click on the new link option, type in the name you want to use for your link and then paste the URL of the website, then press enter on your keyboard.


Downloading Momentum helps you stay focused on your daily goals and plans. Once you have momentum installed, you would be constantly reminded of the things you have not achieved which you are supposed to have achieved. It would cut short on you having distractions and exploring distractive pages when your homepage clearly states what you should be doing. Momentum would leave you inspired and focused to achieve what you want. This is why this add-on is a total must-have.

Frequently asked questions:

What does momentum plus do?

Momentum plus is the premium paid version of momentum. It allows you to do things that you cannot do on the free version. For example, it allows you to add countdowns, quotes, world clocks, quotes and many more.

How much does the plus version cost?

The momentum plus cost $30 payment for the purchase of the premium version.

Can I change the display photos on Momentum?

Yes, only if you are using Momentum plus. The free version limits you to do some certain things.

Best Alternatives for Momentum App:

There are no perfectly similar add-ons like momentum but these alternatives can work in its stead;


This helps you display useful information at glance on your screen, lets you create shortcuts to your most frequently visited web pages and requires no configuration but it is totally customizable.


This is mostly used by management teams on their platforms to keep everyone focused on the projects, tasks, and goals of the business. It serves as a constant reminder for the employees. Learn more.


This is a web-based collaboration tool that helps you share files, deadlines, centralize feedback and even assign tasks to your group working on a project.


This is a project management platform that helps you do all you need to do instead of using different tools for different tasks. It serves as an all-in-one app that helps you with your tasks at once.


This is a simple way to jot down your ideas, goals and trap your best thoughts for the day in grand style. It is only one tab away so it is easy to reach.


Personally, I have used and explored Momentum and I must say anyone with a schedule should have this add-on. If you have tasks that you have to complete and you easily forget things, this add-on is also for you. It would indeed boast your creativity and motivation with its beautiful customized background, fonts and photos. So you should upgrade your dashboard with a momentum free version if you cannot afford the paid version.

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